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Found 6 results

  1. When converting the first VHS tape I was able to watch the video in the Media Import Window. When I tried to convert another tape I was not able to see the video. All I got was a white space were the video should be. Any ideas and help would be appreciated. Roxio NXT 6 running on Windows 10
  2. I am on a Mac Powerbook running Mac OS Sierra 10.2 I've used Roxio for years to create mix CDs by dragging and dropping in playlists from iTunes and then adjusting the crossfades. Recently, when I burn these CDs to a disc they pay great until around track 43 and then the tracks are silent and the disc player sounds like it's searching or having trouble tracking. This happens in my car CD player as well. Any thoughts on why this is happening? I've tried swapping out tracks with no success. The Disc has 53 tracks total that take up 692.8 MB on the disc. thanks, B.
  3. Using Creator NXT Pro 2 and have used Roxio products for some years. My last two productions do not "output" correctly when I am trying to convert to a file format compatible with YouTube. There are missing frames or black screens at random places. I have also tried to use the output - direct upload to Youtube and get the same results.....missing frames and pictures. I thought it might be a transition issue as I am using the potluck feature for entering the transitions. Changing them did not help though. The production runs fine in the Roxio format; but that is not compatible with YouTube. I have done this conversion many times in the past and not had this problem. Is there a program update I need? Platform: Windows8.2
  4. Hi everyone, I tried calling Roxio multiple times but they have not answered. My problem: PS3 works fine while running through game cap, but as soon as I open the software, the TV screen goes black and the preview screen goes black. Status is ready. When I click capture it flashes the screen and I can capture 0.5s of gameplay before it records a blank screen and the TV goes blank again. I would really appreciate your help, has been a dissappointing product so far. Pls dont tell me somethings broken or a need a new whatever because it was working prior to the update. THanks
  5. I've been using my roxio game capture HD Pro for a while now and it never had problems. Lately though whenever I plug it in to record my preview screen is blank/black. It shows nothing, but there is still sound. I can still record just fine but it's like if my preview screen is just black or turned off. Any help would be appreciated. I run my roxio game capture on windows 8 if that helps at all. I hate that I don't see the preview anymore and would love it if someone could help me find a solution.
  6. I recently bought a new laptop and now when i try to record with my game capture HD, my preview screen is a blank purple screen. It still manages to record but I just cant see what im recording at the time. My laptop runs windows 8 and has high enough specs with a intel i5 processor, 6gb RAM and 1Tb hard drive. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or is having the same problem?
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