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Found 13 results

  1. Im trying to use the videowave to edit a commentary for my channel. I usually use my astro a40 headset as a mic. I plugged in the headset and hit the microphone icon in videowave. when the Narration window pops up i hit record and then start talking. After i hit stop and try to listen to it, it shows the audio clip in the editing section but when the video plays over that part there is no sound. All i hear is the gameplay, no voice over. How do i fix this?
  2. guinea9111

    Voice Capture

    Hello Roxio Community. I was wondering if there was a way to record my voice with the game that I am recording. I have the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. Previously, I have been using Audacity to record my voice because I couldn't get both my voice and the game to record together. This is annoying though because I have to go and edit the voice from Audacity into the video and it is hard to get the voice perfectly on point with the video. So my question here is is it possible to record them both together through the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro from some setting that I can not see. Thank you!
  3. I can record my video but how do I record my voice preferably without downloading anything else? Im using the game capture hd pro and turtle beach headphones.
  4. I've noticed the GCHD Pro only records voice from my mic when I stream, and not when I record. Does anyone know of a way I could remedy this? I've been looking forward to playing games for YouTube again, but I kinda need voiceover to keep it entertaining (and legal). Also, I've noticed my program only allows for logging into Justin.tv (which has long been shut down), and not to Twitch or to YouTube. I updated it just a few hours ago, so is there something else I'm missing? Answers are appreciated greatly. I'd really love to get back into entertaining you guys ASAP. TL;DR: need use mic for record. How do? Justin.tv broke. Want use Twitch. How do? YouTube fun. You watch. Many laugh.
  5. hey I buyed yesterday a roxio gamecap hd pro and I want to do a live comentary and i tried to use audacity but then there is a delay... so does anyone have suggestions? and i am broke now because i have buyed the game cap so i dont have money to buy a purplebeach Please help me Thanks!
  6. Okay so it seems no mater what editing system I use if it be videowave, AVS, Windows Movie Maker,Adobie or any other kind I have use I get the same problem. The problem is after recording my game and voice using a different program known as Audacity I go into editing and everything seems okay until I'm done putting my commentary in and editing the sounds and the after rendering in the video I would upload it to YouTube and then I notice the at certain point in the video ( mostly at the end of the video ) theirs this audio delay. Like lets say I'm in a cutscenes and I have subtitles on well the characters speaking will be talking but their dialog will happen like a couple seconds late. Now after looking for was to fix this problem I've discovered that it usually happen after a loading screen and like the noise that's happening in the game will be on a non stop repeat in the loading screen and stop after it's done loading and the the audio lag kicks in. So I feel like I tried every thing please help me! P.S I do use the roxio game capture HD pro to capture and audacity to record my voice while i play/record my gameplay.
  7. Ok, so lately I have been researching and how the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro doesn't come with the option to produce live commentaries. Although i can see this is somewhat true, there seems to be another way. You see, KYR SP33DY (YouTuber) has a Roxio HD Pro, yet seems to produce videos including him talking *IN GAME* making a conversation with his other friends. So not only does this record his friends voice, but his own *without using a voice-over*. I also saw him with a Sno-Ball microphone and was wondering: "If i were to use a USB microphone, like Sno-Ball, is there a possibility i can record my voice, but also have it so my friends can hear me and make conversation, all recorded?" A famous YouTuber has done it with only one more thing than me: the USB mic Sno-Ball, and that might be my only necessity. Anyone can give me some info on how either he did it, i can do it, or any other ways for it to be done, it will be much appreciated. (( KYR SP33DY'S setup video: ))
  8. I am looking into getting a roxio hd pro gamecapture and am curious if it will record in game voice for a console such as an xbox360. If not is there any way around this? PS sorry if my English is bad
  9. Hello there. Can i record my PS3 voice while i recording? Simple question. More information? Reply for it.
  10. I'm wondering if this theory would work to record my own in-game voice and if anyone has tried this out. What if I get a 2:1 USB adapter (2 female to 1 male) and plug in a USB microphone along with the capture card and have the adapter plugged into the computer? This would combine both streams into 1 correct? Like this: http://www.amazon.co.../ref=pd_sim_e_6 My main concern would be mic audio lining up with the capture audio and the power consumption of both USB powered devices running off the same power source. Thoughts?
  11. Is there a way to capture live commentary from headset or microphone during regular capture recording? I see the option for streaming but not for regular recording. I also see the narration that can be added later but I can't seem to find a live commentary option. Thank you
  12. Hi, I recently bought the PC game capture software for my birthday and I'm wondering if you can record Live commentaries instead of adding a narration afterwards? If not then I'll just buy Fraps Any reply would be appreciated
  13. When I am in an xbox live party I can hear my friends talking while im recording. I want to record just the gameplay and game audio, not my friend's voices. How do I do this? thanks,
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