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Found 3 results

  1. I'm running Windows XP SP3 and I installed the roxio easy VHS to DVD software with the usb device plugged in, though when I try and launch the application it throws an error saying RoxioCentralFx.exe - Application Error: the application has generated an exception that cannot be handled. The version I have is 1.1.124 (from the install disk) though I went looking and found the service pack 1 patch which I installed. This didn't fix the problem though. On the packaging it says that it supports windows XP so I'm confused why it seems not to run. Also I don't have roxio creator 2009 so it shouldn't confict with that.
  2. Firstly, apologies in advance if this is a bit lengthy… Before I give up on my version I felt I ought to check with the more knowledgeable people on here that my version of Easy CD Creator is unlikely to work again. Little background: I like Easy CD Creator interface and have used it for many years. Starting with version 3 then 4 under Windows 98 and eventually needing to buy version 5 for an XP machine. The Win98 machine still works but struggles from time to time. The main purpose of both these machines is for recording, editing and mixing my music. So a CD burner is rather useful. Up to earlier this year Easy CD Creator version 5.1.1 worked fine but completely out of the blue I started getting "there are no supported cd-recorders available". Fortunately I was able to switch to Sonic's RecordNow! - which came with the Dell Dimension 3000 running XP. But I would much rather continue with the 'friendlier' Easy CD Creator. I have been through all of the Registry changes and uninstalls/reinstalls documented here and elsewhere a number of times. I've search through the Registry list of supported Easy CD Creator devices and can not find an entry for mine. Which is "TSSTcorp CDRW/DVD TSH492B". Which makes me wonder why it worked for 4 or more years before it stopped. I know for sure that I had been successfully running version 5 alongside Windows Media Player (WMP) version 11 and IE8 for quite some time before it failed. (Although IE has not been my first choice browser for a few years now. It's currently Chrome which appears to use less resources.) With that in mind I have uninstalled WMP 11 and IE8 and they have been automatically replaced by Windows with WMP 9 and IE6. I then reinstalled Easy CD Creator version 5 and it runs but still receive the error message when I try to burn a CD. Just to make sure, I have uninstalled it again, rebooted, reinstalled and rebooted. So... 1) has anyone managed to overcome the "there are no supported cd-recorders available" problem expressed elsewhere in this forum? 2) where can I find the often mentioned "recognition patch: driveup.5.3.5v.exe"? It would be nice to download it and test it out on my version. 3) if, as I suspect, I have to purchase another version of the software is it safe to assume my drive will be recognised? and, 4) as an aside… do later versions of Easy CD Creator recognize earlier layout files? I have many .cl3, .cl4 & .cl5 files which were useful documentation at one time but potentially useless now. Most software providers consider file compatibility with new versions of their software. Any advice will be gratefully received - good or bad. Many thanks Rick
  3. So basically, i have misplaced my roxio game cap intallation cd. I still have the serial code and have the roxio game cap registered on my account. Just yesterday, i got a new laptop that has the system requirements to handle my game cap for xbox. Can i get a software download off the internet? I mean, i do have the serial # and its registered to my account... One more thing, I have the software on my desktop computer but it runs windows xp so I tried to put it on a usb and put it on my laptop which is windows 7. Still doesnt work. Help Please?
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