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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I just purchased the above software, but struggling to load it onto my laptop. I keep getting an error message saying 'Invalid Product Key' even though I clearly have the correct key numbers inputted. My laptop only runs windows 7. Could this be the problem? Any help would be gratefully received!
  2. Hey there, First I would like to say if this is in the wrong section, please feel free to reallocate or tell me where this should be posted as I am unsure. I would like to know if Roxio Creator DE would store information locally on the hard drive if a copy cd to cd was performed from external to internal. I work with an enterprise group and currently we have data that show not have been copied on the PC that uses Roxio. In doing so we need to know if the information was stored on the local hard-drive on just on the burners (how roxio stores the information to be written). I would really appreciate a quick responce and would like to thank you for your time.
  3. I've just re-installed Easy CD Creator Basic on an old XP machine that needed re-installing. The version is I can find various links to update files on the Roxio site, but those links go to the corel.force.com site and I can't find them there. Where are the updates?
  4. My problem is; when burning a compilation to DVD after copy and convert, using Disc/Disc Image I get "The device is reserved by another application". What to do?! If I go to My DVD everything works ok. Using a another programme, the burner is accesible. What should be my work around please? Many thanks in advance, Mike
  5. Roxio Creator NXT will not burn tivo programs to disc. I have tried two different external DVD drives. Same result each time. Everything seems to be going perfectly, and then it stops at 8%. The program just freezes. Anyone encounter this?
  6. I'm attempting to burn an audio CD from a CUE/BIN format image created by a friend. My friend has a Mac; I have a Windows PC. He use Toast on his computer to create an image in CUE/BIN format (there are 3 files: Audio CD.bin, Audio CD.cue, Audio CD.cdt). I've downloaded those files and made sure they transferred correctly by checking the md5 hash. I have Creator 2012 and it seems to claim it can read CUE/BIN format images. However, i can't find any instructions specific to CUE/BIN format, so I'm kind of stumbling along. I can open the .cue file in C2012, but when i attempt to burn a CD, i get this error message: "There was a problem writing to the disc. You can try again by clicking the Retry button. You will need another blank disc ready. Error Code: TE_DoesntSupportOperation" Does anyone know what this error code is telling me (other than the operation isn't working :-) ) and/or how to work around it? Or better yet, how to accomplish what I'm trying to do: to burn the image to CD? thanks, ken
  7. I have been using Creator 2009 and recently changed to Creator 2012. When adding movies for burning we have almost that same interface except for a few changes. One is not able to edit the name of the movie after adding it. Used to be able to do it earlier without a problem. The earlier version used to show if more movies could be added depending upon the blank disc inserted. Here these seems to be no indication. Maybe I am not looking at theright spot for both my problems but it does not seem obvious.
  8. Hi can anyone help with this? i can play files off the camera in windows media player and quicktime player, but as soon as i import the video into creator 2009 ultimate, the sound goes missing? whats happening? they are .mov files, h.264, 720p, 29fps. Its really annoying, so if anyone can help, please do so ! I only bought this camera really for doing videos as it accepts an external mic. At the moment though Im using the onboard mic.
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