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Found 15 results

  1. That's it. All I want to do is be able to drag and drop or otherwise transfer Photoshow images to Picasa.
  2. I bought a Roxio Video Capture USB device (model number HU3180-E) a while back and had it setup on my main desktop for streaming off of older gaming consoles. I have since upgraded my desktop including a new M.2 SSD and have had to reinstall everything from the ground up. However, I am not able to get this to install completely. I have followed the instructions at the pinned post (https://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/123003-video-drivers-for-usb-capture-fix-for-your-no-video-problem/) and all suggested troubleshooting therein, but am not able to make any headway. It's frustrating to me as this was being sold online on Amazon as the device by itself, but it seems most people get this device with the VHS to DVD 3 Plus software, and when I go to Roxio's support, they don't have straight up drivers for this. I have also tried downloading the drivers listed here: https://support.corel.com/hc/en-us/articles/215877318-Driver-for-Easy-VHS-to-DVD-3-Plus-device. Unfortunately, when I run the program, it does absolutely nothing. It blows through the installation claiming to have completed successfully, but I still can't get the drivers to install. I am attaching a screenshot of my Device Manager showing everywhere that I have seen Roxio drivers. Help!!!!
  3. I wanted to post an issue I recently had, and the solution I found, when the Roxie VHS to DVD 3 Plus device kept showing up as a Dazzle Device in my Device Manager. This all started when I could not receive a video capture after installing the Roxie software and Capture Device. I had just bought a brand new MCI laptop, with Windows 10 x64 bit, Intel i7-7700 processor, a 250gb SSD and 1tb Hard Drive, NVIDIA Graphics Card. My sole intention for the new laptop was to video edit. My only concern at the time was the fact was Windows 10, since I knew some software and devices aren't updated yet for Windows 10. Long story short, I did update the software after installing, still no signal. I made sure all connections to VCR were correct. I had Customer Support send me a copy of the Windows 10 64 bit program update AND the device driver installer package (you will need these). I still could not get it to work. As Customer Support was walking me through the driver install, I notice that the Capture Device kept coming up as Dazzle....not Roxie. After following a couple of Topics on this forum, I had tried uninstalling the Dazzle drivers with the capture unit attached, disconnected it, and then rebooted the laptop. I reinstalled the drivers several times, including downloading them again after turning off my anti-virus/firewall, and then turning off my Wi-Fi. I spent about a week trying to get this sucker to work! I noticed that Dazzle Capture Device was coming up under 'Audio', 'Sound, video, and game controllers', both stating that the device was working properly. But it was also coming up under "Other Devices", but with a yellow warning "no driver for this device". I also noticed that when I went to install the Roxie 64 bit drivers, that the Roxie driver selection was coming up with a Red X after I had selected Modify during the installation process. So here is what I did 1. Installed the Windows 10 64 bit driver again, but changed the Red X to Install on Hard Drive. There is a second driver listed, but that one was already selected to install. 2. Rebooted. 3. Attached the Roxie USB Capture Device to my VCR cables (output), and then to a 2.0 USB port on the laptop. I had a tape in the VCR ready to go. 4. Opened Device Driver, selected the Dazzle USB Capture listed under 'Other Devices', right clicked, selected Update Driver. 5. I chose the options: 'Browse my computer for software drivers' > ' Let me pick from a list of device drivers from my computer'. 6. I then selected the Manufacture: Corel, and the Model: Roxie Video Capture USB, and installed the driver. 7. The device item changed the Dazzle Capture to Roxie Capture, and moved from 'Other Devices' to ' Sound, video, and gamming devices' list, now showing that it was working.. 8. I left the other two Dazzle Video Capture USB Audio Device items alone. So Device Manager still has Dazzle USB Capture under 'Audio' and 'Sound, video, and game controllers'. 9. I then started to play my VCR tape, and opened the Roxie VHS to DVD 3 Plus software, selected either record option, and TADA!!!....I got video (and audio)!!!! I still needed to tweak the video enhancements...but it works! I just wanted to say thanks to the Digital Guru's who support the Roxie VHS to DVD 3 Plus forum. Your suggestions on other posts really helped me a lot!
  4. For some reason the disk wont download the drivers meant for the capture card. I need help!
  5. Hello. I just purchased Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. I am a pretty experienced PC user but I am a total newbie to video capture.The product in question works perfectly on my Windows 7 laptop. I realized that I can use the included USB converter (HU3192-E) also with programs such as VLC, and works perfectly fine too. I was thus wondering if I could connect the USB converter to my Ubuntu machine (xubuntu 13.10) and capture VHS output with VLC on it. I tried to insert it and no driver seems to be loaded for it even though the device is recognized. I searched for a while through Google, but I could not get to any conclusive result--not even to understand whether this is possible or not.... This is the closest to describe my situation: http://www.linuxtv.o...xioEasyVHStoDVD. Practically everything is identical to what described here, but I still do not understand whether it is supposed to work and/or how should I get it to work. Yet, the sentence "To make it work, some have to do modprobe..." seems to suggest that it can be made to work. Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks, p.
  6. When I first installed Roxio Game Capture HD Pro everything worked properly, but now after I re-installed windows 7 I am getting this problem. There are insufficient graphics capabilities for the application to run This can be caused by the following: - your video card driver may not fully support DirectX 9.0. Check to see if an updated driver is available for your card. - Your Video Card Hardware may not be sufficient for full DirectX 9.0 support. you will need to upgrade your card. How would I fix this problem?
  7. I bought a Roxio game capture pro about a year ago. I recently moved and I have lost the disk. Also my laptop crashed and I recently bought a new computer . I till have the product key tho.but I need the drivers so I can use the capture card on my new computer. I also am a pro player so getting my stream working is very important
  8. Does anyone have a link to download just the drivers for this? For some reason, I think the drivers on my disc are outdated, 'cause no matter how many times I uninstall roxio and reinstall it, whenever I plug the USB in, my laptop doesn't recognize the device (it comes up as Unknown Device in device manager).
  9. for some reason it dose not get no signal and says drivers are missing THIS IS MY FIRST TIME using this
  10. BruceF


    I have recently accired a DELL XPS 720 with Win 7, 64 bit. I installed from a disc that came with it "Roxio Creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE". As I had problems, I felt this program is not compatible so I uninstalled it. Since I get the message when windows starts that" THERE IS AN INCOMPATIBLE DRIVER" referenig to "Sonic". I have been through numerous postings on the net on this subject and have tried them all. I have delete everything refering to Sonic and Roxio in the file system and the Register and using msconfig. I also ran a patch from DELL. I think I have found and deleted everything but still get this message. My feeling now is that I have not deleted the Roxio/Sonic drivers. So my question is, where do I find these drivers and how do I delete them?? Help Please.
  11. I have had this product for a few years now, & absolutely love it. Recently, I bought a new computer...with an OS of Windows 7 (64-bit) When I tried to install the program, it failed...obviously it seems the program isn't compatible with the new OS..unless of course there are drivers which can resolve this issue. ARE THERE NEW DRIVERS??? I've seen this product (or which appears to be the same product) on the Roxio site, & it clearly states it's compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium 32 or 64-bit. I really don't want to buy another program if I don't have to. I'd appreciate any help offered.
  12. After installing Roxio game capture software (SEVERAL TIMES), I do not see the Roxio line in recordign device usder recording devices. I can capture video but no audio. Has anyone else been able to resolve this issue?
  13. I've tried to install from the disc repeatedly and to no avail. It's odd owning something and not having access to the full package. I've tried administration mode as well as hidden files etc. Device manager still insists there is no drivers present. 'video' device shows when plugged in, but there isn't an audio device. Please help!!
  14. I recently bought the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO and it just came in the mail today. I haven't had much time to test and use the product, but right out of the box I've been having some issues which apparently were not addressed before my decision to buy the product on the Roxio website. First and foremost, some background: I found out about the company, Roxio because I bought the "Easy VHS To DVD" product about two months ago. Although I did not use it for its intended purpose, it worked extremely well. I used it to hook up video game consoles to my computer to stream video games to Twitch. The quality wasn't good, but it was passable. The product claimed that it wasn't compatible with other software, but to my findings, it worked with any software that could support a webcam input. I started to use XSplit to stream to Twitch, but then bought a license to Wirecast because I found the software to be a lot better as I had a lot more options that I couldn't find in XSplit. Recently, I just found out about the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO and decided to purchase it because I thought I could do everything that I could do just like I did above, even if it wasn't its intended purpose. I purchased the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO because I wanted higher quality for my stream to Twitch via my Wirecast software because my past Roxio hardware worked with it before. However, to my findings so far (and I could be wrong because I've only had it for less than a day), I'm not able to use any other software other than what Roxio has provided to me. I am extremely disappointed not only because I can't use my own software, but the software that I am provided isn't up to my standards. I am only allowed to use the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO as my input video source. I'm not allowed to use any other capture card nor webcam, only the hardware that came bundled with the software. This means that I'm not able to stream a live video feed of myself (and my multiple friends who play with me) to Twitch while also streaming my video game AND my live chat feed which I'm able to do with my Wirecast software. I am however able to stream my voice from my webcam, but I'm not allowed to show video, not even with a PIP. On top of this, the display on my computer is about a good 2-3 seconds behind what is showing on the TV which is unacceptable in my opinion. The past product I used from Roxio did it instantaneously so I wasn't happy with that, but it could be passable if I set it up correctly to stream in time with my webcam, which doesn't matter as my webcam can't be used anyways so whatever. Unfortunately, the software provided can't do anything that I want to do and I will refuse to use it as it isn't what I wanted. It wasn't made for what I need and therefore won't use it. But that's ok! I'll just use my own software (Wirecast) to stream like I did with my past Roxio product. Unfortunately, although it can detect the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO, it can not utilize it because what it seems is that it is a video codec issue and the drivers are not capable with other software other than the one Roxio has provided; this also includes XSplit as I have tried it also. I just figured that if my past Roxio product worked with other software, this one could as well. I understand that this product is very new so I'm aware that it has it's issues at first and they can be approved upon. I saw that there was an update to something that had to do with the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO today so I installed that but the problem is that I can't find that it actually did anything. It said it was a "critical update" but bothered to leave no explanation on what the update fixed or added. So far I am disappointed with the product and intend on returning it unless the issues has been fixed. The main thing that I want to see is support for other programs as that is what I think everyone wants and would intend to buy this product for. The software that came with the product was not up to par and could not do a lot of functions and I don't want to stream without my video from my webcam. I expected a lot more out of this product, especially for the price that it was sold to me, $149.99. If anyone is thinking of buying this product for use with XSplit or any other broadcasting program, I would stay away from this product right now as it isn't what you are looking for. If anyone knows of a way to get this product to work with other software, I would love to know about it! I hope I helped some people with questions they may have before buying the Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro, but in my case, I would not recommend purchasing this product. Has anyone else been having these issues and is there a fix that I am unaware of? I have tried many methods to get this to work with other programs but I can't find anything that works. Thanks for reading my comments and concerns!
  15. Let me start at the top. I un boxed and put the disk in my inspirion 1545 laptop. It treated it like a blank disk. I tried another disk(pc game) i have and it worked. I tried a dvd and it worked. I tried a xbox game and it said please play disk in xbox 360 console. So the disk drive works. I tried the roxio disk again and it treated it like a blank disk asking me if i want to use it like a usb storage or burn music or files again. So i restarted my laptop. Put in the disk and again treated it like a blank disk. I say to myself maybe I need the roxio box plugged into the laptop first. So i plug in the supplied usb to roxio box wire and it starts to download the drivers or update the drivers or whatever it says when you plug a new phone or ipod into a laptop. DRIVERS FAILED to download. Ok so I plug it into my xbox(when it was off) and tv and everything like im supposed to. Plug in the cable from roxio box to laptop and the drivers failed again. So i turn on the xbox and nothing happens. I then go online and register my product and try to get customer support and find there is none. So i go trough the forums and youtube and nothing about blank disk or drivers failed(just stuff for after that is done) So I send an email to the help people and it tells me my email will be responded to within 12 hours( we our on hour 17 and still no response)So while I wait I figure ill get my geek squad guy on it(thats right 2 year subscription so please dont tell me its my laptop) he dose his thing and tells me he needs the links to the data on the disk and drivers and he can do it for me. So now im waiting for my response from support. I went to buy the speedy service but my roxio game capture hd pro isnt listed as one of the products for that service. please help! oh yeah Im here to try and see if anyone can get this thing working. thank you
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