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Found 8 results

  1. I have been using Videowave to create video on Roxio NXT4. I have put together Video Track using numerous video clips. I have also added am audio track. The video clips all have sound. I don't want to mute the sound which I believe I could do by putting in the video as an extra layer rather than video track layer. I want audio track to be main sound but with background sound from video track. (The video track is composed of sports clips with background crowd noise reactions and the audio track is motivational song). Can anyone help.
  2. Hello Anybody! I am thinking of purchasing Creator NXT4 for a new Win. 7 Pro 64 bit system. Can anyone tell me if it has the ability to make the volume levels the same for all of the music files that I copy to USB jump drives for the car? Just doing a drag and drop in Windows copies the files the way they are, and I can't find this out on the Creator NXT4 web site, thus my question. My old Creator 5 had this ability when I burnt a CD, but now I use USB jump dirves. Thanks in advance to all who reply! All the Best, DyonDon
  3. EduardoGaming

    Ps4 Low Volume Output

    Hi guys, I'm having some issues capturing PS4 video. The output volume is very low. Whenever I'm working in Windows I can barely hear the Roxio capture but my Windows volume is extremely loud! The difference between the two is huge! Is there a way to fix this? Setup: PS4 - HDMI - Roxio cap - HDMI - TV | | | USB PC Cheers, Eduard
  4. Some BD-Rs have gone bad that I burned in 2009 to backup some captured video from my Final Cut Pro scratch disk. They went bad because they were defective, cheap media. So I bought some 50-year-archival Panasonic BD-R's and went to re-burn those backups. However, when I open the .disc files, Toast gives me an error message like this: The volume "Rocky" couldn't be found. 77 file(s) and 1 folder(s) will be ignored. Now the thing is, I got a bunch of new HDDs awhile back. I copied everything off of the old drives (such as Rocky) and moved them to different locations on the new drive. The original volume does not exist anymore, however the files are still there. They are now on a volume called, "Media." I tried renaming Media -> Rocky, however, then Toast opened the file OK, but all the icons for each file were blank, which I thought seemed weird. When I right click on each file in Toast, and say Get Info..., then it shows me a directory path that leads to the wrong file! Obviously there is some problem opening the old .disc files. What I would expect is that Toast would tell me, "The files have been moved, please select the current location of the files" and let me show it where the new location of the files is. That way I can re-burn all these many discs that contain files not necessarily selected in order, but selected according to what would maximally fit on one BD-R! Please fix this problem, it's really annoying.
  5. Can Roxio or someone tell me how to LEVEL the volumes of all tracks prior to burning a CD? IF this is unclear, different CDs produce different volume levels: some are louder and some are less loud than others. IF you burn them without leveling, you constantly have to adjust your playback volume. My previous burning software (under Windows XP), Cakewalk Pyro 5, offered this feature, although it did not work very well. Does Easy CD and DVD Burning offer this feature? If so, WHERE do I find it. SO FAR, I see no mention of it in any of the features I've tried nor does the subject come up in search of the HELP file. As for which VERSION I am running, I followed the instructions in the "pinned" post and found The pinned post mentioned "9.xx" that I ASSUME are the last digits.
  6. My Game Capture has been working really well but yesterday and today my game capture made the games volume go through at a super loud volume. Is there a solution?
  7. I am putting together a vacation video using my camera photo's and video. I have added background music to the entire clip. HOW, can I turn the volume down on my background music during my vacation video's that have my narration of the event. In other words, I have narrated a video that is included within the entire vacation video. The background music I added is wonderful, but I want to turn the volume of that music down while my vacation video is running so I can hear the narration. Is this possible with Creator Pro 2011 - and if not, is that feature available in any of the other newer versions? NXT or 2012 ? Kristen
  8. BeaSTWiTHiN

    How Can I Manage My Xbox Parties Volume?

    Now, there is no need to crucify me off the bat here, I already know how to record my own voice in videos and can hear my party as well. I am quite proficient with editing software and understand the value of a slate to do a "marker" when needed. NOW, what I need help with is say when I play Halo 4 with my friends, their voices seem very quiet and the game audio is drowning them out. I know Xbox has an option in preferences to change it up, but I feel like it has little to no effect on what I'm doing. Though I do believe I am doing something wrong because many people have there audio perfect. Is there perhaps two different channels? Such as Party chat on one and game audio on the other so I can manage both and turn one down accordingly? Because right now if I turn up chat the volume in the "capture" window it just raises everything up not just game volume. My set up is: Turtle Beach X11 with the Green "headphone" line-in going to the TV with the Red and White inputs that come with it. The Pink "Microphone" jack goes into my Laptop so I can record audio with my own programs. The Roxio HD Pro goes into my laptop as well. In summary: How can I turn up my Xbox party chat and turn down my game volume so there is a happy equilibrium. Cheers.