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  1. Hi all, Bought a bridge device to capture video from my old Sony VX2100. The specs indicated that it would output to an MPEG 2 format. The bridge device (Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1955) actually outputs to a .ts file extension that the NXT Pro 4 editing suite doesn't seem to recognize. I tried the Copy and Convert function for the first time, pulled up the file in the left panel, then selected "Video" on the right panel. This converted the file to a .vcpf format, which still wasn't recognized by NXT Pro 4. Couldn't find anything in the archives on what to do. All help appreciated.
  2. About 1/2 of the time when I CONVERT to MP4 or BURN it never makes it to 100%.. Any suggestions? I am converting .tivo files into mp4 and then burn on dvd. Seems like if I do not refresh the Finder directory it never makes it past 100%.... Any suggestions?
  3. Playback of an DVD to MP4 files from copy & convert stops playing after 1 min. or so. This happens on multiple converted files. Rendered files are a little over 2 GB and constant over various player programs. Video converter settings: h.264, HD 1080 (1920x1080), 30 fps, 8000 kbps.
  4. I'm trying to convert a super old file the has a file extension of .dvd. I'd like to convert it to use on quicktime, tv, apple mac, etc. Is there an easy way to do it? I don't mind paying for a program to do it. It's a DVD that I really need to get the pictures and the music from. I've tried a bunch of different conversion software programs but none of them recogize the .dvd extension. All help is appreciated. I'm using an iMac and have switched to all Apple hardware. HELP! Thank you very much, Katherine
  5. Just updated all my hardware, so bought Creator Pro3. System is running on Windows 8.1. The capture works great, but now I want to add the guitar lessons from U-Tube onto my iPad. The old Creator program on the old laptop did this no problem, this latest version not so well. Attached are 3 photos: 1. It shows the captured videos installed in the program 2. It shows that the "Preview" operation works well 3. Despite selecting Apple, then iPad, the conversion works but not to the iPad. Where it's sending it to is an unknown. Basically what am I or the software doing wrong. Regards, NorThox
  6. I am trying to use Creator 2012 to convert TiVo video to DVD. I have multiple files from multiple channels: CBS, TCM, PBS, Showtime, etc. In every case, I receive the message "This folder contains files protected with Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. DRM protected files cannot be added to a project, so they will not be displayed." I e-mailed Roxio support, which responded: "I wish I can be of help but unfortunately, you can't convert it. If Tivo added DRM to the file it can't be copied. You'd have to bring it up with them. The DRM kicks in when you try to convert it. You can watch it on the computer, yes. But you are NOT allowed to copy it. Thank you for understanding. Should you require further assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions." I decided to try a little test. I renamed a WMV file to "TEST.WMV" and put it in its own folder. I opened Creator and pointed the "copy and convert" function at this folder. Creator accepted this file; it was displayed in the folder. I then exited completely from Creator. I renamed the file TEST.TiVo. I then re-opened Creator and pointed the "copy and convert" function at the folder containing the file. This time, I was given the message about DRM even though, clearly, no file in the folder contained DRM. THis tells me that Creator is using the file's extension to determine that it is a TiVo file, even when it's not really a TiVo file. Further, this means that Creator WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY TIVO FILE, even though both Roxio and Tivo recommend the purchase of Roxio Creator to convert Tivo video to DVD. I called TiVO, who had me check my CableCard settings, and they said all was as it should be. I suggested to them that they cease recommending Roxio Creator to convert TiVo files. It clearly will not work. I will now attempt to return the software. Wish me luck.
  7. I have an AVI movie file that I want to convert to a M4V file. The conversion seem to complete but when playing the file there is no audio. When loading the AVI in to Toast I noticed that the AU Filter button is no enabled and also playing the video from within the application produces no sound at all. I have used Elgato Turbo 264 HD application which converts the file without the audio issue. I then used ffmeg to convert the file to mp3 and mov files and both worked without any glitches. So is the an underlaying problem with Toast that affects conversion from AVI or any other files for that matter?
  8. i was just attempting to upload a dmsm onto youtube and it stopped me because it said it was unsupported. how can i convert this file type?
  9. good afternoon everyone, i'm a newbie who just started using toast 11 frequently. recently, i converted a wedding VCD (with a .DAT extension) that is 1 hour long using toast 11. i converted it to .MOV to make it easier when i work with the file. but when it finished converting, the converted file missed its last 15 minutes. it just stopped in the middle, making my video became only 45 minutes. did anyone previously have the same problem like me? what should i do? thank you for the support.
  10. HELP! I've been attacked by the Roxio Gremlins again. I'm converting my VIDEO_TS format films to mp4 or wmv [whatever will work] for use with Plex [it seems that Plex won't work with VIDEO_TS format files.] The Copy and Convert feature ignores my option settings. Here's what happens: I turn off subtitles as shown in the first screen scrape. When I return to the convert video screen as shown in this next screen scrape, all seems well; I went about my merry way thinking I had set all the "switches" and began to convert my video. When completed, I discovered that my converted video had subtitles in it; so I started over again, and this time checked the options panel after I set the the options, only to discover that clicking OK isn't OK with my version of Roxio; and discovered the settings as shown in this last screen scrape. Does anybody have a clue as to what's happening? I've pushed every "button," moved ever "lever," and turned every "knob" on this "recalcitrant child" and am at a loss. Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I guess I'm insane; I've repeated the procedure a dozen times; and it worked once with another video, but not with any others. Any and all help that leads to a resolution of my latest Roxio crisis will be gratefully appreciated.
  11. ditto

    Laser Disc To Dvd

    I am trying to transfer all my "Laserdiscs" to newer DVD media. Has anyone else tried this before? Can "Toast" create "chapters" in order to record? All help would be grately appreciated. Thank you so much in advace for your help and interes. Ditto
  12. So today i went out to buy a RCA male to Minijack Female, i got home and plugged the Red/White cables into my roxio sound output, and my headphones into the minijack, but there was no sound! I then plugged back my old red/white into the roxio and the other end into my speakers, sound worked fine, then i plugged the new converter into the output on my speakers and then there was sound on my headphones, but also on my speakers. I just want to be able to use headphones/earphones or a headset!... I can't see why roxio just didn't add a Minijack into the Roxio device itself :/ HELP PLEASE!
  13. Whenever I convert audio from FLAC to any other format in toast 11 all of the metadata (with the exception of artist and song name) are lost. Most importantly that is track number and album name. This shouldn't be the case and I imagine there is an easy fix. Anyone have the answer? Thanks
  14. I recently purchased Toast 11 Titanium for Mac so I could transfer some non-copyrighted videos from my TiVo as I needed to perform a factory reset of my TiVo box. I have updated to the 11.1 update and then ran the software update again to install the most recent version. I was able to successfully transfer the wanted files using the TiVo transfer application; however, while trying to convert the .tivo files to .m4v using the default settings, I am getting mixed results. Some of the HD recordings are two hours or less (approximately 15 GB or so), and I have successfully converted one of these files, and another appears to be converting successfully as I type this. It was a slow process, but I'll take slow as long as it does the job. However, some of my recordings are exceedingly long, four hours or more (between 20 and 40 GB files). For these, I have been unable to convert them. The process just sits on 0% completed forever. I thought maybe I was just being impatient, so I started a conversion of a 26.85 GB file last night around 8pm and let it go all night. Woke up this morning, 12 hours later, still 0% completed. I thought maybe I could just cut the file into two parts using the Edit function and convert each part separately, but when I click Edit, it just clocks and clocks and clocks, and I eventually have to Cmd-Opt-Esc to Force Quit the program to end the hang-up. I can't even watch the files on the Roxio Video Player without the system hang-up. I verified that the files were not corrupted, because this morning I successfully returned the 26.85 GB file back to my TiVo box and watched the program. Is there a file size limit or something that prevents these files from being converted/edited? Can anyone suggest a solution for how to get these converted?
  15. When I set the start-stop times in Convert, it just starts at the beginning of the video and trims that duration. Does not start and stop at times entered. Am converting Video_ts files to MP4. No problem converting entire video.
  16. Robman

    Mp4 To Dvd Format

    I have tried converting an MP4 movie into a DVD format and have come up against 2 problems. 1) Although the movie in question is less than 2 hours long the convert is taking 6 hours? 2( After the conversion is done the movie will play in a DVD but there is no sound? Anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening - I have converted .mov's successfully many times and they generally take a lot less time and work every time? Any help appreciated!
  17. When using Toast to convert a DVD to an mp4 file with the captions from the DVD transfer to the mp4 file?
  18. recently bought Toast 11 for Mac to use with my new Tivo Premiere 4. used the Tivo Transfer app that came with it to get a bunch of tv shows off my old Tivo HD so that i can then get to them from my new Tivo via the Mac2Tivo included app. trying to figure out how i can edit the metadata of these ".tivo" files so i can have a better sense of what show is which when getting from the Tivo itself, but cannot figure it out. have scoured google & these forums. only found other old open source programs that i'm nervous/confused about using. i can open these .tivo files in Toast, and click the EDIT option and easily edit the text that goes along with the show (title & episode etc); but then there's no way to just save it back. it makes me export/convert it to something other than what it is. is there no EASY way to just simply edit the meta text of a file without going thru all the conversion & exporting process???
  19. Dear Roxio forums. I'm a happy owner of Toast 11, and I have a movie file on my mac that I want to convert to a wii compatible format. But I'm having a issue when trying to convert the file. It is possible for me to convert the file in Toast without any problems, but when i examine the file size of the converted file, the file size is multiplied by a factor around x10 - x15. For example my original file has a file size of 117,4MB and the converted file has a file size of 1,77GB (wii best) or 1,09 GB (wii standard)!?! What is going wrong? I hope that you can answer my question since I really like Toast, and I don't want to find a new program to convert video files in. Sincerely Simon P.S. The file that I want to convert has the following specifications (according to Finder): Type: MPEG-4-movie Size: 177,4MB Resolution: 1280 x 720 Codecs: H.264, AAC Length: 15:44
  20. We've been using Toast 11 Titanium since July 2012 to convert our 8GB HD .mov files to h.264 video files and then upload to a video on demand service. None of our custom settings within Toast have been changed nor has the .mov file size changed. However, I noticed today, rather than the h.264 files being 300 - 325 MB, they're now 700 - 750 MB files. FYI: Using a MacBook Pro running IOS 10.7.5 Toast 11.1 A gentleman working for the video on demand service originally helped customize our Toast conversion settings but he's no longer working for the company. Could anyone lend a hand? Our technological IQ isn't very high so a Conversion For Dummies approach would be appreciate. Thank you!
  21. Hiya guys I am new to using toast and have toast 11 pro. I am trying to convert multiple titles from a movie to make one file. I have looked through all the tabs from video and convert and cant see anywhere where I can check a box to say convert to one file...... could someone please point me in the right direction. many thanks R
  22. Hi all I'm new to this forum and really hope that someone out there can assist this this problem. I have searched everywhere and cannot find any reference to this issue. I am using Toast 11 (11.2) to transfer shows from my Tivo 3 to a Macbook Air (10.8.2) then using the Toast converter to change the files into MP4 and add to iTunes for streaming on AppleTV. Surprisingly, it works well for some items, but for others, the conversion process will stop at varying intervals before converting the whole show. It does not seem to have any pattern or be related any particular broadcaster. For example, Parenthood comes into TiVo Transfer at 1:28 but the duration after conversion is 56:46. Another show had a duratiopn of 0:58 and converted at 4 minutes something. Anyone having similar problems or got an idea of how to resolve this? I'm trying to get a Christmas present to my partner working so needs to be resolved quickly!
  23. Every time I try to take a TV show that was moved from my TiVo to iTunes it stops the conversion short at 29:45. I have plenty of other programs that are longer than 30 mins, and others at multiple hours, I know it isn't an OS limitation. Export settings of : Apple TV/iPhone/iPad all have the same results with the destination of iTunes. Any ideas? (searches inside this site and outside have been fruitless)
  24. I can no longer convert TIVO files for DVD or portable player. When I select "Movies" in "Copy & Convert Video" I receive a message that states there are files protected by DRM in the folder. The folder display does not show any TIVO files. I have had Creator 2010 since it was released and have converted many TIVO files. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing both TIVO desktop and Creator 2010 but to no avail. Anyone have any helpful hints of what might be wrong? I am on Windows 7 64-bit, Dell Precision 3500. Roxio 1.2.193: Build 121B93A, R03; 500b22a, R03. Tivo Desktop 2.8.3(412370)
  25. I have Toast 11.0.6 and have now found that I cannot convert YouTube clips with Web video. It was working a over a month ago, but now nothing shows up in the bottom right window where streaming video's appear. There's also no downloads shown in the Roxio Converted Items folder. Can someone please advise what's happened (is there a breakdown in communication between Safari & Toast?) and what I need to change/ do to get it working again? Thanks in advance.
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