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Found 6 results

  1. g2only

    Hidden Files Mac & Pc

    I created a 'Mac & PC' CD-ROM project and needed to send an burnable image file to client (long distance)...I created a .toast file. My question is can that file be burned by the client and still retain all the hidden(mac)/invisible(PC) files as they are set within my Toast project? Client has Mac/Toast 16--just FYI. Thanks!
  2. I'm using a 27" IMac with Final Cut Pro 7.0.3. When I chose the disc image option in Toast it seems to be for DVD since the file size was only 3.8GB. Obviously, I'd like to have a Blu-ray disc image so that reburning my project again and again won't take forever. Thanks in advance, Scott
  3. karmstrong909

    Cif Image Files

    Hi , I have a series of older audio image files burened under Roxio Creator 6 onwards using cif format. One updated release I installed - was it 10? Was it 12? Said it supported them but wouldn't laod the files- even though this was the standard format of the last release. Any advice as to how I can burn a disc from a .cif file? Many thanks Keith
  4. I have a copy of a demo disc that appears to be either a BDMV folder or AVCHD that I'd like to make a disc image out of. The file size is approximately 40GB. The files I have are a file called BDMV (no file extension) and folder called CERTIFICATE, which when fooling around with Toast I've decided must have been created as a BDMV using Toast or some other similar program. When I open up BDMV I am able to find multiple .mts files in a subfolder (STREAM), which is why also think it might be an AVCHD file. I don't know enough about these formats to figure it out. I'm trying to create a disc image that can be mounted, whether using Toast or (ideally) Disc Utility on my computer (Macbook Pro). I've tried opening up the BDMV file using Toast and I'm able to see the video files, but when I try to make a disc image I end up with 40+ .toast files of 1.7GB, which is completely useless. I need to mount this as a single disc, not 40 of them! I've tried doing this through both the BDMV and Bluray selections in the dropdown menu, both with the same result. I also tried checking to see what would happen if I tried to burn it as a bluray disc. The file size showed as less than 10GB, which tells me there is a significant loss of data doing this - not acceptable, although it's actually irrelevant since I don't have a bluray burner. So, my questions are: 1. Is this a BDMV or AVCHD (or both?!?) file/folder? 2. How can I create a disc image using it that can be mounted? Can I do this using Toast or do I need some other software? Note: My plan is to mount this when needed and then stream it to my PS3 using Universal Media Server (a fork of PS3 Media Server). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! brad
  5. Hello, Any help for the Noob? I burned a wonderful blu-ray disc image but I can't figure out how to turn that into a playable blu-ray dvd. When I use the ISO setting, it merely reburns that same disc image on to a blu-ray DVD-Rom. Can you please let me know the steps to making the image burn as playable? I would appreciate a screen grab when appropriate. I'm using Mac Toast Titanium 11 Pro. I really appreciate your help!!!! Kirk
  6. TK_Tech

    How Does One Learn The Basics?

    I need help with the basics. Toast 11 didn't come with a manual and the tutorials only covers the main highlights; however, I want to learn how to use this other topics in detail. How to use the Menu structure in detail? What does Creating Temporary Partitions do and why are they there? What is Dynamic Writing? Encryption is used for what? What is Disk Images used for? What is Normalize Track, Bin/Cue? Etc...? Where can I go to learn about every single detail of Toast 11? There must exist an owners manual somewhere and web sites that explain some of these topics. If anyone can help me, it will be much appreciated. TK_Tech