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Found 7 results

  1. For years I used Creator NXT 2 to copy TV shows I liked. I recorded them on a DVD recorder with +RW disks and used Capture to import them to my Windows 7 laptop, edited out the sections I didn't want with Videowave, used MyDVD to compile two or three shows on one disk and burned them to an .iso . The Windows 7 laptop started to have problems importing the video so I installed the program on a Windows 10 laptop and that seemed to work. Two days before Christmas the video capture stopped working. I had also discovered that disks I made with MyDVD with three programs on the menu seemed to compile normally but when I burned them there was no menu. Creator NXT 2 is fairly old, was there an expiration date? Any way, I decided to invest in Creator NXT 8, as it advertised that it could pick up files from older devices. I downloaded and installed it on the Windows 10 program. I was happy to find that it seemed to recognize the files on the disks I recorded. However, when i tried to edit them on Videowave, there is no audio. Why not? The files are in two folders, labelled VIDEO_RM and VIDEO_TS. What can I do? BarbP
  2. I am wondering if Creator NXT 6 has all of the same features as Toast does. The day may come where I have to use a Windows machine instead of a Mac, so I need to know how the programs compare in functionality. The main thing would be if Creator NXT 6 will let me remove extras, languages, and subtitles from Video_TS folders before burning discs. If anyone can tell me if they are the same or different, your input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I am using Toast 14 on my Mac, OS X El Capitan, I have made a compilation of about 10 Video_TS files that I am trying to convert to a DVD-Video. The size at the bottom of the screen says I am at 4.15 GB, it is about 2 hours worth of content after I edited each video. When I try to burn to a DVD-Video, an error comes up and says you don't have enough storage for 14 GB, the DVD is only 4.38 GB. My question is... where s the program getting 14 GB from? I did a test with just 2 videos that were about 5 minutes each, and it burned great, except a lot of the raw footage that I edited out in Toast came on the DVD!! Is there a setting that is trying to put the raw, unedited version of each Video-TS file on my final DVD-Video? Thanks for your help!
  4. Forgive me if this is a very basic question. I am finally transitioning away from using iDVD. I need to save 26 MOVs as a Video_TS folder to send to my colleague who uses the folders to burn DVDs. Do I need conversion software? Or how can I do this in Toast 12 Titanium? Additionally, is there a way to customize the font used in the menus? And is there a way to animate the menu screen? Also, can I preview the DVD before burning? Thanks for any help you can offer!
  5. Hello Forum, I've been reading for a little bit and haven't come across an answer. I'm brand new to Roxio and would love to purchase this software but before I do, there's a few key features I'm looking for. If anyone has time could you please let me know if this is possible? - Can you import VIDEO_TS and .ISO files into Toast to Burn onto a Standard DVD? - Can you create menus for the VIDEO_TS / .iso files? (very important) - If so, can you export another .iso when you’re done? (literally just tagging a Menu onto an .ISO) - For these menu’s can you create your own photoshop template or do you only have to use theirs? Are there any other features in regards to menu's you can accomplish that I dont know about? Best, hawke
  6. Hi I've got some home videos recorded from my Sony Handycam that I wanted to convert from the Video_TS folder so that I can edit the videos in iMovie or any other editing software. I've tried using Toast and Handbrake etc but I'm not getting the same quality as the original source. The videos are of sporting action with a ball moving at high speeds, which plays fine with the original Video_TS files but when I convert it doesn't result in the same smooth movement of the ball as it did in the original and is a little bit patchy. The conversion is decent but not quite good enough. Would appreciate any help with the issue and is there any way I can convert those videos for editing with perfect quality? Thanks
  7. Any suggestions, fixes or workarounds for abrupt VIDEO-TS compilation-related crashes? As long as I've been using Toast Titanium (various Toast Titanium iterations/versions) on my intel-based Macintosh CPUs, I've never been able to utilize the VIDEO-TS compilation feature to combine multiple VIDEO-TS files/folders into one DVD without Toast Titanium (now, version 11.1) abruptly crashing. Prior to the advent of Mac OS X, such abrupt application crashes could be easily remedied by simply allocating more memory to the problematic application. However, with the introduction of Mac OS X (now, 10.8.2), I'm unsure how to resolve this recurrent problem with Toast Titanium. Any insights or suggested fixes in this regard would be greatly appreciated.
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