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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there, Just curious, I have installed and used Creator 8 and 10 on my pc and registered both with Roxio. However, my machine was upgraded with a clean Windows 10 install, i.e. no old programs installed. ? Can I order the NXT 5 Pro upgrade, download the program, and install on my PC if I only have Win 10 on there? I am reluctant to go back to the old programs just to get the new NXT, hoping someone know this answer Thanks in advance for all advice
  2. PTCruiser

    Upgrading From Toast 15 To 15.1...

    I have just upgraded my TOAST 15 to 15.1 (4486). I was looking for the upgrade file in the Menu Bar >> Go >> Downloads and discovered it wasn't there. I make copies of everything (paranoid, I guess), and this file is no exception. How can I get that file for my records?
  3. Octoberbilly

    Roxio Easy Vhs 3 Plus Need Help

    I paid $19.95 to upgrade this to get more features,. I downloaded. Executed. Said Patch sucessful, but no new features appeared, improve color, etc. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Unfortunately, the Roxio Game Capture Pad software that is a part of the Roxio GameCAP series of video capture devices is currently incompatible with the Windows 10 Insider Preview and will not function as intended, regardless of any settings applied to the software using the Windows Compatibility Mode subsystem. Furthermore, certain versions of third-party game capture utilities such as Xsplit 2.0 or later may permanently default to component input settings - even if you are using HDMI cables - thereby breaking compatibility with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, or any other console that requires an HDCP-compliant input such as HDMI or DVI under federal copyright regulations such as those provided under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). As a workaround for the issue, you will need to reinstall the latest service pack using the downloadable update files by using the patch installer's repair feature. Please note that because the update process requires the use of the Windows TEMP folder cache, you cannot perform the repair directly from Windows Settings or Programs and Features. You MUST redownload the patcher from the Roxio website and run the patch repair process from within the patcher itself. Alternatively, you can simply roll back to Windows 7/8.x in order to restore functionality without requiring a patch repair.
  5. EdK

    Upgrading From Emc10?

    Hello, I am currently running EMC10 and would like to know what the current Creator product is that is the equivalent of EMC10. Is there an upgrade path or would it require a new purchase? Thanks! Ed
  6. GreenPeas

    Upgrading Question

    I have a registered copy of Toast 5, considering an upgrade; but really all I am looking for is the ability to author BluRay DVDs. I use studio pro for standard DVDs. Any recommendations or advise? Thanks!
  7. HI I was wondering if anyone could help me. My brother in law stole the software to my VHS to DVD 3 before I could install it on my computer. Is there any way I can buy just the software? Thanks, Jami
  8. Originally EMC 7 was installed on 32 bit XP. I upgraded to a machine with 64bit Win7 and want to upgrade to NXT 2. In reading the forum it seems that in order to upgrade you need the previous version already installed. BUT EMC 7 won't install on 64bit Win 7, so what can I do to upgrade??? Am I missing something??? Thanks.
  9. Hello, I purchased "Creator NXT 2" a few minutes ago as an online upgrade. I started immediately to download ... ... just to find out that I did not receive v2, but the first version I am using for almost one year now. I already sent an e-mail to digitalriver(dot)com, but maybe someone over at Corel / Roxio can provide a fixed link? Regards, Jens
  10. Just had my first not so pleasant experience using Toast 11.1 with Mac OS 10.8.4. Was creating a picture DVD. Set-up works fine. However, burning seems to create a problem while finishing. Appears as if it is hanging (spinning beach ball) when writing the lead-out. Aborted and force quit the application. Restarted to remove unmounted DVD. Then inserted DVD. Upon examination of the DVD, it works and does not appear to be damaged. So, where do we go from here?
  11. I am a great deal disappointed. I have purchased the upgrade to the Roxio Creator 2012. My friend has a Mac but she can use "Lightroom" and that product can be used on the xps 8500 dell sells. I have the 8300 which is a workhorse and pretty hefty in software. My disappointment is that Roxio Creator does not offer any backgrounds like "lightroom" does for editing photos. I have to go online to foto.com and work online with their product. Not right as far as I am concerned. A free online service gives me photo abilities that my Roxio Creator 2012 does not. Do you know of anything I am missing where you can blend or put a separate background into the photo when editing in RAW? I would appreciate your help. Thanks
  12. bbcici

    Upgraded To Premium Photoshow

    I have about 30 shows in Photoshow and purchased the Premium on 12/27. I received a new p.o, # but no instructions on how to download so assumed when I went to my photoshows, it would have upgraded itself. Same old page, same old 2 choices of Christmas, etc. All self help keeps saying "download to your desktop, etc." I have nothing but the new # so how do I get the Premium and am I going to have to import my 30 shows into it?
  13. sunpacy

    Toast 11.1 Upgrade?

    When I launch toast the upgrade software pup up and ask me if I want to upgrade ( I have Toast 11.04 for mac) offers me 11.1 but when I satrt the upgrade install and re launch tells me Upgrade fail because I don't have enough privilege to install the software. I went to Roxio web page to find the upgrade there but only offer 11.0.4 and if you go to Upgrade hsitory don't mention 11.1 Any help