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Found 2 results

  1. I just recently bought my Roxio Game Capture Pro HD, but I have already used it multiple times with my Xbox 360 through HDMI in and out. I decided to try out my Wii (Component cables). Everything is fine when it is plugged into the TV, and even when it is going through the capture card and into the TV, the TV side looks fine. But on the PC end the colors are off, and there is that blue bar at the bottom. I don't know what is causing it since, as I said, the feed on the TV is perfectly fine. Anyone have any ideas? Here is what I see:
  2. Hi all, first time post here. So I've been using Roxio for a few months now and it works great except that when I connect it my image becomes dark and washed out. I'm using a Win7 computer with Roxio GameCap HD. My Xbox is connected via component... here's where it might get a bit jumbled so I'll try and explain it as best I can. My tv is mounted to my wall and is an LG 3dtv that is extremely flat and therefore very difficult to be changing the cables every time I use it.. Now I solved my problem by buying an extra component cable which I'd need anyway. I also bought a coupler, both for component and rca. To give you an idea, this is the kind of thing I'm talking about. I have my cables that are going into my TV act as my Roxio output. (They're male-to-male cables) When I have my Xbox connected via my couplers, my display is find and sounds fine. When I connect to Roxio, the colors become washed out and desaturated. There's also a slight static sound, very low though. To illustrate further, this is my setup Roxio: Xbox wires>coupler>component input to tv. With it, it's the same except I remve the coupler and add Roxio in between. Any idea on how I can fix the colors? That's my main issue. Also,the colors issue is also recorded in Roxio so I know it's not my cables.
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