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Found 4 results

  1. I have captued video from VHS. In Videowave, I have detected scenes. When I click on media selector, select all, then drag to storyline to begin new production, when I press play to play the video it is in fast motion and audio is not synced (audio moving at normal speed). If I click on FF, it slows it down to frame by frame movement. When I click on green arrow on the scene in media selector the scene plays normally. I have made over 5 productions already, none with this issue. What am I missing this time?? If I try to trim a scene, it is very delayed, the next frame button does not move the video. Thank you.
  2. Gary Cox

    Audio Out Of Sync

    I just purchased from Best Buy Easy VHS to DVD version 2.01 and it is running on my fairly new Macbook Pro 10.10.1. I tried registering the product for a one time support code but I got an email but no support code in it thus no way to contact support. The problem I'm having is I'm capturing from a VHS tape using the USB device and saving to the internal hard drive. A short clip is fine but anything over a few minutes the audio progressively gets out of sync until it is completely out of sync! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks... Gary
  3. Have this problem in both toast 11 and 12. When I create a disk image and test it by viewing in dvd player on the mac, all is fine. The raw video before going into toast is fine. It is only when I burn the disk image to a dvd, that the audio goes out of sync. Avg bit rate was set to 4, with max at 7. Any ideas as to what could be wrong here? Much appreciated.
  4. I have Toast Titanium 11.1 on a MacBook running 10.6.8. I have flash files created on my PC that play great on the PC and play perfect on both my MacBook and an older MacMini using Adobe Media Player. But, when I bring these files into Toast to create a video compilation with menus - the audio is out of sync by 15 seconds. This happens whether I burn the DVD or not. If I use the "edit" feature in the Videos section after I have put in the various video titles I can play the video right there in Toast and the audio is out of sync. I have read a lot of other posts on this and I have tried different settings, etc. I am at a loss. I even try this with just one short video and it is out of sync. I am thinking of moving on to other software. I have not tried using other formats other than Flash because I have a lot of files and I am trying to fit them all on one DVD. I will probably try converting them (not in Toast) to other formats to see if that helps. But, why would they play perfect outside of Toast and not when brought into it?