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Found 5 results

  1. So i have a 2 screen setup (AOC 23 inch screens, both of them) And they both do run. I'm using them right now for livestreaming through an Open Broadcast Program. The hookup i had going was the standard. Computer <--HDMI and power cable -- > Roxio <---HDMI to DVI-D ---> Second Screen (AOC 23 inch screens are DVI D or VGA, not HDMI so i needed to get a "X to Y" cable for it. i have both an "HDMI to VGA" and "HDMI to DVI-D" and tried both.... to no avail. The graphics card i use is an Nvidia 970 GTX GEForce graphics card if this involves anything since some programs have problems with Nvidia. Also it is an I7 - 4790 Intel quad core 3.6 GHz processor 16gb ram SSD hard drive w/ 1 TB storage. The light on the roxio shows up blue for the HDMI and a purple roxio arrow light to show power. when hooked up, but doesn't show signal to the screen. (It's almost like the signal is 'lost' upon contacting the Roxio to go to the second screen.) Can someone assist me in figuring out this problem? I bought this bloody thing back in December in preparation for this computer (a custom built gaming rig purchased for almost 2 grand) And figured Roxio would be perfect for it. This really bothers me
  2. Honestly I would of thought better than this company saying they have a fantastic gaming capture this company are very lazy when it comes to fixing there own products literally have spent 3 months on trying to find out a way to stream this without the delay at all and picture on pc and tv are the same but delays. now before you say yeah it an be fix it cant because if I set the web cam or mic the same when I jump into a game... it delays the mic and game play I've spent the last 3 months trying to get this to work and there's no way in hell. I thrown mine away because i'm that anger with this so I hope I get banned and I don't care about the comments I hope these guys will get off there butt and do something to help other people...
  3. I recently got the regular game capture for christmas and tried using it for my xbox 360 for some odd reason its giving me flickering, audio glitches, and more and more problems every time i try to fix it. (IVE TRIED INSTALLING THE SERVICE PACK 1, BUT IT CANT "FIND THE ROXIO GAME CAPTURE PROGRAM".) images of setup/errors
  4. Hello, I am sorry if this is in the wrong place I am not very good with forums. OKAY So,I got my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro a few weeks ago and the software DOES NOT work. When ever I plug in my RGC HD Pro device into my laptop the software crashes when I press Capture. But when the RGC HD Pro isnt plugged into my Laptop the Capture mode DOES work. This is very frustrating and I have searched all over for solutions. After a while, I i just resorted to using another software... Could not find any others.I have countlessly uninstalled and re installed with and without firewall on. I have also repaired with and without firewall on I really want a solution and or another program that SHOULD work with the RGC HD Pro device. Please Help. I will post my Log Files if needed. If what I said makes not sense to you here is an example <3 RGC HD Pro is plugged in, Capture mode does NOT work RGC HD Pro is NOT plugged in, Capture mode DOES work
  5. Hello, I have just upgraded to Mavericks, and noticed something strange with Toast 11. While Toast still works for me, it's very, very slow. To convert a 27 minute video, it took me almost 3 hours! It's not a RAM problem, as I have 32Gb of ram, and have a Late 2012 iMac 27". Is there a fix for this, and is anyone else having the same problems? Thanks so much.
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