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Found 2 results

  1. I am using the Roxio VHS to DVD 3 Plus program to burn old family VHS tapes to DVD. I have used to program to save the VHS tapes onto my computer then going back and using the program to edit out bits of the video. I have used this program on my Toshiba Windows 10 computer as well as my Fujitsu Windows 8 computer when it no longer worked with the Toshiba. For some reason the program burns DVDs just fine for about a week, then it will no longer burn DVDs that will work in a DVD player. After each disk I burn, I check to make sure they work. I have used Sony as well as Verbatim DVD-R. Here are the steps that I use: 1. Open Roxio 2. Record, Edit, Save 3. Open the video I want to burn from what I had converted earlier 4. Trim the DVD if it needs it 5. Compress the Video 6. Burn to DVD Once it is done burning I check the dvd to make sure it works. I don't know why after it working so well that it will start spitting out dvds that give errors on my dvd players such as "cannot read" or "invalid district." I haven't done any updates, changes or anything to my computer. I have just been burning disks on it lately. I am not good with technology, so any help would be appreciated. I am getting sick of wasting disks when the don't work. All I want is to get this project of converting home videos to dvd done for my parents!
  2. After burning downloaded movies (Standard Format, not HD) from TIVO, when I try to view them on disc, they all become distorted and hung up around the 50-minute mark. Here are the steps I have taken to try to isolate the problem: 1. After playing the movie on my DVD player, and seeing it get distored and hung-up around 50 minutes into the film, I go back to my DVR and replay the movie to see if the original taping had any distortions. RESULTS: No distortions, films play cleanly on my television. 2. I then re-download the film to my two computers and play them there to see if there are any distortions that result from my downloading them from my TIVO DVR to my computer. RESULTS: No distortions, films play cleanly on my computer. 3. Since all films were coming out distorted, and at the same mark, I then installed Roxio Creator 2012 on my second computer, burned copies of these films on this computer as well. RESULTS: Same as the first computer, images of films get distored and the movies get hung up around the 50-minute mark. 4. I tried uninstalling, then reinstalling the program into the two computers. RESULTS: Same distortions occur at the same place as before. When ready to burn a movie, I always choose the 2-D/DVD/Standard Definition option, and I've used different DVD brands, though always get the same problem. I used to have an old version of a Roxio DVD burining software, and didn't have this problem on either computer, but the program was old and "wore out," the reason for my switch to Roxio Creator 2012. What would be creating this problem? It definitely has to do something with the software. If I need to reinstall the program and customize the download, what should I look for to resolve the problem? What other options should I consider when getting ready to burn a new DVD? It's been very, very frustrating, to say the least.. Thanks in advance for your attention and help to this matter.
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