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Found 19 results

  1. I'm trying to get the Roxio set up with some of my older consoles and it's just not working. I found most of the help guides focused on the newer consoles, which is great, but I want to be able to record from all my systems with this device. The current focus is on my Sega Dreamcast. The system works fine and I get visual and audio on the television, through the Roxio. My PC picks up the audio from the console, but not the visuals, appearing as a simple blue screen. It's hooked up via component cables. I've tried multiple different laptops and software and nothing works. Does the Roxio even work with older consoles? I've found very little information to support that it does or does not. If that's the case then I'll just return the device and get a refund, no harm done. But if it will work, I'd appreciate any help you can offer me.
  2. When I purchased the capture card a couple months ago, I ran into no problems whatsoever. Then about a month ago, I got a good amount of blue screens when I tried recording game play on my PS4. So i decided to refresh my PC, since I imagined it may work. Sure enough, it did! But recently I've been having the same problem again. I tried repairing it, but it didn't work. I refreshed my PC multiple times with no success. The problems I run into are: blue screens, black TV screen, and pop ups stating "Capture Card Lost." I've also noticed that when I record PC games instead of the PS4, i don't run into blue screens. It's probably just luck that I didn't, but can the problem possibly be my PS4? Roxio Game Capture? PC?
  3. Can anyone help me out with my problem? My roxio will never work! Everytime I launch roxio game cap software it either makes my computer restart or the roxio game capture device keeps diconnecting and reconnecting! PLZ PLZ Help! I have a HD PRO
  4. Im having this same problem. I also get the green No Signal thing. Did I do something wrong???
  5. Then could you please help me with MY Roxio HD Pro Problems? I've literally used this thing ONCE in the past two years for one reason, MY DEVICE HAS NEVER WORKED!!! I've contacted Roxio CONSTANTLY, about 2 or 3 times a month to get a refund because they sold me a BROKEN product, and I haven't gotten a single response from them, in TWO YEARS!!! It's crashed every computer I've used it on, the device barely turns on before it crashes whatever computer I'm using it on. I paid GOOD money for this two years ago, and I'm so glad that you guys enforce your "Refund Policy" so well, because I would've really like to return mine and gotten a new one. Honestly, two years ago I bought air that was packaged in a container, and have tried to get in contact with you guys for a return, but whenever I did, you'd give me the same "We're really busy at the moment" response. This is not a good way to run a buisness, I didn't even get a refund DURING the 30 day period because you DIDN'T LET ME! Now I'm saying this again, and you will apologize and say "Well you didn't take advantage of the refund during the 30 days" well guess what, I DID, so I want my money back, and that's why I'm here today, to try ONCE AGAIN to get my money back that you stole from me. Don't even TRY to tell me how to fix it, because the thing never worked in the first place, it was broken right after I recorded my first 30 second long video. Wow, 30 seconds for $150, what a deal.
  6. dmatlock


    My hd capture pro will launch and record fine, but when i select stop capture it starts acting up, goes to red no signal and most of the time crashes or freezes up when it dosent crash i have to unplug it from my pc to get the signal to come back and evey once in awhile when i do this it will crash my pc to the blue screen. just want to know how to stop it from going to no signal when i stop capture. It does record the video, but it a hassell to restart evey time i want to stop and start capturing. please help
  7. So, I was trying to record a video game on my Xbox 360, and I got about 2 minutes into recording until my computer showed the blue screen of death and restarted. Now, every time I press capture it does that! Help?
  8. i need help as when i put the usb bit into the laptop with the software capture on it freezes and goes on the blue screen any help or links thank you
  9. I recently purchased several Roxio GameCap HD Pro's, all of which worked wonderfully up until about a day or so ago. After days of working flawlessly, I am now unable to open up the Roxio Media Capture. After selecting the blue "CAPTURE" button, it loads the background elements of the Roxio Media Capture then immediate brings up a "This program has stopped working error" and closes. I have tried several fixes, Including uninstalling the program with Revo, and even manually deleting the drivers. But nothing is working. I even restored my computer to factory settings and re-installed the program, which only worked briefly before begining to crash every time I launch it again. I really need to know what's going on here and how to fix it if anyone knows.
  10. NXT Pro was hanging in most of its application, on my Dell M1710, with 4GB of memory and 60 GB of free space on the 320 GBHD. So I uninstalled it using the Add/Remove applet in Control panel. Partway through the install the blue screen of death came up, and I have not been able to reboot my laptop. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I have had Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus for about 1 and a half years and it has been working fairly well, but just recently, if a tape finishes and turns to a blue screen, when I click stop I will get only a small portion to no video whatsoever. I have tried stopping the recording before the blue screen, approximately 2 minutes before, and it works fine. I have never had this issue in the past.
  12. i would love some help. i gotthe hd pro set it up with component cables( cant afford hdmi), set it up as instructed. i get a blue preview screen that flashes to black every ten sec.w/ black lines or blocks. I only have on option to choose from for the m2ts area, and mostof the other sctions are not available, the bluw and green buttons for capturing arent even on,and why under the flies size are there is a timer counting down on the recording time i have left? here is the RGC log file it made. ---------------- [0] ----------------- AddressWidth=32 Architecture=0 Availability=3 Caption=x86 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3 CpuStatus=1 CreationClassName=Win32_Processor CurrentClockSpeed=3114 CurrentVoltage=15 DataWidth=32 Description=x86 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3 DeviceID=CPU0 ExtClock=200 Family=2 L2CacheSize=1536 Level=16 LoadPercentage=60 Manufacturer=AuthenticAMD MaxClockSpeed=3114 Name=AMD Athlon II X3 445 Processor NumberOfCores=3 NumberOfLogicalProcessors=3 PowerManagementSupported=FALSE ProcessorId=178BFBFF00100F53 ProcessorType=3 Revision=1283 Role=CPU SocketDesignation=CPU 1 Status=OK StatusInfo=3 Stepping=3 SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=HELTON-FRPPFLK9 UpgradeMethod=1 Version=Model 5, Stepping 3 ---------------- [0] ----------------- BankLabel=BANK0 Capacity=1073741824 Caption=Physical Memory CreationClassName=Win32_PhysicalMemory DataWidth=64 Description=Physical Memory DeviceLocator=DIMM0 FormFactor=8 InterleaveDataDepth=0 InterleavePosition=0 MemoryType=1 Name=Physical Memory PositionInRow=1 Speed=667 Tag=Physical Memory 0 TotalWidth=64 TypeDetail=128 ---------------- [1] ----------------- BankLabel=BANK1 Capacity=1073741824 Caption=Physical Memory CreationClassName=Win32_PhysicalMemory DataWidth=64 Description=Physical Memory DeviceLocator=DIMM1 FormFactor=8 InterleaveDataDepth=0 InterleavePosition=0 MemoryType=1 Name=Physical Memory PositionInRow=1 Speed=667 Tag=Physical Memory 1 TotalWidth=64 TypeDetail=128 ---------------- [0] ----------------- AdapterCompatibility=NVIDIA AdapterDACType=Integrated RAMDAC AdapterRAM=1073741824 Availability=3 Caption=NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_VideoController CurrentBitsPerPixel=32 CurrentHorizontalResolution=1024 CurrentNumberOfColors=4294967296 CurrentNumberOfColumns=0 CurrentNumberOfRows=0 CurrentRefreshRate=60 CurrentScanMode=4 CurrentVerticalResolution=768 Description=NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 DeviceID=VideoController1 DeviceSpecificPens=-1 DriverDate=20120515101800.000000-000 DriverVersion= InfFilename=oem15.inf InfSection=Section011 InstalledDisplayDrivers=nv4_disp.dll MaxRefreshRate=100 MinRefreshRate=60 Monochrome=FALSE Name=NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 NumberOfColorPlanes=1 PNPDeviceID=PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0DE0&SUBSYS_838A1043&REV_A1\4&52EDC45&0&0048 Status=OK SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=HELTON-FRPPFLK9 VideoArchitecture=5 VideoMemoryType=2 VideoModeDescription=1024 x 768 x 4294967296 colors VideoProcessor=GeForce GT 440 ---------------- [0] ----------------- BytesPerSector=512 Capabilities=UN_KNOW Caption=WDC WD32 02ABYS-02B7A SCSI Disk Device ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_DiskDrive Description=Disk drive DeviceID=\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 Index=0 InterfaceType=IDE Manufacturer=(Standard disk drives) MediaLoaded=TRUE MediaType=Fixed hard disk media Model=WDC WD32 02ABYS-02B7A SCSI Disk Device Name=\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 Partitions=1 PNPDeviceID=SCSI\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD32&PROD_02ABYS-02B7A&REV_02.0\4&2150465E&0&000 SCSIBus=0 SCSILogicalUnit=0 SCSIPort=2 SCSITargetId=0 SectorsPerTrack=63 Signature=-1724933841 Size=320070320640 Status=OK SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=HELTON-FRPPFLK9 TotalCylinders=38913 TotalHeads=255 TotalSectors=625137345 TotalTracks=9922815 TracksPerCylinder=255 ---------------- [0] ----------------- Caption=VIA High Definition Audio ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_SoundDevice Description=VIA High Definition Audio DeviceID=HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_1106&DEV_E721&SUBSYS_1565810A&REV_1001\4&23EB5C53&0&0001 Manufacturer=VIA Technologies, Inc. Name=VIA High Definition Audio PNPDeviceID=HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_1106&DEV_E721&SUBSYS_1565810A&REV_1001\4&23EB5C53&0&0001 PowerManagementSupported=FALSE ProductName=VIA High Definition Audio Status=OK StatusInfo=3 SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=HELTON-FRPPFLK9 ---------------- [1] ----------------- Caption=NVIDIA High Definition Audio ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_SoundDevice Description=NVIDIA High Definition Audio DeviceID=HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10DE&DEV_0014&SUBSYS_10DE0101&REV_1001\5&1912144C&0&0001 Manufacturer=NVIDIA Name=NVIDIA High Definition Audio PNPDeviceID=HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10DE&DEV_0014&SUBSYS_10DE0101&REV_1001\5&1912144C&0&0001 PowerManagementSupported=FALSE ProductName=NVIDIA High Definition Audio Status=OK StatusInfo=3 SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=HELTON-FRPPFLK9 ---------------- [2] ----------------- Caption=NVIDIA High Definition Audio ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_SoundDevice Description=NVIDIA High Definition Audio DeviceID=HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10DE&DEV_0014&SUBSYS_10DE0101&REV_1001\5&1912144C&0&0101 Manufacturer=NVIDIA Name=NVIDIA High Definition Audio PNPDeviceID=HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10DE&DEV_0014&SUBSYS_10DE0101&REV_1001\5&1912144C&0&0101 PowerManagementSupported=FALSE ProductName=NVIDIA High Definition Audio Status=OK StatusInfo=3 SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=HELTON-FRPPFLK9 ---------------- [3] ----------------- Caption=NVIDIA High Definition Audio ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_SoundDevice Description=NVIDIA High Definition Audio DeviceID=HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10DE&DEV_0014&SUBSYS_10DE0101&REV_1001\5&1912144C&0&0201 Manufacturer=NVIDIA Name=NVIDIA High Definition Audio PNPDeviceID=HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10DE&DEV_0014&SUBSYS_10DE0101&REV_1001\5&1912144C&0&0201 PowerManagementSupported=FALSE ProductName=NVIDIA High Definition Audio Status=OK StatusInfo=3 SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=HELTON-FRPPFLK9 ---------------- [4] ----------------- Caption=NVIDIA High Definition Audio ConfigManagerErrorCode=0 ConfigManagerUserConfig=FALSE CreationClassName=Win32_SoundDevice Description=NVIDIA High Definition Audio DeviceID=HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10DE&DEV_0014&SUBSYS_10DE0101&REV_1001\5&1912144C&0&0301 Manufacturer=NVIDIA Name=NVIDIA High Definition Audio PNPDeviceID=HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10DE&DEV_0014&SUBSYS_10DE0101&REV_1001\5&1912144C&0&0301 PowerManagementSupported=FALSE ProductName=NVIDIA High Definition Audio Status=OK StatusInfo=3 SystemCreationClassName=Win32_ComputerSystem SystemName=HELTON-FRPPFLK9 I tried my sons computer too that is brand new and way better than mine( with lcd monitor, and dvd player) and it wont even accept the instalation disc is actually there, bad software?
  13. So on my Roxio Game cap HD Pro screen to capture as component, the preview is blue. I can hear game sound but can't see the game. Any help?
  14. I'm having a problem getting video to show in preview window when connected to VCR. Audio is Fine. Data Screen shows up (counter, date, time from VCR) but no actual image from the recorded tape. Just a blue screen behind the counter. So information is going through the yellow RCA wire, just not the video. I'm using Easy VHS to DVD for Mac. Mac is intel, quad core I'm able to record 8mm tapes from my old camcorder without a problem. VCR plays tapes fine to TV. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
  15. Hi I recently purchased a Roxio Hd Pro capture card and I installed the software and it installs fine but when I click into the program it boots up and when I got to click capture it goes unresponsive. Then I tried to use xsplit to livestream and capture is works for a little bit then it goes blue screen. Here is a link to my post on xsplit fourms and a video of what happens https://www.xsplit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=114&t=17642&p=70274#p70274 http://youtu.be/rl3lvpFycn4
  16. EASY VHS TO DVD 3 PLUS: Every time I use program, recording or watching source VHS waiting to record, Windows XP PRO blue screen crashes with this message: Check with your hardware vendor for any BIOS updates. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select advanced startup options, and then select safe mode. SYSTEM INFO IMAGE ATTACHED
  17. I just got my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Yesterday and was trying to install it. I read the manuals and watched the Youtube videos to see how to set it up. I connected everything together but there is a problem. The video and audio is showing up on my laptop in 1080 but there is no output on my Roxio (TV displays "No Signal"). I tried using HDMI and Component for the output and also the input. Right now my, the Xbox and Roxio are connected via HDMI. The light on my Roxio is on HDMI and i checked the settings in the software. Is my Roxio broken? My TV is a VIZIO 32” Class LCD TV Model: E321VL And Laptop is Dell Inspiron N411Z With i5 2.5GHz CPU, 8 GB Ram, 64 Bit operating system.
  18. I saw a post similar to mine, but let me explain my situation in full detail. Also let me clarify that I am not real computer savvy, so this may be a minor issue that I can't solve. But here's what happened in full detail.. it took me a good while to actually set this up despite how easy it claimed to be. Now that's probably because I am an idiot when it comes to these things, but basically after a few YouTube videos I finally got it to work. It was capturing fine, and I was testing the settings out. Now, I currently use my PS Eye as a web/mic device to communicate to the stream and, of course, for them to see me as a stream. Roxio recognized my PS Eye as a mic, but didn't read it as a webcam. I expected that as much, but that's not the thing. The few people in the stream couldn't hear me talking but could hear the PS3 fine (The sound of the XMB). I decided I'd worry about getting the mic to work later and wanted to test the quality on a video game so I booted up PS Allstars (Beta) everything was fine when all the sudden my TV went black, and so did the PS3 image on the dashboard of the software. I restarted my PS3 and nothing happened.. by this time it was late, so I just decided to dick with it later. Well I never got around to it since I had went out of town for thanksgiving. I left everything as is.. Now when I was out of town.. My friend/ old roommate came back from college. He unplugged the HDMI to the Roxio and plugged in the HDMI cord from my cable box back into the TV, and he also unplugged the component cable from the PS3 and moved it into the living room to play PS3 on the bigger TV. Now, nothing else was unplugged. The Roxio stay plugged in to the back of my PC (that I shutdown completely) and only thing he really did was just move the PS3 which I don't see as doing any harm. Now that brings me to right now.. I got back Sunday, but I decided now to see if I could get this thing up and running. I plugged everything back in which took all of 2 seconds, and booted my PS3 up. Now both on the TV, and the dashboard of the Roxio, display a blue screen. I held the PS3 button down to try and reset the settings and nothing happened. I reset the PS3.. and Nothing happened. I reset the PC.. nothing.. the screen stays blue. I saw a thread with a situation like mine, but he was having a problem from start up. I wasn't have the same issue as him since I was capturing and streaming my test settings. I'm gonna unplug the Roxio from the back of the PC because that just occurred to me and I haven't done that yet. Now I use wirecast as a streaming software when playing PC games. I know Wirecast can detect a BMI because a lot of my friends use it when streaming their consoles, so is there a way I can bypass using the Roxio that way, or is it something I need to run at the same time I run wirecast (ASSUMING Roxio and Wirecast are compatible)? Using wirecast seems to be the only way I can use my Webcam/mic as a way of communication to my stream until my headset comes in. Sorry for the long post.. I just want to be as thorough as possible to better help anyone understand so they can explain to me what my issue might be. Remember, I am not a computer wiz, so the easiest explanation would be great, lol.
  19. I recently reinstalled Win XP (home) on a very old machine purchased from Dell. The package included Roxio RecordNow v6.5.0. This software randomly triggers a blue screen which is ..... annoying. Anyone know why? I have searched through the knowledge bases of both Dell and Roxio and find no ref to this issue. Unless I can find a solution this software will be deleted and I shall have to defect to another product.
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