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Found 3 results

  1. Someone

    Colour Distortion

    Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. Win10Pro i3 processor Intel HD Graphics I have color distortion on the Onscreen monitor/recording window image. Goes for every VHS videos. I played a VHS video in my old WINXP machine using Plextor digital converter, and the picture there is just beautiful. It is actually more clearer and cripsier than on the TV screen. But, but.. I can't record in that software. "Record error" it says. And since my EVD3 license is for one computer, I probably can't install it on the other computer. Have tried other VHS recording software like AVS video recorder, Golden Videos VHS to DVD Converter and Veedub64. No difference. Ran off and bougt me a new cable. Scart connection on the VCR side and S-Video on the USB dongle side. The result was even worse. I'm located in Europe and using the PAL system, though my VCR also handles the NTSC system. Anyone any clue? Thanks for your attention! --
  2. Hi guys, i just got my first cap card from roxio, but i have a bit of a problem. When i use the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro as a passthrough, the colors changes on my pc screen. I am capturing the main monitor of my pc and are running all through HDMI. HDMI GFX card -> Roxio Game Capture HD Pro -> PC Monitor. I don't think i'm doing anything wrong with the setup, but the colors are different when i use the passthrough. It is like they get all kind of blury. Can give you an example:
  3. ThatOneGuyWithThatOneThing

    Picture Trouble...

    So I got a Roxio game capture HD pro for Christmas and ever since i tried setting it up i have been having problems... First: I am trying to record my PS2/PS3 i have tried and both have the same problem. the problem being that when i use: component -> device -> component -> TV the image on my TV come out very dark making it almost impossible to see what i'm doing when i play games but when i use: Component -> device -> HDMI -> TV the colouring is wrong. however in both cases on PC in the preview box it is completely normal. Second: I record a few levels of 'Crash bandicoot' from my ps2 and the video appears to shake and flicker(i dont know if this is because its an old game) but it only shakes when crash moves or there's an object that moves in the screen (it does not shake in the game only the video). Third: In the software when i go to the options the only resolution i can get is 576i, this is for my PS2 and PS3. i bought a set of speedlink component cables off of 'Play.com' to try to get a better quality video however i do not know how well this will work. Additional information: I am using an LG TV which is 720p I am using windows 8 on my PC the component cables i am using are: http://www.play.com/Games/PlayStation3/4-/3326138/557968176/Sony-PS3-Component-AV-Cable/ListingDetails.html if video/photos are needed i can provide. as a last thought if there is no way to fix any of these (which is very, very, very unlikely) is it possible to get a refund? Any help will be appreciated thanks in advance.