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Found 9 results

  1. Specs of my computer, copied from the systems property: Hewlett-Packard Company HP Compaq dc 7800p Small Form Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz 1.98GHz, 1.95GB of RAM (apparently it's over 2, but it doesn't say that) My problem is that when I plug in my Roxio Game Capture HD into to my computer it will work for about a minute and then my computer will crash and restart, it usually crashes when I start loading a game, but it can record the xbox home menu. Does anyone know why this is happening and can help me? Side Note: I also connect my roxio to my computer with a 49ft usb cable because my computer is far away from my xbox.
  2. Manufacturer: Alienware Model: Alienware AREA51_R2 Intel i7 Core 5820 CPU NIVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 x2 16GB RAM 64bit OS Win8 Okay, these problems have been going on since I got this new computer. I'd upload screenshots but I have no idea where to do so that is still free and doesn't require an account. I have reinstalled and repaired the program numerous times after looking at some of the topics on the forum and yet it still does not change anything. What happens is when I attempt to run the Roxio through a component cable to my PS3 the device says ready and the buttons are lit up yet there is no preview video or audio. Pressing any of the colored buttons causes it to freeze and crash. The PC problem might be a simpler issue. I can only seem to get footage of the raw desktop and none of the games I try to run. I am connecting the Roxio to my PC via a HDMI cable. Also, I do have it set up so that my TV monitor is the computer screen; also using an HDMI cable. Yet this shouldn't be an issue if they are both coming from the same place; Xsplit does the same thing and it gets footage easily enough. There is no audio from the games either (even though I hear it on the desktop); is it because I am running the games in fullscreen? Then shouldn't it record the whole screen? I will try one of the games in windowed mode to see if it may be that but I don't think it is. This time the device does record, it just records the desktop despite me playing games while it is recording. I played a game and tested it out a few seconds ago and it just shows the desktop, the game's icon running in the taskbar, with none of the game audio.
  3. So after the toshiba laptop topic i was trying to find better laptops becaue integrated hd graphics wasnt really good considering its something to do with graphics i want them to be good so i found 2 more laptops plz tell me which one would be better for recording with the roxio hd pro and also editing and rendering! Acer E5-511 Intel® Celeron® 4Gb RAM, 500Gb Hard Drive, Wi-Fi, 15.6 inch Laptop with Optional Microsoft Office 365 Personal - Black Specs : Intel® Celeron® N2830 Processor 4Gb Memory 500Gb storage Windows 8.1 with Bing 15.6 inch HD 1366 x 768 resolution, high-brightness Acer CineCrystal LED-backlit DVD Wi-Fi Bluetooth® 4.0 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN Webcam FineTip keyboard Ports- USB 2.0 port x2, Kensington lock slot, SD card reader 10 DC-in jack for AC adapter Headphone/speaker jack, USB 3.0 port, HDMI port with HDCP support Dimensions: H 24.15/27.15, W 381.6, D 258 mm Weight: 2.4kg Prize : £230 Asus Intel Core i3 Processor, 4Gb Memory, 500Gb Storage, Wifi, 15.6 inch, Laptop - Black Specs : Intel Core i3 3217 (U) Processor 4Gb memory 500Gb storage Windows 8 15.6 inch screen DVD WiFi H 28, W 75, D 40 cm These are all the specs very listed not much is there ? PRIZE : £350 PLZ Let me choose
  4. The Resolution is correct and everything I have my computer running an HDMI out into the Gamecap and then into my monitor with the other end like normal and the USB in my laptop now if I remove the Gamecap and just use 1 HDMI cable it works fine through HDMI and I have also Set it up the same way on my brothers computer (whIch is about a 1000$ pc) and it works. So could this be because my Graphics card is not pushing hard enough through the HDMI or that the card is messing with the signal? please help and yes i realize i spelled of wrong sorry!
  5. Okay so here's the deal. I've been using the game capture software for several months, an its worked well! Then, When i restart my computer, on startup it crashes. I had to do a system repair. Since then, The software freezes when i start it up. Heres a list of things ive tried. Uninstalling and reinstalling. Getting the service pack Unplugging the usb, and then starting up. The software works, But when i plug the usb back in, it doesnt read it. Using amarectv, i made sure that it wasn't the roxio hardware that was the problem, sound and video comes out clear on amarectv Will somebody help me?
  6. I have the Roxio Game Capture standard (considering i have a standard TV,) And havent used it in several days, and when I started it up, It froze my computer. I uninstalled it, Reinstalled it, and am having the same problem. To make sure my Game capture was working, I opened up amarectv and it worked fine. Have any of you experienced computer crashes/freezes when opening the software? I can open up the general software, but when i open up capture, It freezes up.
  7. Hi there, I'm new to the forums, but I have had my Roxio GameCap HD Pro since last Christmas. I've recorded plenty of videos from my Xbox console, and have had zero audio problems with the captured footage. However, I've begun recording footage from my PC games, and have noticed that there is no, what I like to call "internal sound" coming from the footage. All you can hear is the speakers playing into my external microphone. Is there a way to record the internal PC sound from the Roxio? Thanks for input. Also, another issue I'd like to ask for advice on, without starting a new thread, is the capture quality of my PC. When I record from my Xbox, I can get crystal clear 1080p video, but when I record my PC the video resolution is a lot sloppier. It seems as though it records in closer to 480p. Thanks again! Dave
  8. I'm in the market for a new desktop. My old laptop simply isn't cutting it. However, I really do want to consider Roxio in my selection, so could anyone suggest any specs or even computers that would record in flawless 1080P? Thanks for the help.
  9. I don't know the requirements can someone tell me if my laptop will allow Roxio to run. This is my laptop information: Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory: 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB Software: OS X 10.8 But I also have windows 7.
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