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Found 9 results

  1. skynet600

    Drivers Not Installed.

    Hello All, Got a new roxio capture pro. Setup went well from the point of view that I can use component on the TV in 1080i and see the game. My problem seems to be capture device to PC. I see "No Input" and "No Signal" when viewing the caprure window. In device manager I see errors for Roxio. When trying to repair it says device has no driver and driver error. If I remove the usb cable the device goes away so it recognises something is there and it is roxio. As far as the initial install goes the tutorial says connect hw before installing sw. Several posts here say the opposite so this is what I did. I have installed the Win10 update. I am on build 102B22A when checking "about" from home screen and 100B23D when viewed from the capture screen. SW update shows 2.0 with no updates available. Reviewing many posts here hasn't really identified my issue so would really appreciate some guidance here. Thanks.
  2. HI! So i have been having some problems over the last week or so, everything was fine until the 2.0 update. i have been using it for 2+ years. First, the program crashes everytime with update 2, so i installed the 1.0 again. Has been working great again until now. My computer has a error with the device and in the device manager it has an error triangle simple on it. i have tried the fix that is recommened a million times on her and it does fix that triangle, but it doesn't work the device despite that. When i restart, it pops again, any help is appreciated greatly! Thank You
  3. I thought I fixed it the first time but I pulled the "solved" button a little too soon. Anyway, I'm running into the same problem again, every time I go to re-install the drivers, the video driver fails, and the audio driver installs no problem. Again, I'm using a AMD based Windows 7 64-bit build. This is the issue I'm still running into. ​
  4. BubbleberryVII


    Does anyone have a link to download just the drivers for this? For some reason, I think the drivers on my disc are outdated, 'cause no matter how many times I uninstall roxio and reinstall it, whenever I plug the USB in, my laptop doesn't recognize the device (it comes up as Unknown Device in device manager).
  5. I recently purchased the Roxio Video Capture USB device and downloaded the Windows Driver from the associated “Download Now” link on Oct 25. I installed the driver on my pc (Windows 8.1), connected the capture device, started Roxio NXT software and was able to import some old analog video without any problem. The next day however my pc no longer recognized the Video Capture USB device. Under “ Device Manager” there is an exclamation in front of the Roxio Video Capture Device. Looking up the properties for the device tells me that there is no driver installed for the device! Under “Programs and Features” I could see the Roxio Video Capture Device. I uninstalled it, restarted my pc, reinstalled the driver from the previously downloaded (and saved) file and reconnected the capture device. Incidentally, in the process of reinstalling the driver, I received a conflicting message telling me that a driver was already installed. Anway, reinstalling the driver did not solve the problem . The capture device does not seem to be recognized and Device Manager tell me there is no driver installed for the device. Need help solving this problem. Thanks.
  6. So I recently got my roxio working again than it broke it wont work anymore and I think I found out why when ever I go to device manager it shows this! Before it showed TWO! DRIVERS! This is for the regular roxio not hd I have reinstalled it and done everything I need help!
  7. I got my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro in the post a few days ago and I've been trying to work it ever since. At first the software wasn't working and every time I tried to open the program I got the |Critical Keys Registry Missing|. I uninstalled, or tried to, uninstall the entire program and usb driver. I rebooted my pc, repaired, updated, rebooted, etc. I finally ended up having to go into my registry and cleaning up flies. When I had it all sorted out the program finally opened and I was apply to choice between capture or edit/share. Just a little background. But, I digress that's not why I'm here. When I open my device manager I've got the little yellow caution sign over the Roxio usb. I only have one driver for it. I read you're supposed to have two. Also, it says driver not installed correctly, obviously. I've uninstalled the driver, rebooted, repaired, rebooted, re-installed/updated, but still nada. I'm running out of ideas really and I've turned to my fellow community for some insight on my problem. Should I uninstall and start from scratch? I don't know how to give my pc specs, but I have some pictures. This is how my device manager looks before I plug in the usb: This is how it looks after:
  8. Hi, I have everything plugged into my xbox correctly, no cables are loose, etc. When I plug the USB into my PC, it starts searching to install the driver "TRANSCODER". I wait, but it keeps saying driver did not install because it couldn't be found. Help would be much obliged. Also, after it couldnt install, I went into my Roxio Game Capture program, and none of the drop-downs are even clickable. Please help!!
  9. First I want to thank the digital gurus for thier time in the trenches with a relativley new device. As frustrating as this can be I'm making a post to feed the "obvious factor" that something is wrong with the RGC HD Pro. I too have followed the installation guide, had the software install successfully, connected to a usb 2 and had my laptop fail to recognize it. Having tried about 12 different variations of repairing, uninstalling, driver updates and reinstalling and following all the posts in this topic I am exhausted. The neccesary system info follows, device manager list with expanded sound, video and game controller list. Note* other devices not present. Respectfully, Eric OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name JACOB-PC System Manufacturer Dell Inc. System Model Dell System XPS L502X System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel® Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz, 2201 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A07, 10/20/2011 Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB Name NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M Driver Version