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Found 21 results

  1. Wondering to connect a VHS player to the RGC HD pro. I get more information throught wikipedia on RGB component, and now I need more information about component input of the RGC HD Pro: as the scart output of VCRs can have RGBS output, with a fourth cable just for sync, where does the Roxio expect the sync? Is it expecting in the green (is it a RGsB?) thanks
  2. Mawss

    Dv To Roxio Cap

    Ok so i want to convert my DV Tape footage from my camcorder to my computer, i have a fire wire and firecard but i seem to get a better response from putting the AV cable into the cam and the component into the Roxio and using the usb wire to convent, however that works all fine i see the video on 'Capture' however, its in black and white, the sound is perfect but the video is in black and white, the orginal video on the cam is in colour and when i play it it shows on the display as coloured. Quality is good but again only in black and white. I've tried puting the Yellow component in all 3 holes and only the one on the far left works with video. Please help, Thanks.
  3. So I was wandering, if i connect my PS3 to Roxio Game Capture HD Pro using component wire (red,blue,green,white) can i connect to my HD PC moniter using a HDMI wire. S0 basiccaly PS3 Component wires 2 Roxio - Roxio HDMI - PC moniter. Think the - as if it is the wires
  4. I just recently bought my Roxio Game Capture Pro HD, but I have already used it multiple times with my Xbox 360 through HDMI in and out. I decided to try out my Wii (Component cables). Everything is fine when it is plugged into the TV, and even when it is going through the capture card and into the TV, the TV side looks fine. But on the PC end the colors are off, and there is that blue bar at the bottom. I don't know what is causing it since, as I said, the feed on the TV is perfectly fine. Anyone have any ideas? Here is what I see:
  5. Hey, first post! I'm having an issue with my Roxio Game Capture when I try to stream with my PS4. I set it up and in the first moment everything looks like it's gonna be great and it's connected when out of nowhere it switches to component cables and the screen in the program turns blue and it tells me "no signal." It even jumps back and forth from HDMI to component so it shows me what's playing on my PS4 for a moment before jumping back to the blue screen again. Sometimes it still says it's still on HDMI but still switches back and forth rapidly from "ready" to "no signal" Random info that may prove useful: I am 99% sure that I have everything connected properly. I've done loads of streams before, but have never attempted it with my PS4 until today. I am using HDMI cables, not component cables. My laptop is surprisingly heavy duty and has little to no problem streaming before. It's never gotten overheated or anything like that either. I have tried different HDMI cords to make sure they're not the problem. Thank you for any help!!!
  6. KamaK

    Recording In 480P/i

    I'm wondering if this will work, seeing as some might have tried this. I want to record in 480p from my console(Xbox 360) as my old TV only supports that. I'm getting a new obviously for the time being I was wondering I can set my console to 480p on my system settings and my Roxio HD Pro would record that? I haven't received my capture card yet but I was just thinking ahead.
  7. Okay, so my issue is more of a complicated one. I just got around to using my Game Cap Pro after letting sit around for a few months but I can't get it working. I've got a pair of HDMI cables and and a pair of composite cables. Obviously I use the HDMI cables to connect my TV and PC, which works fine but I can't get the composite cables to work. The Roxio Game Cap Pro uses component cables, but I don't and can't get those. To substitute, I plug the red and the white into their normal places and the yellow into the green while plugging the other end into my PS3. Here's where the issue comes in: All I get when I do this is a blue screen. I have the input on the software set to HDMI and I get no signal. The problem isn't that my TV is old either, it's actually brand new. So is it possible to fix this issue or am I going to wait until I can get the component cables?
  8. Hi, Im having trouble setting up my Roxio HD Pro. I have a PS3 and a LG HD LED TV 24" and I have component cables and 2 hdmi cords. I followed all of the videos on YouTube and they didnt seem to work I either got a no signal or black or blue screen. I have my roxio plugged into my computer and I have the component cables in the input slots of the Roxio. I then have a HDMI cord in the output slot on the back of the roxio and it is plugged into my tv. My tv is on the HDMI channel. when I put everything in and switch to the component settings on the ps3 it will say connecting but then it says no signal. when i look at my roxio, it keeps switching from HDMI to component on my roxio but not the software. I have the software open and i have the source on Roxio HD Pro and the input to Component. I dont know why but when i do what they say to do in the videos, my screen blue then turns black then its blue in the middle and black everywheree else. Please Help. My software is fine im sure and my roxio is in my device manager, please help.
  9. Hello, I'm having and issue with the audio output of the RGC device, I'm using the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. I'm using a PC as the footage source, the video card is outputing the same signal thourg two sockets, VGA goes directly to my monitor, and HDMI goes to the RGC HD Pro. The usb cable of the RGC goes to a second computer which I use to record. The issue I'm having is with the Component outputs of the RGC device, they don't seem to be working, the two sound output to be precise. The recording on the second PC works perfect, I get audio and image, so the HDMI is working, and the RGC is recieving both signals, but I'm trying to use the component out of the Roxio device to get the sound to my speakers (Since the VGA does not reproduce audio, and if I send the audio throught anything other than the HDMI then the RGC device would not get it and the recording would be silent), and nothing seems to be coming out of them. I don't have a screen with component in to test if the video is being transmited. Could this be a hardware issue? or am I setting something up the wrong way? I know it's a complicated setup, but it's all I have :/ Sorry I posted this as a response in another thread and I thought maybe no one would see it, so I started a new thread... Thanks in advance!
  10. Ok I just took the GCP outta the box. Plugged all cables in correctly. Also installed software onto computer. I can get a video and sound signal on the tv. But the Roxio software doesn't see the GCP. My Xbox uses component cables (Old Pro System). So i don't have the option to use HDMI.
  11. Ok so when I have a 'Roxio Game capture HD pro' and I have some Playstation component cables. http://goo.gl/JeibS7 - the cables I use My PS3 setup is as follows: Playstation 3 --> Component cables (input) --> Roxio --> HDMI (output) --> HDMI switch box (output) --> Monitor/TV My PS2 setup is: Playstation 2 --> Component cables (input) --> Roxio --> Component cables (output) --> TV With the PS2 setup the image comes out very dark (image attached). I have also attempted to output in HDMI which does not output a dark image but a box appears in the middle of the screen (also attached as an image). If I connect the PS2 directly to the TV through component it works with full colour, and I can also output my PS3 through component (through the Roxio device) and have no problems it is only when I attempt to output the PS2 does it go dark. Notes: In the Roxio software the PS2 image comes out in full colour. I have also tried it without the switch box but i get the same result (box appears). I have also tried to try HDMI --> TV, but i get a purple image. I have also tried to fix the image using my TVs setting but I can't fix it.
  12. Hello, firstly i am pleased with the capture quality (even though there is interference from my component cables - ps3 set-up) A kind of "ghosting" or faint wavy lines on the screen, but despite these problems i have found that less than 50% of the time the capture software actually works and completely crashes my pc.(intel core 2 duo running windows 7 32 bit. I think it urgently needs to be patched and sorted out as the capture quality is really good and a shame that the software included is really unstable.
  13. This seems to happen quite a lot i'll be recording gameplay. When i record gameplay i often play for like 2 hours at a time and the resolution always changes! it goes from 720p to 480p and this happens on both Playstation 3 (component) and Xbox (HDMI). Notes: - i have limited space usually about 20GB - i always forget to check the resolution and i don't see why i should have to 1) how do i fix this? 2) why does it do this?
  14. So I got a Roxio game capture HD pro for Christmas and ever since i tried setting it up i have been having problems... First: I am trying to record my PS2/PS3 i have tried and both have the same problem. the problem being that when i use: component -> device -> component -> TV the image on my TV come out very dark making it almost impossible to see what i'm doing when i play games but when i use: Component -> device -> HDMI -> TV the colouring is wrong. however in both cases on PC in the preview box it is completely normal. Second: I record a few levels of 'Crash bandicoot' from my ps2 and the video appears to shake and flicker(i dont know if this is because its an old game) but it only shakes when crash moves or there's an object that moves in the screen (it does not shake in the game only the video). Third: In the software when i go to the options the only resolution i can get is 576i, this is for my PS2 and PS3. i bought a set of speedlink component cables off of 'Play.com' to try to get a better quality video however i do not know how well this will work. Additional information: I am using an LG TV which is 720p I am using windows 8 on my PC the component cables i am using are: http://www.play.com/Games/PlayStation3/4-/3326138/557968176/Sony-PS3-Component-AV-Cable/ListingDetails.html if video/photos are needed i can provide. as a last thought if there is no way to fix any of these (which is very, very, very unlikely) is it possible to get a refund? Any help will be appreciated thanks in advance.
  15. hi, my capture software is working fine, but when i plug in the roxio it says no signal! can anyone help?? my xbox is set to 1080i already my cables are on hdtv, my xbox component cables are in the out section, my drivers say they are working fine!, i dont know what to do!
  16. I just got my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Yesterday and was trying to install it. I read the manuals and watched the Youtube videos to see how to set it up. I connected everything together but there is a problem. The video and audio is showing up on my laptop in 1080 but there is no output on my Roxio (TV displays "No Signal"). I tried using HDMI and Component for the output and also the input. Right now my, the Xbox and Roxio are connected via HDMI. The light on my Roxio is on HDMI and i checked the settings in the software. Is my Roxio broken? My TV is a VIZIO 32” Class LCD TV Model: E321VL And Laptop is Dell Inspiron N411Z With i5 2.5GHz CPU, 8 GB Ram, 64 Bit operating system.
  17. I have an Input of a HDMI signal (Xbox -> HDMI -> Roxio) but there is no output (Roxio -> Component Cable -> TV. I have read the sides and I know which side is which. Can the wires not cross?
  18. I recently bought a component cable to use my roxio on the ps3, the PS3 doesn't recognise it. What am I doing wrong? The TV just goes blank.........
  19. Hi, all. I just got my Roxio Regular Game Capture Card today. I downloaded the software, and plugged all the cables into thier according places. I normaly play on composite input, but when I plug all cables in, I can only do component (Which I know is the right input to record on). I have an HDtv, and my Hd cable is set to HD and NOT "TV". When I plug all my cables into composite plugs and turn on my xbox, the color is fine, but for some reason my component input is discolored. Am I missing a cable? (Roxio does show and record my gameplay properly, BUT component input is discolored and just doesnt look right. And regular TV and composite look fine.) Thanks.
  20. So, i Bought Roxio Gamecap. I waited for about 1 week to get the component cable. When i finally got one, It didnt work. I cant change the output mode mode to component on my ps3. Therefore i wonder if i got the wrong cable. Instead of being: Green, Blue, Red, White, Red. It is: Green, blue, red, white, red, yellow. There is an exstra yellow cable on mine. IS it the wrong cable? Please help me?
  21. Hi all, im new to this site but I'm pretty familiar with the Roxio Game Capture device as i have been using it for a while now. I was just looking for a little info on something that i would like to try with the Roxio. I am thinking about going from a TV (with component connections) to a gaming monitor (without component connections but with HDMI) but i would like to continue using my Roxio as I am only a small time Youtube channel and i dont want to spend loads of money on it to go HD. What i was thinking is to buy a component to HDMI cable but im not sure if it will work, the link for the cable is as follows; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261073247641?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 After thinking about it for quite some time i cant see that there would be any problems but i wanted to get your guys/gals thoughts on this or if any of you have done this yourself and have first hand experience then that would be even better. Thanks for taking the time to look at this and i look forward to hearing from any of you shortly -Camron
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