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Found 8 results

  1. I can't find the "link" or "split movie" button. If someone could screen shot the location of these buttons I would appreciate it.
  2. I have spent hours trying to get a driver to work for the VHS to DVD USB Adapter on Windows 10. I have downloaded the Win64 driver files, and even tried the Win32 driver files (even though I knew that would be the wrong one), and out of desperation I have even tried the old 2009 usb driver, as well as the uninstalling and re-installing the disc multiple times, hoping that the driver was actually on the disc and would install but it never does. when I check the device it always says that windows could not install a driver for it, and that it currently has no driver. I can't for any reason seem to be able to get the Roxio software to see the Roxio USB Adapter. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have a new HP high-end desktop running Win 10 Home 64-bit...lot's of speed, memory & storage. I have tried multiple times to load my new Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus software from CD. It seems to load ok, says I have to reboot, and I then download the software patch from Corel/Roxio which says it is for Win 10 compatibility. It is the only update shown. I do another reboot. When I then try to start the software, two squares appear with one pulsing in the other saying words about "rendering", and ultimately the blue Roxio box comes up. (That box notes it is build 301B91B VH3.) Then nothing else happens....spinning circle forever. A ctrl-alt-delete shows Roxio as unresponsive so I close it out after maybe 10 minutes. As I said, I've loaded this twice now, using Revo to uninstall as suggested in other postings on this subject. Other posts have said to only download two updates from within the application, but since the application never starts for me, that is impossible....and I only see one update at the Roxio site. I have a request for help into Corel/Roxio....wish I felt that would be a timely response. Meanwhile, any thoughts???? Thanks.
  4. So i'm running windows 10 my my surface pro 3 and I would like to make some VHS tapes into digital media to save on my hard drive. The software loads fine, i update it from roxio's website just fine but when i push play on the vcr, I get what looks like scrambled signal for about 2 seconds and then it looses the video feed. I am using the yellow/red/white jacks, no s-video connection. I've also tried to load the software on a virtual box running XP. even though the USB specific to the hardware stick is loaded, the software can't seem to find the video feed. I used to have a one touch grabber that worked well but that was years and many operating systems ago. it won't run on windows 10. any help is greatly appreciated. zonker
  5. Hello all, I have misplaced/lost my CD's to my VHS to DVD 3 Plus. I have the product key is there anyway that I can download the software on line? Am I going to ahve to buy the whole thing again? Thanks
  6. Hey, I have tried several times to reinstall VHS to DVD 3 Plus multiple times each to no success each time with the result of Installation interrupted, I have attached the log file from the last attempt to install. I have created a new admin user, I have made sure that the AV and firewall are off, and that all compatibility settings are disabled, and have a copy saved on my HDD, still nothing works, any help is appreciated. LogFile 14-06-04 00-01.zip LogFile 14-06-03 23-45.zip
  7. Please help. I have been trying to install VHS to DVD 3 Plus on my brand new HP Pavillion g6 it has more than enough processing power and HD space. After initial agreement is marked "agreed" the setup begins by making the active controls, this is is where it fails and gives me my error. Is is a firewall issue? I have turn the firewall off and even allowed the install program to pass through.
  8. I am getting a blue screen crash about two thirds through my capture of a VHS tape??
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