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Found 21 results

  1. Title says it all really. There Xbox is displaying fine on my TV but I'm not getting any visuals on the Roxio Game Capture software. I have installed the Elgato software using the CD but starting up the video capture software asks me to connect an elgato device (it''s already connected but the software doesn't recognize it). I can't change any of the settings on the left, can't select source. Not sure what to do. As far as I'm aware HDCP is disabled.
  2. So when i plugged the roxio into my xbox 360 it displayed on the tv and recorded fine. when i hook it up to my xbox one, everything works but the display on the tv shrinks, instead of taking up the whole tv screen,it shrinks to just 1080(i think 1080x1080 intstead of 1920x1080) so the width of the display is cut dramatically , but appears fine on computer, on the roxio software's screen. Any help?
  3. So when i plug my roxio hd capture card into my xbox 360 it displayed on the tv and recorded fine, when i hook it up to my xbox one everything work, but the display on the tv shrinks, instead of taking up the whole tv screen,it shrinks to just 1080(i think 1080x1080 intstead of 1920x1080) so the width of the display is cut dramatically and displays black borders on the left and right sides , but appears fine on computer, on the roxio software's screen. Any help?
  4. I purchased a RGC Pro for my son for Chirstmas. When I intially set it up, I was able to successfully capture the Xbox One. Now when trying to capture the Xbox or the PS4, I get either a blank screen on both the laptop and the TV or a No signal detected on the TV, despite hearing the sounds. Specifically, I have video and audio right up until I actually start the capture part of the software and then use video. If I then shut down the capture program I get video back on the TV. I have reinstalled the software as described in other posts. Additionally, as seen in the screen shot the RGC shows up in the sound, video, and game controllers and there are no devices listed under other. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. All connections are HDMI besides the USB to the laptop. Interestingly, when I went to delete some icons I got an Admin prompt (his is a limited account) and after closing the prompt I got video on both the TV and the software for a second or two.
  5. I want to do some live commentaries on my youtube channel. back on xbox 360 there was an option to play the in game voice thru both speakers and headset so that my pvr would record other players voices. Is there a way to get the roxio hd pro to record other players voices in game chat or party chat with out unplugging my astro a40s from my controller?
  6. Im trying to use the videowave to edit a commentary for my channel. I usually use my astro a40 headset as a mic. I plugged in the headset and hit the microphone icon in videowave. when the Narration window pops up i hit record and then start talking. After i hit stop and try to listen to it, it shows the audio clip in the editing section but when the video plays over that part there is no sound. All i hear is the gameplay, no voice over. How do i fix this?
  7. How's it going everyone? I recently bought a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and some friends and I played some Grand Theft Auto 5 while I recorded and when I went to my clip, I couldn't hear my friends chat. Is my Roxio messed up or is it something with the Xbox or what?
  8. I have myself a Roxio HD Pro and i can record but i cant live stream i enabled it on my youtube and it says on my youtube account im verified but roxio allways gives me an error saying i need to be verified? Some pictures Can anyone help me on this mather plz?
  9. Hey everyone! I got myself an xbox one, and I want to use my new roxio capture card to record my gameplay with it, I mostly play with a group of friends, so we're either on skype, or in an xbox live party. Now, I can't record their voice if they are in, (Game chat / Skype / Party chat) any reasons why this is the case, and how I can fix it? Thanks!
  10. Hey everyone! So I got my roxio Capture card pro a bit ago, and I read that it works with Xbox one too, (I got a screenshot where it says it can record in 480p, on xbox one, aswell). But! When I launch my xbox one, wired and everything, and launch my recording program, an error message pops up, saying it doesn't support 480p? What is the problem? Or is xbox one not recordable? (Wich would make me quite sad, I really want to record my gameplay, but then I can't use it! ) Thanks in advance!
  11. So I've had my Roxio and used it on my 360. Now I want to record gameplay on my One. But when I set everything up (totally correctly) I can only see the image on my Roxio capture software, my tv remains black. Please someone help
  12. So im thinking of getting roxio game capture hd pro and was wondering if I am able to record my voice and also record my friends voice who is in the party aswell as record game volume so my main question is can I record game sound , my voice and my friends voice from the party on the xbox one if there is a way to do this can u plz link me to a web page or a youtube video or explain to me urself in the answer also im on xbox one
  13. Hi, just after finishing recording on my xbox 360 I unplugged the HDMI cable and plugged it into my Xbox One, but when I turned my xbox one on I just got a blue screen. It's worked before so I don't know why it isn't working... Just to check, I plugged it back into my xbox 360 and it worked again. Plugged it back into xbox one, blue screen. Help please.
  14. Hey guys! After many trials and errors, I have finally figured out how to get your Xbox One to correctly be captured! I had problems with it ever since I got the Xbox One, and I have noticed many threads regarding the problem. Finally I have figured out a solution! I hope this thread helps! Note: I have had 2 different ways that have worked for me multiple times. The first has worked for me most times, while the second method works some times. Note 2: As soon as you open any video related app, the signal will go back to protected. Method 1 (Works Most Times): [1] Make sure everything is correctly plugged in, and make sure that your recording program says "Signal protected". [2] While the program is still open, and your Xbox One is turned on, hold the white power button on the console for 10 seconds [3] After 10 seconds, unplug the power cord from the back of the xbox. [4] Wait a few seconds, then plug the power cord back in, and turn your Xbox back on [5] On the program, switch the Input back to HDMI. The status should now say "Ready" and you should be able to capture or stream. Method 2 (This method has worked a few times) [1] Plug the Xbox directly to the HDMI slot in the back of your TV [2] Make sure your recorder is plugged into the computer. [3] Open the recording software and change the status to component. [4] Unplug the Xbox HDMi from the TV and plug it into the recorder, then plug the recorder into the same HDMI slot. [5] Switch the status on the software back th HDMi and it should say ready I will add a video shortly
  15. I would like to buy a GCHD for my Xbox one. However my monitor only supports DVI. is it possible to use the GCHD HDMI output with a HDMI to DVI adaptor? as far as i know HDMI and DVI are the same. my monitor DOES support HDCP. XBOX HDMI----> GameCap HD PRO > -----HDMI to DVI adaptor ---> Monitor The HDMI to DVI adaptor does currently work when using my Xbox one with my monitor, I'm just curious to know if its supported by the GCHD. the xbox will be connected to the GCHD via HDMI and my monitor will be connected to the GCHD output via a DVI adaptor.
  16. I got the xbox one hdmi into a HDMI splitter which goes into a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, then another HDMI into my tv. I use the HDMI splitter because without it, it doesn't show up on my TV. Well, I go try recording some Call of Duty, but in the program, it says "No Signal" but it's red, and it just shows a black screen. What am I doing wrong?
  17. When I go to capture on the xbox one, it says the signal is protected. It was working fine yesterday. So I don't really know what happened.
  18. Smithy2402

    No Signal

    Hi, I have been having a lot of trouble with my Roxio Game Capture HD PRO/VideoWave over the past couple days. I have been attempting to record some Xbox One gameplay and when I launch Capture, there is No Signal. I have literally looked all over the internet, these forums and tried everything but still, no luck. Is there anyone who has had this problem and/or knows and to resolve it? Thanks, Thomas
  19. DISCLAIMER: DO NOT USE THIS METHOD FOR RECORDING MOVIES. INFRINGEMENT IS A VERY SERIOUS CRIME AND IS PUNISHABLE BY FINES AND JAIL TIME. Hello all, Those of you who've picked up a PS4/XBOX ONE might've been dissapointed when you found out you can't capture them. (Note:I only have a PS4, but this should work on Xbone as well) 1. Have a desktop screen recording software. (DXTory, Fraps, Bandicam, etc.) 2. Connect your console, you should see the preview in the Roxio application. 3. Record this preview (you should probably go fullscreen, however you'll need a good computer for this) And there you have it! Now, this probably won't work on the average computer well, the video will be laggy thanks to Roxio's ABSOLUTELY amazing and reliable, highly-optimized software, coupled with an average computer. For now, I use the built in recording for the PS4, but the patch that allows Devs to change HDCP is coming soon -transfo47
  20. I recently setup roxio game capture hd pro for my new xbox one. It comes up with the error signal protected. Heres a picture of what it looks like and thanks for the support.
  21. I'm trying to record some CoD: Ghosts gameplay for my Youtube channel but the Capture screen reads signal protected. I tried disconnecting the Roxio, restarting my computer, and reattaching the Roxio, but its reading the same thing. I am recording on the Xbox One/ Is this an issue with anyone else. I didn't have a problem with it last week when I was recording. Should I try reinstalling the game capture software?
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