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Found 11 results

  1. First there was the recent Windows 10 update. I was using NXT 5 and My DVD with no issues. After the update nothing worked so I upgraded to NXT 7, got the Blu Ray patch again and thought all was well. The project will burn, but I went to copy the Blu Ray I burned and it goes through the motions but when done, the disc has not burned. it is still blank. Any help would be appreciated. I went through the tech support, uninstalled, renamed the old, uncleared files to ".old" and still nothing. I have uninstalled and installed like three times already.
  2. Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. I have an OWC Mercury Pro drive and Toast 15. I'm able to burn both a Sony Blu-ray Disc and a Verbatim DVD. I can play my DVD on my Mercury Pro but can't play either that or the Blu-ray Disc on my Samsung Blu-ray player. I did check both discs and I can verify both are burned. Why can't I play either on my Samsung Blu-ray player?
  3. Perhaps this has been noted before but I did not find details so I decided to post this. I created an image file using Toast Titanium 14. Started at "Video", selected the menu style, chose the format as DVD-Video, and added two large MPEG-4 files. When the image file was done I checked it to make sure it plays. My next step was to burn discs. I made 3 copies on Memorex DVD+R DL discs. Checking those for play on the Mac I found they were fine. When I put them into my Sony Blu Ray player I discovered the player would not recognize the discs. It offers an icon with a question mark on it and the word "unknown". Just for the hell of it, I tried a DVD player and the disc ran just fine. Anyone have thoughts? Is this a software issue? A Sony issue? A disc issue? I am running a Mac with OS 10.11.6 and Toast Titanium 14. The Blu Ray machine is a Sony model number BDP-BX59 Thanks so much!
  4. Hi, I'm burning a Blu Ray disc in Toast DVD, having a few issues with the ratio on the final burned disc. The source file is at 2:35 and Toast DVD keeps stretching it out to 16:9. I've tried encoding H264 files and MPEG4, but it keeps doing the same thing, re-encoding. Also there is a judder on a camera pans which is pretty annoying. Do I need to upgrade to Toast Titanium 15 or is there something that I'm not doing in Toast DVD? Thanks in advance!
  5. I don't know if anybody else is experiencing this, but since Aug 22 when Apple released OS X 10.10.5, Toast 14 will not burn blu ray or HD disks. The burned disks freeze, jiggle, and are unwatchable. I have been dealing with tech support for two days and they cannot fix the issue. They said to wait for an update. Nice. I use the program to create blu-ray DVDs for my work, and now I am out of business. If you have Toast of any version, and OS X, do not update to 10.10.5 or you will regret it.
  6. Hi, I've captured and authored some footage in Final Cut Pro at 25fps. I'm in the UK and 25fps matches up to the PAL standard. Anyway, after editing everything, I'm now ready to burn this to a blu ray to try and preserve as much quality of the footage as possible. I exported a master file (.mov) from Final Cut Pro and loaded this in to Toast Pro 14, and set it off burning. I then tested the Blu Ray disc in my PS4 and there appears to be an issue relating to the frame rate. It seems like the footage has been slightly sped up, so I can assume that Toast has re-encoded the .mov file and increased the frame rate. I have tried to set the custom encoding options and set 're-encode' to 'never', however it just re-encodes the file anyway. Can anyone advise a way that I can keep my footage at 25fps and burn on to a blu ray disc? Thanks
  7. I'm going to buy a Pioneer BDR-XD05 for burning bdxl 100gb and 128gb optical disks. Sort of a supplemental backup method to my current backup scheme of using sata hard drives. I don't really watch movies or do activities that NXT4 is aimed for, but I use the older RecordNow and Roxio emails a lot of NXT promos to me. From the NXT pr pages, it seems 50gb is the limit for burning. Is that really it? No bdxl 100gb + ?. I'll probably test 250gb media when it arrives as well. There are a couple of software programs that do bdxl burns, but just checking here first so that I can stay with Roxio products if possible. I'm on Windows 10 Pro as well as Win 7 Pro. No win8, Thanks!
  8. Hi folks, I have a question if you can help. I want to burn a Blu-ray disc and it's currently rendering from Adobe Premiere CC on maximum settings for the best quality. The overall file size will be nearly 100GB. My question is can I burn a 100 GB file onto a Blu-ray disc that is only 25GB in size? I assume that the Blu-ray burning software I will use (Toast 12) will be able to compress footage but I don't know if 100GB is too big for it to handle? I have burned files of this size before using Adobe Encore CS5 onto standard 4.7gb discs (so a 100GB file has been compressed by Encore to fit onto a 4.7GB disc very easily even though it took ages) so I assume the same principles apply and will work on Blu Ray? If not, what are the correct but still best quality settings to render from Adobe Premiere for purposes of having a blu ray disc? I don't have subscription to adobe encore now, hence me needing Toast... Thanks in advance Conor
  9. I have Roxio NXT Pro 2 software with the Blu-Ray rendering add on. I have burned many discs and have the same problem with each. If I have a main menu that its only purpose it to go to sub menus to play video. Once a segment(chapter/section) is done it returns to the Main menu not the sub menu to play additional Chapters. Example: The main menu has 3 buttons to process sub menus. Main menu goes to sub menu 1 which is for a volleyball match. This Sub menu 1 contains 3 buttons that play each set of that match. Once a button is selected it plays the set selected just fine. When done though it does not go back to the sub menu to play the other 2 sets, it goes all the way back to the Main Menu making you select the sub menu again to play another set. Can Anyone tell me if they have found this to be the case, or have a solution? It's more a nuisance/pain than a real problem. I just thought that once a video was done it would stay on the menu that it started from and not return to the Main Menu forcing you to "travel" again. Thanks for any information that can be supplied. ...Mark
  10. Hi, I use iMovie '13 (latest), Yosemite and Toast '11 I used to burn HD-DVD with Toast 11 from iMovie output (1080p25, played perfect on Harman Kardon Blu Ray player. I want to burn Blu Ray (have Asus BD burner now). The output from iMovie is 1080p25, MP4 Questions: 1. Can I burn a Blu Ray with Toast 11 using this iMovie output; I read somewhere that 1080p25 is not a valid Blu Ray format, and I do not want to end up spending hours of rendering and throwing away BD-discs 2. what Toast settings would be advised Sincerely
  11. I have a registered copy of Toast 5, considering an upgrade; but really all I am looking for is the ability to author BluRay DVDs. I use studio pro for standard DVDs. Any recommendations or advise? Thanks!
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