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Found 15 results

  1. The most annoying thing that I've encountered is that sometimes the "Filling the RAM Cache" process can dribble along and take literally minutes to complete, and yet other times it will fill the cache in 10 seconds. I haven't figured out yet what triggers this. When it happens Activity monitor shows almost no disk activity and Toast is using about 20% of one CPU. After Toast 19 finishes writing an enhanced Audio CD, it pops up with the temporary dialog box asking if you want to verify the data portion of the CD. If you just let it sit there after a few seconds it will automatically start the verification, which is fine. However, at the completion of verification the dialog box that asks if you want to mount or eject is not brought forward to be topmost on your collection of windows, even when Toast is the application with user focus. That dialog is buried behind other stuff. I changed my preferences under Audio to make the default pause for new tracks (between tracks) be 0 seconds. This is because my source material is ripped from LPs, and already has silent periods about 4 seconds long at the end of each musical waveform. I also checked the box for "Show advanced audio mastering settings." However, when I quit Toast 19 and restart it, the gap goes back to 2 seconds and the checkbox for show advanced audio mastering settings goes back to being unchecked. What is strange is that it remembers the sound output setting, which I changed from "Default" to "Display Audio." Note that there is a misspelling on the Audio preferences page: "Prefered Language" should be "Preferred Language." Sometimes when burning the first session (the audio track session) of an Enhanced Audio CD the status bar remains white (gives no status of how much has been completed) through all the tracks as they are being burned. When the second session (the Data session) is being written the gold status bar marches across left to right as items are burned to disk.
  2. I'm using the latest version of Toast Titanium 14.1 (this is the update supposedly for El Capitan) and I'm running the latest version of El Capitan (10.11.3). Toast simply will not mount a disc image (Sd2f file) that the program itself created. Nor will it mount any disc image created from previous versions of Toast (and I have hundreds of them). This is a major bug, and it is present in many previous versions of Toast. Roxio has known about it for a long time, yet they seem to lack the ability to fix it, or perhaps they don't even care to try. I know of no other software that has a selection in its own menu (Utilities > Mount Disc Imageā€¦) that simply doesn't work. This bug has been reported to them many times over the last few years, but the company can't seem to support its own product. Does anyone know how to mount a disc image created in Toast?
  3. Bug Report: This has been an issue as far back as I can remember. It's in Toast 11 for sure maybe prior to that. I was hoping it would be corrected in Toast 14 but no dice. If the Toast team sees this report would you please add this to your bug list. Steps: 1. Setup a UDF Data disc (blu-ray HDMV in my case) and burn. 2. Upon completion Toast will update the size of the files to be burned, but at double the correct/original size. 3. You can't clear the miscalculation by removing the content and adding it again. You have to close Toast, restart the app and setup the disc again. Thank you,
  4. I have a little (BIG) Problem!!! I thought it after the switch to OSX 10.10.3 with the new photos app an update for Toast 12 appears which allows to copy images directly from the Photo Albums into the burning window. Today I bought Toast 14 and it is still not possible to do this! Even iTunes will not work and at film version is only the old Version of iMovie is supported! MediaBrowser without Funktion! See Screenshots! Have Any idea? Thank you very much!!!
  5. Hello I'm having this issue since a while now. I think it came with the last or second last update of the capture card. Whenever I try to record from its original software, it starts recording, records 1 second, then stops recording, but still says that the recording is running (identified that I have to hit the red "Stop Recording" button instead of the green "Start Recording" button. I'm currently using XSplit as a workaround but it sometimes starts having some graphical bugs there (audio is fine). It doesn't matter if I use Xbox 360 (Component) or Xbox One (HDMI), both only record for 1 second. I've connected the capture card since I got it to XSplit already, so XSplit is definitely not causing the error. Also, XSplit usually isn't running when I use the original Roxio capture software, otherwise it tells me that the Roxio media is already used by another software so that's fine. Anyone familiar with this issue?
  6. Hey guys I am new to Roxio software and I have got a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and I have run into a very annoying bug/glitch and I need some help. I have looked through forum after forum for a fix but I have had no progress and I was wandering if anyone could help. When I start my roxio game capture program I get a message saying "Selected video device failed" and the status changes from No signal to Capture device but the writing is in red. the input is blank and cannot be changed and in the options the profile is blank and also cannot be changed please can someone help quickly I am getting very frustrated!!! Thanks for all the support.
  7. So recently I have been trying to record some Xbox360 game footage, following exactly what you are suppose to do with the capture software. And what I immediately noticed is that when I click record, it goes through some processes to get it started (like normal I suppose) and during that time it tells me the length of the recording and the size the file takes up. Then, once the picture is finally up and says that it is recording, the timer and file size goes to zero, but there is a split second bit of footage between .20-.24 seconds long that will show up in the tray beneath, and that is all that happens. I really need help on how to fix this.
  8. I can't figure out how to enter my ISRC code. The instructions say to enter 2 letters for country, 3 letters for owner, 2 digits for year, 5 digits for serial number. That makes sense -- except that my owner code is a letter, a number, and a letter. Does Roxio actually insist on 3 letters? I've used my letter-number-letter code with Roxio's Windows-based software for years before switching to mac. I've tried both of these variations: USX9X1450000 and US-X9X-14-50000 (no, X9X is not my actual owner code, but that's the format) and neither works. Is this a Toast bug or am I missing something obvious? Kevin
  9. I have just upgraded to Mavericks 10.9.1 and installed the Toast 11.2 (3175) update. When I use the media browser I've noticed that when you preview audio files they will not play. In Toast 11.1 you got a ql manager window pop up and the audio played. In Toast 11.2 a small window pops up but it is blank and no audio plays. I have noticed that video files play okay. I have included a screenshot of what happens. I have tested 11.2 on a clean install of Mavericks 10.9.1 and Mountain Lion 10.8.5 and the same thing happened. I was just wondering if anyone else was having the same problem. I still have the 11.1 (1067) update on my computer. I was wondering if I installed this would it downgrade 11.2 to 11.1 okay or would it lead to problems. I also have the 11.1 application on another computer. If I moved the 11.2 one on Mavericks to trash and installed that would that work better. Many thanks for your help.
  10. Hi, I couldn't find the regular Game capture forum so I came to the HD Pro one. I have my Roxio Game Capture setup perfectly; Console component cable into PS3 and YPbPr in and Audio LR in, and the include cables going into my tv. The audio is going through my Turtle Beach cables too. The USB is going into my laptop, which ha the disc installed. Firstly, MY PS3 IS SHOWING UP DISCOLORED IN YPBPR. I don't know why, everything is setup fine; compared to YouTube. I have no component channel, so I used YPbPr, and tried on two different TVs. The issue is sill there. (See attached images) Secondly, THE CAPTURE SOFTWARE WILL NOT DETECT MY CARD Updated, everything, and it still says no signal and will not detect the card. Please help me if you can.
  11. My Game Capture Software crashes repeatedly. I have an HP, 2 gb of ram, I don't know my vdeo card or anything
  12. Here is my problem i have configured every thing correctly i used the ps3 guide in the printed manual and now i cannot record audio, video works fine, if i plug it straight into my tv it works normally (i have also noticed that i should have a device called Line in my recording devices menu even when i view disabled and unplugged devices).
  13. I have 4 mov files that I burned on a DVD. Once burn, the DVD starts the DVD reader (on my Mac) but the screen stays black. I have a Mac Pro with 10.7.5. When I put the DVD on a PC and tell it to open in Windows Media Player, it opens, but the main menu in not working. When I click on one of the 4 titles, it just alternate between full screen and the menu view. I have access to the files in the right column and they play when I click on them. In the menu in the right column, the DVD is named unknown DVD. I have Toast 11.1 Thanks for your help.
  14. I've noticed that the amount of combing present in my videos (I record in interlaced) seems to be correlated not with the frames at any given time of what is being recorded, but rather, the exact point of time I hit "capture". If I hit capture at X point of in game time (I'm using halo 4's theater mode for a slo mo vid), then nearly the whole video has interlacing artifacts. But if I start recording at Y point in time, the whole video has close to zero interlacing artifacts, even if both videos cover the same period of time/same footage. This is really annoying, as avidemux can't deinterlace the video without re-encoding it, which would mean visible compression, and though VLC does a great job of deinterlacing while viewing, I can't seem to figure out how to actually get it to deinterlace the file. (Save-convert works, but how do I select the type of deinterlace?). Attached are four images to show what I mean. Two have clearly visible combing, two do not, but each pair is taken at the same moment of in game time, same frame, just different starting points of the capture session. No difference in what's running on the computer, no deinterlacing, etc.
  15. I cannot find any way of emailing Roxio so I hope they read this forum. Toast 11: the number of copies popup when burning DVDs etc. does not work. It always used to work but now it's broken. Toast finishes after one burn no matter how many copies are requested. Also, it always struck me that Roxio was an upgrade-greedy company where there were precious few improvements but a lot of expensive upgrades. Here is one area where they could definitely improve the product: make it easy and obvious how to be able to set (1) the name of the disc when it mounts on the desktop (2) the name of the disk that appears as the main title on the menu (3) the name of the movie as it appears in the menu. At the moment it seems fairly random what appears where and I still haven't quite worked out how to do it.
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