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Found 11 results

  1. I am capturing VHS tape to eventually burn to a DVD. What is the advantage of converting the captured video before going to Roxio MyDVD? Eventually the files will be burned to DVD for playback.
  2. I have old DVD's that have Slide Shows and Videos that were either created with MyDVD 06 or Creator 2012. I have no problems with the Video files, BUT the Slide Shows hang up transitioning from picture to picture, splitting them in half. On later DVD's where I used NTX3 they convert OK? Jim
  3. Hi all, Bought a bridge device to capture video from my old Sony VX2100. The specs indicated that it would output to an MPEG 2 format. The bridge device (Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1955) actually outputs to a .ts file extension that the NXT Pro 4 editing suite doesn't seem to recognize. I tried the Copy and Convert function for the first time, pulled up the file in the left panel, then selected "Video" on the right panel. This converted the file to a .vcpf format, which still wasn't recognized by NXT Pro 4. Couldn't find anything in the archives on what to do. All help appreciated.
  4. A cousin of mine sent me a dvd of family photos and old time super 8 film transferred to dvd. I cannot play it. It seems to not be compatible to play on my PC or blueray dvd player. I there someway that can I play this dvd? Desperate and frustrated.
  5. When I record with my Roxio game cap HD pro for maybe an hour or so I stop and check out the recording file, but I see a .mp4 file that doesn't work and a .m2ts file that works. The video was recording with the .mp4 format, but was converted to m2ts. This only happens when I record for a long period of time. I tested it and I recorded a 5 minute video and it stayed .mp4, but one hour and over becomes .m2ts. Can the recording time be the problem?
  6. I have just purchased easy CD & DVD burning and was told by the store that I could convert and copy DVDs to Blu Ray. In the box was a Product key for Divx Plus Converter. Can anyone help me please? The dvds I want to copy are primarily those I have made of the family over the last 30 years so are not restricted in any way
  7. Hello, First, I am well aware that Roxio allows conversion to HD. The only thing is... It does not end up HD. It sure increases the file size tremendously, no doubt about that, but it doesn't actually seem to improve the quality of the video. If the original video is blurry, the new HD file is still blurry. So my question is, while it is possible to convert ordinary video files into HD video files, is there anything I can do to actually improve the quality of the video in terms of viewing experience? Apologies if this is an easy/noob question.
  8. I have some MKV files that have soft subs on them. I want to convert the files so that they can play on my apple TV. Is there any way to have the soft subs burned into the video during the conversion?
  9. I haven't burned a disc or had to convert in a long time. I usually stream now through apple tv. I converted a movie to ipod/iphone which took nearly a day and a half. Now I am just tyring to burn a normal video to dvd for playing in a dvd player and the slow snail process has begun again. It says it's encoding but has done 2% in about 30 minutes. I know this is not normal since the process use to take about an hour total... What has happened? Is it something I've done or just the program itself? Please help
  10. I've just installed the last update of Toast 10. This update has a new feature I really don't like :s When loading and converting video files, it picks the date of the file as the new name by default. I really don't need this auto renaming of my files when converting. How do I switch this off (like the older versions of Toast 10)? Hoping someone here has a quick answer, cause I have to start working on a project now. Thanks a lot! Piet
  11. Hi All Hi All I use My Toast 11 to convert Youtube videos. Because my ISP speed is so slow I need to download them with Iskysoft. Things were going good until recently, and now I can't convert anything. I have a Macbook Pro and now have Mac Keeper. What video files should I be able to convert with Toast 11.1? Thank You Dave A.
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