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Found 12 results

  1. Jai1

    How To Setup The Video Buttons

    I am using Toast Titanium pro 15 and want to make video button but it’s displaying 1 video button before showing the other page on the menu bar. How can I get rid of the first button. I just want to have 6-7 chapters straight on the menu when I insert the disc. I just want to access the second window directly. Here are the pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gc82r8z4zsr6j1h/AACRIM3moR7E9O0P77gADT-Oa?dl=0 Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm working on a DVD project that divides two movies into eight chapters each. Is there a way to structure the menu so that viewers can choose any of the following -- Play one of the movies in full without selecting a chapter Play both movies in full without selecting a chapter Select and play from a chapter menu as usual
  3. smoothsailing

    Dvd Chapters Dont Exist Or Crash

    I have toast 15 titanium running on a mac powerbook 3.1 ghz i7 with 16 GB if RAM, running el capitan, using a superdrive. I want to add chapters to the dvd I am making from old VHS tapes I imported using vidbox. first I tried making chapters in iMovie, and then burning with "automatic chapters" selected, but while the dvd played, there were no chapters, just the text I added. then I used slice to make mp4 chapters, but Ive tried twice to make a dvd using MyDVD, sometimes the menu works, sometimes not, and while 1 or 2 chapters play, the disc crashes and is unable to be read. I am not happy with this $100 product
  4. loujudson

    How To Place Chapters In Dvd

    I have six pieces recorded in concert, each is a quicktime .MOV file. I was to put them on a DVD so that each piece is a chapter. Hoiw can I do that?
  5. Clifford-REDDOG

    Renaming Chapters

    With the demise of iDVD and the inability to add Chapters (a.k.a, "scenes") in iMovie, TOAST is the premier DVD creating/burning application. Is it possible in Toast 12.0.1 to rename the Chapter titles from "Chapter 0", "1", "2", etc. to something more descriptive?
  6. ditto

    Laser Disc To Dvd

    I am trying to transfer all my "Laserdiscs" to newer DVD media. Has anyone else tried this before? Can "Toast" create "chapters" in order to record? All help would be grately appreciated. Thank you so much in advace for your help and interes. Ditto
  7. I'm glad to be here because Roxio/Corel doesn't seem very helpful. I've created a project in fcpx consisting of 13 clips (intro, 11 songs, credits). I've sent it to compressor then brought it into toast ll with the blu ray plug in. I've done this a few different ways (tried whole project with chapter markers and tried individual clips with titles) following a lot of people's suggestions and tutorial instruction but I cannot hear the audio in toast playback to help me place chapter markers and the chapter markers/titles I thought I could import are not correctly placed. (The audio is fine on the blu ray disc I made.) Can anyone give me a workflow for this? My media out of compressor is h.264 and ac3. I can produce a great blu ray right out of fcpx but I want a better menu. I thought I could get there with toast. Thanks in advance.
  8. Just reaching out to see if anyone else has this issue. I created chapters in my project using the "Generate chapter...." select box. After this is complete, when I try to rename my chapter from "1" to an actual usable name, the software just sits and goes into "(Not Responding)" mode. I have restarted my PC to see if that would clear it up, no such luck. I purchased the software - so it was not a "throw in" with another purchase. I am running Windows 7 Home Version, 6GB of RAM and a 3.3 GHz processor. Can't imagine that is not enough to rename my chapters. This product is very frustrating as I have had a few issues with it. Any help, tips, etc would be great. Thanks!
  9. whowa54

    Chapters On Toast 11

    Hello, I'm new to toast. I'm trying to add chapters to my movie imported from fcp7. When I select a menu for example "Roses 16x9", I manually added chapter markers and i selected the frame to appear on the menu. That I can do and I can understand it. I don't see a "Play" button on the menu. Is this possible? The picture I uploaded can be clicked on from the DVD player, but it goes to the next screen with my manual chapter markers. I can click on the first chapter which plays the movie, but I'd like to be able to play the movie from the menu screen. Does toast have an option to play the movie from the menu screen and select chapters from the menu screen?
  10. Hi all, I am using Roxio Toast 11 to add chapters and a menu to an .mp4 video file. However, I am not physically burning the DVDs myself, I need to send a converted file to an outside company because we are burning over 200 DVDs. My question is, will the file I send contain chapters / a DVD menu? Thanks in advance for the help!
  11. oshattuck


    Anyone know if Easy VHS to DVD 3 supports adding chapter markers? I'm not seeing that option anywhere, but thought I would ask in case I'm missing something.
  12. Schuney

    Chapters From Final Cut 7

    Hi: I've exported from Final Cut 7 in Bluray (264). There are chapters on my Final Cut timeline, but they weren't picked up by Toast Titanium 11. I know I've done this successfully before but can't remember how to get my chapters recognized. Help appreciated. Schuney