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Found 21 results

  1. Is there a way in Roxio Video Wave to create an animated route on a road map? Or is there any way to ask Roxio to develop that feature? When I click on Roxio's Support, all I get is Corel's Support that addresses only their Video Studio and nothing about Roxio's Video Wave.
  2. The Roxio Video Wave does not accept video files with a. MTS extension. In Previous versions This extension was accepted, and you could work it with the video Trimmer. Because in the last version 6 and 7 is not seen. Accepts MP4, AVI, and a few others. MTS files are the output product of the Video camera, and each time you have to convert them to these extensions to work with them, with considerable loss of time. This is a very important limitation of the program. Please help me Lamberto
  3. Using Video Wave I have imported a video file in avi format. It plays fine in Video Wave. However, I then try to Output the file as a mpg or another format and the resulting files plays but the audio stops after about 2.5 minutes. The video is fine but the audio just cuts out. I have tried two different output formats with no success. This is Creator NXT 4 on a Windows 10 PC. Does anyone have an idea as to what is causing this? I even tried NXT 2 and it does the same thing.
  4. Just upgraded to Creator NXT 4. Created a video within the program and am now trying to export for use with Windows Media Player. I keep getting an error message that states "Video Wave has stopped working". Can someone please urgently help? I need this video/slide show for an event this weekend! Have previous experience with an older version and the exports always worked fine. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi I've been using Video Wave for years. I like many of it's tools and tricks, but it has always been slowww. I use a 64bit Dell Inspirion with 12gig ram and dual core processor. Maybe it's more than just defragged available hard drive space or video card efficiency/capacity. Can anyone recommend the best file type for editing 1080 HD video? My sony captures AVCHD .mts video. I also use iphone .mov files and mix them in my production. 1. Should I pre-convert video to X format before editing? 2. Does anyone recommend down-converting or decompressing before editing, and then restoring HD video data after rendering? Thanks in advance.
  6. For some reason video wave won't work. does anyone have a solution to the problem
  7. Hi I waited 2 hours for a massive windows security update, and after it finished, my NXT 3 had been changed to some simper version where in place of EDIT VIDEOS is only CAPTURE VIDEO. When I find old NXT 3 PROJ files, and right click - OPEN, it cannot find the version of NXT 3 that was used prior to windows updates. I tried to go to programs, control panel, and do a REPAIR, but it called for a source file RCPROD.mci that was no longer on my PC, not even in windows.old. I have a video wave project that was half way done. I also tried compatibility troubleshooter, no luck. I popped in the NXT 2 install disc, and found RCPROD file, but it wasn't compatible. I'm using windows 8 64 bit dell inspiron Please save me from buying NXT 3 again.
  8. I've been using Roxio HD Pro for quite some time and haven't been having too much trouble with it. When it comes to recording actual game footage it works perfectly. However, I get a TON of issues when trying to edit my videos. For some reason the program always seems to crash at random. Sometimes it crashes when i click on split, sometimes it crashes when i try to save, it is absolutely random and i have to constantly be saving my work so that i dont have to do too much if it crashes again. I got used to the problem but now it has gotten even worse. It's incredibly slow now when I'm editing and recently when i was trying to export a video it just got stuck on one frame and continued to export (What i mean by this is that the video itself froze, but the program continued to export. As a result, the finished video stops at one frame but all audio continues, i dont know why). I was already getting frustrated at this point but tried my best to be patient. Then at one point when i tried to split the video again is just took FOREVER to do it. I waited about 15-20 minutes until i decided to just use task manager to force it to stop. Doing this caused yet another issue to arise however, as I cannot open that video file anymore. I click on it to edit it, but the video wave just gets stuck there and refuses to open up the video. I have no idea what to do now and I even did the repair option that I see is reccommended everywhere. It still doesnt work... The specs on my computer are: Processor: Intel® Core i5-3230M CPU @2.60GHz. Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB System Type: 64-bit operating system PLEASE if anyone can help please do so. I have been so patient with this program, but now I cannot no longer be.....
  9. So when I export videos for youtube after editing I have to export it in 1080p to get rid of a green bar. If I export to 720p for example theres a big green bar at the bottom of the video. How do i fix it? The link below is an example of what I mean. Link: https://www.youtube....QUCLUT_dpQ24r1A
  10. hello. Just finished a video (still pics/transitions and background audio track). Problem I am having I've seen before. Not sure what causes it. When I am playing new production back in VW, at the very end, the 'cursor' seems to jump back to an indiscriminate place or photo from the production and show it as the final pic. This happens after the final slide was displayed, along with the final note of the audio. I am not sure what would happen if I burned a DVD at this point, meaning if this problem would be copied over to DVD as well. Or, if I imported to MyDVD for 'authoring', I wonder if the problem would follow suit. it takes me twice as long to type in this editor, because of all the corrections I need to make. (it's not my typing)
  11. Hi! I made a video wave production 10 years ago in 2004. I think that I used Roxio Creator 7.5. I would like to update this as the family has changed in the last 10 years, but I do not still have the computer that had the program that I made this video on. I do have the disc that I made. Can I use that disc & be able to edit the slide show or do I need to just make another slide show ? I now have Roxio Creator NXT. Thanks!!!
  12. Suddenly, VideoWave has stopped working and required the program to close. Is the solution to uninstall/install or is there a fix?
  13. when I try to create a DVD a window pops up telling me that the video wave has stopped working. What is the problem and how can this be resolved?
  14. I am trying to edit a video and I keep receiving a message stating Video Wave is running on another user account on this system????? I checked and it is not running on another account. Can someone please help me this this issue?
  15. Hello everyone. I currently make videos on youtube and and when I upload the video from videowave to youtue I get this green bar, or you can look up my channel on youtube and it is Lisa Knows Best to see the same green bar on the videos. at the bottom of my videos. At first it was not going this, it also is doing this when I save the video and upload it to youtube. I was wondering is it save to uninstall the software and re install it or is there a fix to this? Thank you
  16. So after i record a clip in 720p i double click on it to look at the quality, the quality is usually really good. But when i open it up in video wave the quality seems to degrade, any suggestions that could stop this happening. Thanks.
  17. All of the apps in my version of Creator NXT function except for Video Wave. Each time I open it it stalls and I then get a message telling me that the program has an error and Windows must close it. I have the downloaded version of NXT. I turned off my firewall and anti virus and went through the installation process choosing Repair. Rebooted my computer. No change. My system is Dell Inspiron 1764 lap top Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 Intel Core i5 CPU M430 @ 2.27 GHZ RAM: 4.0 GB 3.8 GB usable 64-bit
  18. I cannot run Video Wave, Video Copy and Convert or My DVD. These have never worked for me in either Creator 2012 and Now Creator NXT either under Windows 7 Pro / Ultimate 64 Bit or Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit. Whenever I run Video Wave, as soon as the splash screen starts I get the "Video Wave has stopped working" error dialog box. If I try to run My DVD, it starts up, but as soon as it finishes loading, I get the same "Video Wave has stopped working" error. These never worked for me in either Creator 2012 Pro and Creator NXT. Trying to use video copy and convert, I cannot use this to download web video as it says I need the latest version of Flash, but windows 8 / IE 10 already has the latest flash installed. Video Copy convert used to work under Windows 7 and Creator 2012, even though it did crash frequently when trying to use the web download option. I will post PC specs, but for some reason, I cannot use the enter key to post, so I cannot start a new line. PC specs: Windows 8 pro, Intel Core I7 3770K 3.5Ghz @ 3.9 Ghz, 32 GB RAM G-Skill Ripjaws 1600 MHz (4 x 8GB), 1 x 512GB OCZ SSD boot drive, 2 x 2TB SATA II Seagte HDD, 2 x 3 TB SATA III HDD, 2 LG BluRay 14x SATA burners, Sounblaster Z soundcard, Zotac NVidia GT640 Graphics with 2GB DDR memory, with NVidia 3D vision setup, 2 flat panels displays (1 3D, both 1920 x 1080 via DVI). How do I get these programs working? I bought a whole new verion because version 12 never offered any updates, and NXT up to now has never offered any software updates either.
  19. I'm trying to use Video Wave to create a "movie." When I play my mpeg on my computer the sound and video work fine. When I import the video into video wave there is no sound. I've had so many problems since I've upgraded my computer to Windows 8 and bought this new NXT Roxio software. I liked the old Creator software that I had with Windows 7. Does anyone know how to get sound? I will tell you that when I import multiple video segments to Video Wave that sometimes only the first video clip wont have sound but the other clips do and sometimes none of them have sound. Thanks
  20. First of all...... when I go to the forum and see topics...... I don't see a "search" choice anywhere. I don't see how I can search for a topic to see if it's already been covered. Help? Using Video Wave 2012. PC. Windows 7. 6g ram. 2T hard drive. No issues with any softwares. Have done a ton of video editing for years. When I import a video clip (from a camera) into Video Wave for editing.... playback is jumpy... the audio jumps all over the place but not in sync with video on screen. This is an HD clip...... only about 5 minutes long. File size is 1.9 gig. 1920x1088 pixels. Format is ".mov" I've looked at Production settings... can't find anything relating to resolution.... wondering about that. Anyone out there have a clue why it won't play back properly so I can edit it? By the way....... it also won't play correctly in Windows Media Player....... but it plays BETTER in VLC player...... not CORRECTLY but BETTER. I don't get it. The video clips has been played succesfully on a friend's Mac computer with IDVD (I think that's what the software is called) thanks in advance ron
  21. Not sure if anyone else has this issue as google seems to have nothing but whenever I try to export a movie from video wave the software keeps getting stuck on 99%. I am editing and exporting from fraps avi files. Each roughly 30 mins long. It worked once and only once so far, and that was literaly 5 mins after I updated to the newest grahpics driver I have the ATI radeon HD 5770. I also have the q6600 quad core and 4 GB ram Does anyone else use this to edit fraps recordings and if so what settings do you export for vids you intend to put on youtube. Thanks for any help in advance
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