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Found 20 results

  2. So I wanted to record Xbox one gameplay, and once I got my roxio game capture hd pro, I plugged in the hdmi from the xbox one to the roxio, plugged in the usb power cable, and also the hdmi out to my tv but it does not show up. I tried using different hdmi cables and it still wont work. When i just use one hdmi from the xbox one to the tv it works fine, but when i plug it back to the roxio, it won't show up again. I don't really understand this tech stuff so please reply in easy english for me to understand
  3. Using Creator NXT Pro 2 and have used Roxio products for some years. My last two productions do not "output" correctly when I am trying to convert to a file format compatible with YouTube. There are missing frames or black screens at random places. I have also tried to use the output - direct upload to Youtube and get the same results.....missing frames and pictures. I thought it might be a transition issue as I am using the potluck feature for entering the transitions. Changing them did not help though. The production runs fine in the Roxio format; but that is not compatible with YouTube. I have done this conversion many times in the past and not had this problem. Is there a program update I need? Platform: Windows8.2
  4. Hi, I bought the Roxio Game Capture so time ago and it worked for a couple of videos. But all of the sudden it came up with a green "No Signal". And after searching on google, I found no help. So I decided to make a forum post (which I'm doing now). As previously mentioned I get a green "No Signal" and a black screen in the recording area, and when I start the recording the program does not respond for a few seconds and then the display flickers with an unstable image and wont let me stop the recording. I have attatched a picture and hope it can help in resolving the problem. Cheers, Lasse
  5. So when i record the sound comes and goes for some reason heres one of my video to show you what happens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wObGTe2pm9s
  6. Hi everyone, I tried calling Roxio multiple times but they have not answered. My problem: PS3 works fine while running through game cap, but as soon as I open the software, the TV screen goes black and the preview screen goes black. Status is ready. When I click capture it flashes the screen and I can capture 0.5s of gameplay before it records a blank screen and the TV goes blank again. I would really appreciate your help, has been a dissappointing product so far. Pls dont tell me somethings broken or a need a new whatever because it was working prior to the update. THanks
  7. Hello, Im hoping this is a problem that can be fix and not just something that I will be unable to do.. I have a Roxio HD cap card and I would like to record gameplay from a NES. I have it hooked up this way... the two AV cables from the NES connected to the Roxio and the component cables coming from the Roxio to my TV and of course the USB to my laptop. With this setup the TV picture comes in fine but It only displays and records on my laptop in black and white.. I hope someone can help, Zach.
  8. so I've had my Roxio for about a year now, and lets just say ive had my fairshare of problems with it, but none of them compare to this latest problem that just started happening. about a week ago I was recording for about 4+ hours long and when I opened the video file it repeatedly flickered grey and black. I went back to recording and everything was fine, and figured that Roxio either overheated or couldn't handle the massive 18.9 GB file. well now I was recording yesterday for about 45 minutes and the same problem was back, only now the video framerate was very choppy as well. I have since then reconnected every wire, restated my laptop, all to no avail. if I open any video file ive recorded by opening the main file in "My Computer" it shows the choppy flickering footage, and the same goes for opening it in sony vegas 12. BUT, if I open the file within the capture software, or using videowave, the file is completely normal and runs fine. Please, I'm at my wits end trying to figure this out. Please help.
  9. Hello, when I go to start up Roxio and record gameplay the preview screen is a black-ish Purple but when I click record and watch the video everything looks perfect its just the preview screen im using wondows 8 and ive had problems with my Roxio since the first day ive had it please help! Heres a screen shot of what it looks like http://imgur.com/3pZ30Pa
  10. So, for some reason, I always seem to get this giant black overlay across my whole screen, leaving about an inch or so uncovered at the top. I suspect it has something to do with aero themes, for it seems to only do it when they're disabled. I've had this problem in the past, and I don't know how to fix it. I can't take any screen captures of it, because one: I can't navigate to any capture software, and two: I'm thinking its not actually outputting it to the monitor as such, as in its something that's caused post transmission. Also, as an unrelated note, my game capture sometimes has color distortions, but only when there's a lot of movement on the screen its capturing. For example, I can't play fast paced online FPS's without this issue, namely Battlefield. For others, it doesn't seem to be as prevalent, but it can show up. Its even shown up in Skyrim. It just so happens that when it happens on the preview screen, its there in the footage. Oddly enough, when the preview screen framerate drops, the footage's doesn't. So I don't know if there's any kind of simple fix for that that's been conceived, but I haven't been able to fix it. It didn't use to do it, and I use the same average laptop I have for years. Thanks in advance.
  11. I have been using my Game Cap HD for a while now and only had one issue with it until now. I have plugged all the HDMI cables and the USB in correctly. However there is no display on my TV. I opened up the capture software and i can see the xbox dashboard and everything. It says ready to capture. There is just no display on my TV. If anyone has a solution to this that would great!
  12. So for the first day that I had my Roxio GameCapture HD Pro, it was working perfectly. It worked all through the night until about 11 pm pst. I went to bed that night and got up in the morning, looking forward to another great day. Everything was working perfectly, then when I went to run the Capture part of the Roxio software, everything was working besides the preview screen. The signal is good, all of the settings are correct, the only problem is that when I capture the gameplay, all of the audio is there, the video and preview screen are black though. The game is working correctly on the TV, it's just the capture card isn't working properly. Help please!
  13. I have the original xbox 360 (white) and I got my new roxio capture hd pro for christmas, I have everything plugged in correctly, I have checked many times. I am using the HDMI inputs and outputs and when I do this I get no signal on the software and it doesn't even recognize anything is plugged in ( Not even on device manager ), and also when I go to the xbox 360 nothing shows up on my TV. I spent alot of money on this and would be very greatful to anyone who could help.
  14. Hi, I've looked through the forum and I cannot seem to find this problem. This error is not a DVD disc problem as I have made a disc image a few times with exactly the same problem. I have quite a large video file, just under 2 hours and then 2 smaller video files. I've been through all the files and there are no problems with them before entering Toast. Due to the size / length of the videos Toast has to compress them a little bit to fit them onto a single layer DVD. The quality is fine, but every time that the video fades to black or fades from black etc, it freezes for a split second before continuing. Why is this, and how can I fix this? Has anyone else come across this problem? Many thanks in advance to anyone that replies. Phil
  15. I encountered a problem while editing. Until the last two weeks, everything was fine but now all my videos that I edit have a small black border around them. This could be something I changed as I did change some settings to adapt to pictures and overlays (the settings where production settings>default handling for non 16:9 sources>fill screen/show entire source. I flick through both these settings and none seem to work). This never happened before. I'll attach a pic of a production with the black border. Thanks
  16. Hey everyone . Firstly id like to say I love my ROXIO HD PRO and have never had a problem with it until as of recently after not using it for about 2 weeks it hasnt worked properly. The first thing that happened was it kept coming up saying select device not found so I followed this http://forums.suppor...vice-not-found/ and it helped fix the problem but now all i have is a blank screen where it doesnt seem to be recieving input even tho the USB Device is working and the XBOX 360 is working on the TV. Also i am using a 2m USB extender which works great and has never had problems with. This is my current setup And this is what I am getting on my computer everytime i try and use it after unplugging it and reconnecting all the leads even reinstalling it all from CD. Also here are my PC Specs: Motherboard - ASUS S1366 P6X58D-E Motherboard CPU - Intel Core i7 950 3.07GHz @ 3068 MHz CPU Cooler - Zalman CNPS10X GPU - ASUS ATI Radeon HD 5870 RAM - 6gb tripple channel 1600mhz Power Supply - OCZ 700W ModXstream PRO DVD - Pioneer DVR-219BK 24x DVD DL Burner SATA Black HD - 1TB Seagate 7200rpm SATA 6Gb/s HDD Monitor - 23" Led Samsung monitor Keyboard - Logitech G15 Keyboard Mouse - Logitech HID Operating System Windows 7 64Bit Hope someone can help me out
  17. Hey Roxio Community, I just recently bought the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and I bought some cables to go with it. I bought Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cables and double sided Component HD AV cables for the output to my tv. My problem is that my Xbox 360 HD AV cables output to my hdmi cable and not to my HD av cables. Does anyone know how I could fix this, or pull out the red, blue, or green cable and it will send the signal to the component. But I really need help guys, Thanks!
  18. I have the Roxio HD Pro and When i hook it up as the guide says to and make sure everything is set right the video still shows up black and white on the TV and PC. But if hook it straight to the TV its in color but not when linked to the Roxio. Does anyone know how to get the color working? Here are a few photos to show you it in black and white and how its set up. To See the Video of whats Happening here is my video on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaXf1FnLRyI
  19. When I first got the roxio game capture hd pro it worked great. But then I changed the HDMI cables one time because nothing was showing on the screen and after that there are black lines when I record/livestream. (Left,Right,Bottom). How do I fix that?
  20. Hello, I just buy the Game Capture and I live in Spain, I have a XBOX360 purchased in America and my TV is from Spain, does not have RGB connectors, Spain televisions do not have RGB connectors, we RCA in Spain, my TV is this image http://images03.olx.es/ui/11/38/46/1306228069_206893246_1-Fotos-de--TV-LED-Blusens-22.jpg I connect everything, but I can not connect RGB cables, that can not be. I did what I put into this video The console looks perfect, but it looks very bad when in the PC, the image is distorted and black and white. TV Standard What I have to put to live in Spain and have an American console? sorry for my bad English, I'm learning
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