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Found 20 results

  1. Just started using this program this week, albeit I've had it a couple yrs. If there is a different User group I can try, please let me know. Editing photos. I have a photo in which I want to darken all the pixels that are of a color. Such as white. Is there a way to do that? Thanks! Gary
  2. I got a new computer using windows 8.1. I had been using photosuite III previously on windows vista and before that on windows me. I have numerous pzp files. Is there any way to install photosuite on a windows 8.1 system? If not, is there another program that will let me view and edit the pzp files?
  3. So I was editing in videowave and en error popped up which made the preview blank and the play/fast forward, etc. controls stop working. If I try to edit anything it says "'Could not create the renderer object. This might be caused by DirectX 9.0 not being installed or the display adapter not fully supporting DirectX 9.0". and if I try to export the project it says "cannot render graph". I've tried copying it into a new production and it says there are unrecognizable video files. I've changed the rendering to software and downloaded directx 9 (I already had the latest version). I don't know anything about computers so if it's a complicated fix don't bother explaining. Also this could all be better if I could go back before my last save if anyone knows how to do that. Thanks.
  4. I was using Roxio Creator 2009 on a laptop with Windows 7 to create music disc projects, I was able to edit songs with the quick edit function, and save them with no problem. I usually only use the editor to trim the length of the song. The screen on that machine went bad, I upgraded to a newer model with Windows 8, and much to my dismay, Roxio 2009 is incompatable. Roxio support suggested that I upgrade to Roxio NXT 2, I did so, it is compatable, but it will no longer save my edited music projects, when I re-open, the songs revert back to the original length, the edits are still present when I open the quick editor, if I hit the done button they go back to the edited length, but this will not be sufficient for how I need this software to perform. I do not burn discs, I open the project and play it as a playlist to instruct group exercise. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I just bought this software last night and i used VHS to DVD 3!plus to get my vhs to computer files. So i bought this to edit and add music to my videos. I add movie just fine, but all the editing stuff is greyed out. I dont see the storyline and i cant trim it or anything. I can just add a menu and burn. Help... Ive spent for two roxio products now and still cannot do,what i want. Thanks fir any information.. Im on a new HP ALL IN ONE running windows 8.1.
  6. Since I loaded NXT2 Pro, the right-click "Edit Song Information" "Use MusicID tags" option will only recognize 2 tracks and say the rest are not found, even though it has no problem if I reselect 2 of those "not found' tracks. Anyone know what is going on? It was the same on W7 ad W 8.1.
  7. I have been editing in videowave and the preview box shows the videos like this http://prntscr.com/2fj91u That link is a screenshot of the preview box. Also, when recording the preview box is black, but that's a separate problem and not as 'serious'. How can I fix that horrible pixelated effect it's giving in the preview box in VideoWave? Is there anything I can use to convert the m2ts to mp4 or something? Won't that downgrade my quality though? My computer isn't crappy or anything and can run anything else I guess.
  8. I'm on windows 8 and when trying to add music to my videos, the program comes up with "videowave has stopped working" and then exits the program, is there anything i can do?
  9. Hey, I have noticed that there is an option to make templates of your own if the ready ones ain't what you're looking for. But mine are gray and wont allow to be pressed. And I wonder do I have to go somewhere special to try this? I sometimes make videos that are not recorded with Roxio Game Capture so the resolutions on those videos are very different than any of the given ones. So I would like to know if I can make different templates on those somehow so I can use VideoWave for those videos aswel.
  10. So I have been doing tests with the VideoWave they give you along with the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. Everytime I record something using the capture card the program fails and crashes completely. I tried editing videos I captured with Fraps and program rarely falls. I have good enough computer to run the program. I can play a game and render without any lag if I wanted to so that is not the issue. I found the solutions which is not changeable sadly. Format you get with the capture card is m2ts which doesn't seme to be supported on VideoWave and it is the only format this capture card gives. I tried looking on Roxio FAQ but says there only m2ts. But their tutorial videos they record on mp4 which is kinda strange? So this is kinda like feedback that the program needs to be able to support the format capture card does. Seriously. Format I tried with VideoWave. m2ts - crashes WMV - no crashing AVI - rare crashing MP4 - rare crashing P.S I have been on result of rendering the video out with different format to be able to edit it, takes more time but only method that works. Thanks for reading! MP4 - rare crashing
  11. I am brand new to this software and have been playing with it today and am learning, albeit slowly. Jim, your pinned post re. noise reduction was very informative and helped me figure out trimming (deleting) portions at the end and beginning of the recording. That post specifically relates to editing portions. My understanding is as follows: Via trimming you divide your recording into pieces, the portion before the area to be edited, the portion you want to edit, and the portion after edited clip. Correct? Then, once the editing is completed, I assume the next step is to "link" the three which then gives you one seamless recording including the edited portion. Correct? I at first had misunderstood the process but I think I finally had my ah-ha moment after some trial and error and then going back and reading your post again with a better understanding (I think!) but was past the point of yet another trial to confirm. Is there a way to soften background sounds or do you need VIdeoWave for that? I assume the latter but wanted to be sure. Would VIdeoWave allow you to edit portions of the recording (such as that described in the pinned post) with less cumbersome steps? And speaking of VideoWave, I am curious to know if it is possible to purchase VideoWave separately or if you have to buy the Creator software in order to get VideoWave? I have been searching and when I Google VideoWave, most of the relevant links are for Creator, so I assume VW is part of that. I'm not looking to do serious editing at all. My biggest issue is to work on sound quality and I did see a video on how VW can help with that by reducing the background noise in the tape. And one more question: Is there any way to correct a video that has horizontal lines that intermittently flow down the screen? I read here or elsewhere that tracking control on the VCR might help correct or reduce that. My player does not have the tracking control, though if that could possibly make a significant difference, it might be worth it to get one. Any thoughts on this issue would be appreciated as well. . Thanks so much!
  12. I am new to Toast 11. I've inserted a DVD and clicked on convert, because ultimately I want to upload to tube. I see the DVD picture down below in right screen, and want to drag it to the left pane so I can edit it first before converting but the program won't let me drag the picture to the left to edit. What am I doing wrong?
  13. I am wondering how to turn my full length videos into small clips to later put into a montage for tutorial videos. Right now the full length videos take up a lot of space, so to save on space I would like to trim the parts of the full length videos that I need and the delete the original video while keeping the clips. Any ideas?
  14. I just installed Easy CD and DVD Burning 10.3.104, and un-installed the previous version from 2 or 3 years ago. In creating an audio cd, I'm trying to edit a song in the trim/fade option of the quick sound editor. I don't seem to be able to remove a piece from the middle of the song. I know the previous version allowed me to do this. I don't think they'd remove this option, so does anyone know how to do this?
  15. recently bought Toast 11 for Mac to use with my new Tivo Premiere 4. used the Tivo Transfer app that came with it to get a bunch of tv shows off my old Tivo HD so that i can then get to them from my new Tivo via the Mac2Tivo included app. trying to figure out how i can edit the metadata of these ".tivo" files so i can have a better sense of what show is which when getting from the Tivo itself, but cannot figure it out. have scoured google & these forums. only found other old open source programs that i'm nervous/confused about using. i can open these .tivo files in Toast, and click the EDIT option and easily edit the text that goes along with the show (title & episode etc); but then there's no way to just save it back. it makes me export/convert it to something other than what it is. is there no EASY way to just simply edit the meta text of a file without going thru all the conversion & exporting process???
  16. I recently just bought the Roxio (first one) and noticed the video can only record in 30 fps but when i render in 60 fps DiVx it only puts in duplicate frames.I also have USB 3.0 on the back of my computer and have the Roxio Game Capture's USB running down to my pc.I edit gameplays with Sony Vegas 12 And After Effects CS5.5 so i used effects like Slow motion E.T.C.
  17. recently i got the Roxio gamecapture HD Pro, the device itself is great the recording software works fine asswel but, the editting software seems to be very bad. every time i touch something it freezes for 5-10 minutes until i can do anything. it has to be a software problem because my Pc is a beast and should be able to handle it. does anyone have an idea how to fix this or tips on how to make it stop freeze Please help me
  18. Whenever I try to split my video more than once, VideoWave tells me that one of the resulting clips will be too small, even if the new split is longer than the previous. I don't know what to do.. I need help, friends.. Please tell me there's a way to get past this..
  19. I have recently changed to recording in Eye TV using mpeg-4 best or custom settings instead of mpeg-2. When trying subsequently to create a disc image in Toast as soon as I hit "edit" to set 'text' 'chapter' etc Toast hangs and has to be force quit. I have updated to the latest Toast 11.1, re-indexed the Eye TV files, tried cutting a small bit off the start of the Eye TV file, removed plist etc and it still continues. Mpeg-2, .avi etc all seem to still be OK but mpeg-4 Eye TV no way! The strange thing is I think it did work once when I first used mpeg-4 but subsequently it continuously fails. I can't see what updates could have affected it - it is less than a week ago and I don't recall a Mac update (on MacBook Pro 10.6.8). No Eye TV updates, I have been playing around with Handbrake including a new version but .......? Any help appreciated!
  20. I bought the Roxio Game Capture. When I open and capture with "Capture", it works completely fine. When I open "Edit & Share" though, it starts loading, but nothing happens. Anything that will help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Twobit m0rty
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