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Found 3 results

  1. Okay so Yesterday I ordered the Game cap pro hd. I was excited so I spent the extra money for next day shipping. I come home from school today and there she is. Brand new game cap device I open the box get all the wires hooked up and finally plug in the Usb cable to the Usb port. Yes its a usb 2.0 port direct connect , not hub. Well nothing happens. No device found sounds. No little pop up nothing. I change cables and same issue. That was on my i7 windows 7 desktop. Frustrated I get out my school laptop and plug it in. Also running windows 7. And again no device found jingle or anything. At this point I am extremely frustrated. I already filed a report with roxio since i did manage to register the software, oh yeah thats all i could do register the software. I might just cancel or retract payment since I did pay with pay pal. And send back the device at their cost. I am not willing to pay to return something defective. And the fact that I spent the extra 17-20 $ on next day shipping. Anyone have had this issue? Only thing i see going on is I do get video from ps3 to tv with wires connected to the Game cap Once usb is plugged in the blue purpleish light turns on. But that is all Device manager does not even twitch. Please help ... tHANKS
  2. I got my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro in the post a few days ago and I've been trying to work it ever since. At first the software wasn't working and every time I tried to open the program I got the |Critical Keys Registry Missing|. I uninstalled, or tried to, uninstall the entire program and usb driver. I rebooted my pc, repaired, updated, rebooted, etc. I finally ended up having to go into my registry and cleaning up flies. When I had it all sorted out the program finally opened and I was apply to choice between capture or edit/share. Just a little background. But, I digress that's not why I'm here. When I open my device manager I've got the little yellow caution sign over the Roxio usb. I only have one driver for it. I read you're supposed to have two. Also, it says driver not installed correctly, obviously. I've uninstalled the driver, rebooted, repaired, rebooted, re-installed/updated, but still nada. I'm running out of ideas really and I've turned to my fellow community for some insight on my problem. Should I uninstall and start from scratch? I don't know how to give my pc specs, but I have some pictures. This is how my device manager looks before I plug in the usb: This is how it looks after:
  3. Brazenhead89

    Hd Pro Refuses To Be Recognised

    I have just about had it with this device. After days of trying to get it running to a near-acceptable level, and eventually succeeding, I returned to it a few days later to find that - lo and behold - it just no longer wants to accept any sort of HDMI cable I plug into it. Neither the HDMI nor component light on the device lights up, even with HDMI cables firmly and correctly connected. The software installer finsihes installing with no issues at all, but after restarting windows it neither installs the necessary drivers nor, even, lists the HD Pro in my device manager. I've tried reinstalling, repairing, checking for updates, even rrestarted my whole #$^@ computer in order to reinstall it afresh. I've tried installing with firewalls and anti-virus both on and off, absolutely nothing has worked. And now, though the light indicating that the device is connected is on, there's nothing here to suggest that there's any action between it and my PC. I can only presume that the usb port is frazzled. It never felt particularly stable in the first place - always a little loose. Is anybody else's device like this? Can anyone else advise? I'm disappointed. Once this thing worked, I was impressed. But after all the hassle it's caused me, I'm beginning to doubt it was worth either the effort or the money. Advice is most certainly appreciated!