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  1. I'm trying to burn 4-5gb .mov files (about 2 hrs long each) to 25gb blu-ray discs. At first, I put about 18gb of files onto one project and Toast showed remaining space. It encoded for hours, then gave me an error that the project didn't fit by a few megabytes... So I removed the files off the project one by one, until I had ONE file that was taking up 16gb on the disc. Why is Toast blowing up a 4gb file to 16gb? I thought a 4gb file should take up exactly 4gb of space on the disc.
  2. I'm having an issue where I get the "Could not complete because of MacOS error 1310" message when trying to burn DVD's or even save them as a disc image. This has been going on for about a year since upgrading to Toast 18 with no resolution from Corel/Roxio. I have a project file (.disc file) that I desperately need to have burned (or at least saved as a disc image so I can burn it through MacOS directly). Is there anyone who has a WORKING copy of Toast who would be willing to save my project as an image file (.toast or .iso) and send it back to me? WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT. THANKS!!!
  3. I just spent a lot of time putting a photoshow together with Roxio 6 on W10 pro. When it came time to burn to DVD all I got was the music selection but no images were burned. I've done many other photoshows before and never had this problem. Anyone out there that had this same problem and if so were you able to fix it? Thanks for any help. It will be greatly appreciated.
  4. When burning large amounts of data, I like to split the data up into DVD sized folders to avoid the wasted space when creating "multiple disc" burns in Toast. If I do a get info on my burn folder, the computer thinks its 4.4GB, but when I drop it in Toast, it usually burns a disc with data about 4.0-4.1 GB in size. Which means I'm wasting space, unless I waste hours trying to add more files to fill the space on each disc. Can someone explain why my files are changing sizes when I add them to Toast, and what I could use besides "get info" to determine the file size of my burn folders that would match what Toast thinks these files actually are?
  5. I was burning disks (CD, DVD and DVD Dual Layer) without any issues. I bought the Blue-Ray plug-in and that worked too. Then there was a critical patch that got install in the last couple of weeks. Now I get error burning, I went to software rendering and I don't get any errors burning, but nothing other than single layer DVD seems to work so far in my Sony Blue-Ray players. So far everything I do doesn't work anywhere if it gets an error, but if there is no error it doesn't work in the TV players, but does work with WinDVD. Anyone else had similar experiences? Its starting to get expensive trying different things with the Dual layer disks and I don't even want to start experimenting with the BD disks.
  6. I can successfully load a jpg into the customized menu by the drag and drop method. When I burn the HD DVD I get a black background and a black box with the highlight color I selected green but I get yellow (the default). Not even the name of the disk I gave it (Text color Red). What am I doing wrong? I am using a MacPro (early 2009).
  7. I'm going to buy a Pioneer BDR-XD05 for burning bdxl 100gb and 128gb optical disks. Sort of a supplemental backup method to my current backup scheme of using sata hard drives. I don't really watch movies or do activities that NXT4 is aimed for, but I use the older RecordNow and Roxio emails a lot of NXT promos to me. From the NXT pr pages, it seems 50gb is the limit for burning. Is that really it? No bdxl 100gb + ?. I'll probably test 250gb media when it arrives as well. There are a couple of software programs that do bdxl burns, but just checking here first so that I can stay with Roxio products if possible. I'm on Windows 10 Pro as well as Win 7 Pro. No win8, Thanks!
  8. I have tried burning an iMovie that I saved onto the desktop on my Mac. The first copy came out fine, but when I went to do a second copy (yes, I am THAT mother that fears one will stop working and then those memories will be lost forever), I have gone through 5 discs with the following error message: "The drive reported an error: Sense Key = ILLEGAL REQUEST, Sense Code = 0x21, 0x02. BUFFER UNDERRUN." I am new to using this, and am very frustrated. What am I doing wrong? How do I get this to work? Also, I did restart the computer and the program in between. I am using an Apple SuperDrive to burn it. Please help!!!
  9. can this program burn mp4 format video files to a dvd & the dvd will play in dvd players? and can this program allow you to create/customize your own menus? I've been searching for months for a program to do these things. Bought 2 and got "took" because in the end they wouldn't burn anything to a dvd disc; luckily I was able to get my money back. but before I spend any more money I need to know this program will do what I want.
  10. HI! People. Just last Saturday I bought a new laptop and installed creator NXT3 pro. I put together a family movie consisting of around 50 mins of footage, and a couple of audio tracks. When I come to burn the dvd I click on the red burn button and it goes to the disk section then re-starts my laptop. I have managed to burn one disk in around ten attempts. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Chris Edge
  11. Hi, I'm new to Toast. I'm just trying to create a dvd-video suitable for any dvd player with high quality rendition. I realize that if I choose DVD-Video format in Toast 12 the only possible encoding is MPEG-2. If I would like to use MPEG-4 in order to get a higher quality compression, I have to set the format "High Definition DVD". But this format is made only for Blu-Ray players. is it right? So, my question is: how do i get the best possible quality (considering my needs, to watch my dvd on TV)? Any other software (even iDVD) allows MPEG-4 encoding to create a DVD. I'm really confused.
  12. Hello, and thanks for reading this.... I just purchased NXT 3 and have tried 3 times to burn a dvd for a client. None of the dvd's will play on my tv. I'm using Memorex 'Printable' dvd's that I KNOW work on my tv, I've used them before. I'm using Premiere Pro CC 2014 to create the video, and Encore CC 2014 to make the .mov file. I then load that into NXT 3 and try to burn a dvd. There ate no instructions, so I just guess at what to do, but it all seems to work just fine. It burns a dvd fine, but the dvd only plays on my computer. It will not play on my tv. The Sony blue ray player jsut says "bad disk". Can anyone please tell me if there are basic instructions on the site nor newbees. It's NOT that tivial to use for the first time. Thanks a million.... Richard
  13. For some reason when I am burning a dvd, i keep on getting stuck at this point where it says, "Writing Lead-in......................This may take longtime. Please ensure your Mac does not go to sleep" it remains at 0% for hours. is there anyone out there that understands what may be the issue here
  14. I've been burning DVDs with this program and it was working perfectly until one day it started burning the DVDs with the audio out of Sync with the video. Does anyone know what can be causing this problem?
  15. I have created a DVD with menus & lots of videos on it,using Roxio Creator NXT 2, I go to burn it & it stops at 97%, so I click cancel & it plays fine. I have also created a DVD with menus & slide shows on it, I go to burn it & it again stops at 97%, so I click cancel, but it doesn't play this time, it just says it's a data disc . I create an ISO file of the project, burn it, same thing happens, data disk. Please, I need help with all of this, thanks loads in advance
  16. When burning a DVD with video clips originally formatted PAL, Toast seems to have no problem converting them to the NTSC standard. However if I have several clips which are mixed NTSC and PAL I get the following message: "You are about to create a disc with mixed PAL and NTSC content. Are you sure you want to do this? Discs with mixed content may not play on all players." This makes me assume that the PAL clips will not not be reformatted if there are already NTSC files in the group. Is this so? If yes, is there a workaround to get all clips onto a single DVD that will play NTSC? Thank you.
  17. Hey there, First I would like to say if this is in the wrong section, please feel free to reallocate or tell me where this should be posted as I am unsure. I would like to know if Roxio Creator DE would store information locally on the hard drive if a copy cd to cd was performed from external to internal. I work with an enterprise group and currently we have data that show not have been copied on the PC that uses Roxio. In doing so we need to know if the information was stored on the local hard-drive on just on the burners (how roxio stores the information to be written). I would really appreciate a quick responce and would like to thank you for your time.
  18. Can you burn to 2 or more drives at the same time in NXT as you could in previous versions?
  19. KIMusic11

    Drive Error

    I have Popcorn 2 (2.0.2). I'm running it on a MacBook Pro with Mac OSX 10.6.8. (Snow Leaopard). Every time I attempt to burn a DVD, whether the source is from an actual DVD, a disc image, or Video_TS folder it always fails. A window pops up that says the following: The drive reported and error: Sense Key = ABORTED COMMAND Sense Code = 0x4E OVERLAPPED COMMANDS ATTEMPTED Can anyone please help me resolve this issue? Regards, Kevin
  20. Hey everyone, Usually I burn my movies via Toast Titanium 11 but I decided to burn my audio music as well. The other day I am trying to burn a cd with multiple folders/playlists but I can't seem to arrange them in the order I want them to play, instead Roxio orders both my folders/playlists as well as the music in the folders in reverse alphabetical order. Is there any way to resolve this issue or is this how the way it functions? Thanks!
  21. I have tried several times over the last few weeks to burn a CD. it goes through all the motions, and says it completed but when I check the CD has not burnt. I can burn DVDS using another program and it works fine.
  22. sojo1991

    Dvd Not Burning?

    Hi, My office has recently purchased a LaCie BluRay/DVD player/burner and with it came Toast11. We are trying to burn a regular DVD on Toast 11 but it crashes whenever we attempt to do so. It allows us to set up, choose all settings etc, but when it comes to actually burning it fails. We click the 'burn' button, and a new window opens with a progress bar. At the bottom of this it says 'complete' - and the progress bar doesn't move. Shortly after, the window saying toast has unexpectedly quit pops up and we try again. The computer then registers that we have inserted a blank DVD. Are we doing something wrong? It seems like the computer itself (brand spankig new iMac) is speaking to the LaCie very well, but the communication falters with toast. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Sophy.
  23. I haven't burned a disc or had to convert in a long time. I usually stream now through apple tv. I converted a movie to ipod/iphone which took nearly a day and a half. Now I am just tyring to burn a normal video to dvd for playing in a dvd player and the slow snail process has begun again. It says it's encoding but has done 2% in about 30 minutes. I know this is not normal since the process use to take about an hour total... What has happened? Is it something I've done or just the program itself? Please help
  24. I have a 4 min film and it's taking over an hour to "prepare". My macbook pro is a 13" and was just for diagnostics and everything is fine. I burned the same film before it took less than 15 min. Why is this now a problem. It's the same film. This is ridculous! Should I return this program. It's done nothing but give me problems. Even though it burnt my film beofre the quality was horrible and I also got error messages and the film was skipping all over the place. What's up this program?
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