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Found 9 results

  1. The classic mode allows bit rate changes under encoding. The updated mode does not (unless I haven't found it). I purchased Toast 20 PRO because of the customizable chapter menus. I have a 1hr47min vid I am trying to burn as DVD. In the updated mode, toast makes my disc requirement 5.85GB and it is too big for DVD5 single layer DVDs. In the classic mode, toast makes disc requirement 4.22GB simply by adjusting the bit rate and I am able to burn a playable DVD on a single layer DVD. ROXIO why would you not open this up on the PRO VERSION??? If I am missing it, could you please point it out. I've been through you user manual. I do not see the option.
  2. Hi! I would just like to ask. I have Roxio Creator 2012 Pro. My encoding has stopped at video #10/14. Upon checking the video during preview (the window where you get to choose the videos you will be burning) the video also gets stuck at exactly the same time the encoding hangs. I have checked the video using a player and the video seems to work fine. The video has the same qualities as my other videos. Anyone knows what is wrong or what I should do? Thank you!
  3. Hello, I'm trying to encode some old mkv & avi videos so I can keep them on iTunes ... I used to have no problems, but now each time the final output is the same...960x540 from a 1920x1080 video file. I've been using the Apple TV 3rd generation preset since forever with no problems and now if i dare to use the "custom" alternative, the final video ends up heavily pixelated Searching on the preferences I saw something 'bout TiVo maximum size....Tivo it's not even available in my country I'm currently working on a Mac with Mavericks installed Thanks in advance for your help
  4. Hi, Just bought Toast 11 and I'm glad to say that so far it's stable on all the tasks I've thrown at it. This is on an early-2008 MacBook Pro running Mavericks. I am looking for a way to burn my Final Cut Pro X movies to DVD (standard def). I bought Toast because iDVD is essentially orphaned and doesn't handle the newer codecs very well, and because (hooray) Toast is the only alternative I've seen that recognizes the chapter markers I've embedded in my FCP movies and will automatically create good looking menu items for them. (The DVD export function of FCPX is very basic in this regard.) Here's my question: When I burn my DVD, I get good looking menus, but video with rapid movement or panning motions breaks up in a way I've never quite seen before. (I should mention that my source is interlaced, widescreen, standard def video from an older MiniDV-based Canon camcorder.) I'm not talking about the appearance of scan lines, but rather, larger "stripes" of displaced video, or sometimes it looks pixellated, but the "blocks" are pretty huge. As I said, FCPX offers only very rudimentary DVD menus, but the quality of the final video is very, very good. Hoping somebody can show me how to get the best of both worlds with Toast. By the way, the video file I'm importing into Toast is 720 x 480, Apple ProRes 422 format. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, I've looked through the forum and I cannot seem to find this problem. This error is not a DVD disc problem as I have made a disc image a few times with exactly the same problem. I have quite a large video file, just under 2 hours and then 2 smaller video files. I've been through all the files and there are no problems with them before entering Toast. Due to the size / length of the videos Toast has to compress them a little bit to fit them onto a single layer DVD. The quality is fine, but every time that the video fades to black or fades from black etc, it freezes for a split second before continuing. Why is this, and how can I fix this? Has anyone else come across this problem? Many thanks in advance to anyone that replies. Phil
  6. I am huge fan of the last version of the Roxio Spin Doctor product. So when I updated my computer and updated to the new Toast 11 & Spin Doctor X, I was mildly impressed with the facelift but I'm running into some issues. Am I missing something? - When I encode a record using my USB turntable it sounds great, looks great then when I import it to itunes it lops off the first 10 to 20 seconds... when I got back to the source its fine. I can save the source as an AIFF and import it in to iTunes manually and it sounds great so what gives am I doing something wrong? - Also there is a wicked delay now that I'm having to adjust for. From the time the sound passes from the stylus to when I hear it. At first I thought it was a system thing so I restarted the computer, ran the permissions and defraged the computer and still acts all funky. - None of the Filters are stored so I have to retweek each track Any insite to these issues would be awesome thanks
  7. Can someone help me out with what I am doing wrong to receive the above error code? I am using Roxio Creator 2011 Pro with Windows 7 x 64, 8gb ram. This is a random failure, at times the encoding works perfectly and then at times, the error message comes up as soon as the "Encode Movies" begins. I am tring to create a slideshow with 327 images but cannot get more than about a third of the way through before it fails to encode. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated. Ted
  8. Hi all, I'm new to Mac and after some research and a few recommendations, I've opted for Toast Titanium 11 to burn my DVDs. My first "toast" resulted in a very low quality DVD although the original files (AVI) were of very good quality. At first, when dragging and dropping the AVI files onto Toast, I got the message that the Xvid codec was missing. Someone recommended that I download Perian to extend the codecs of QuickTime. After installing Perian, Toast did finally recognize the AVI files. However, the result was disappointing. The quality of the video on my final DVD is jittery and of low quality. What am I doing wrong? Or is it the encoding process that is the culprit? Do I need to change some specific settings in Toast so as to get a better quality DVD? Thanks for your help.
  9. I'm trying to make a blu-ray of a video @ 1080p, 23.98 but when playing back on a PS3 the video is jittery. After reading several discussions on the matter, it seems it has to do with Toast re-encoding the video, however I have not been able to find a solution yet. Is there a way to change the settings on Toast so that it allows a pass-through of the original file OR is there a compression codec/format which is more optimal for Toast to use to create Blu-rays? I have tried with an uncompressed file and an Apple ProRes file, both with the same result.
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