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Found 12 results

  1. I am dealing with a burning issue where Roxio Creator Silver 7 receives the "RITE_InvalidImageFile" error immediately after I click the arrow to burn the files to disc. It allow the user to click retry, which will continue the burning process until the very end. The same error is issued right before the files finish burning. Any suggestion on why this could be happening? It happens with multiple Blu-ray Drives. This issue occurs only with Blu-ray's and not regular DVDs. Any ideas on a solution to this problem
  2. I am trying to copy my home-made videos. A few years ago I copied them from analogue tapes, some VHS, some 8 mm and some mini DV digital tapes. It takes 5 or 6 attempts to be successful. After a certain duration during the copying process (never the same could be e.g. 32 minutes, 45 minutes, whatever) the DVD drawer opens and I get the following display. Error while copying a disc Not all discs can be copied. For example, some movie and music discs are created with a copy-protection feature. CDs created with packet-writing software such as Roxio Drag-to-Disc or Microsoft’s Live File System also cannot be copied using the Copy Disc project. Be sure the disc you are trying to copy is not copy-protected and is not a CD created with It is time consuming, frustrating and a waste of blank DVDs. Any suggestions please ?
  3. Trying to install from a packaged version of Easy CD and DVD burning and getting several errors, but first one is Error attempting to read from the source install database: D:\EMC_Content 140\Roxio Content 14.msi. What do I need to do.
  4. I am writing this post to vent a little of my frustrations with the Roxio Creator product. My version is 2011 but I have purchased previous versions in 2007 and 2009. Each time I think they will have addressed the issues and problems but each time I am dissapointed. At this point I am unwilling to upgrade to a later version figuring that I will just get another half baked piece of software. I am fairly knowledgeable with multi media software and have used other company's software to create video shows, slide shows and audio CDs. I keep forgetting how poor the Roxio software is and I start a project, spend several or many hours on it only to find I am unable to complete it or I have to jump through all kinds of loops and make compromises to get it done. Some of my issues are: Creating a slide show -- I have created several slide shows for birthdays, funerals, graduations etc. I spend several hours creating just the right order of slides and adding and editing music and then all of a sudden the software will freeze up and everything I have done since the last save will be lost. I began saving after every significant change and periodically so I wouldn't lose too much work. The save process is slow and therefore this adds a lot of time. Then I actually produce the finished product and discover that some of the slides are just black screen for the duration of that slide. They appear to be ramdom and the only way to solve the problem is to delete those slides and re-add them. Then hope that some other slide has not been turned dark. I wind up having to view the entire slide show to make sure nothing has been omitted. Creating an audio CD has been very frustrating as well. I have given up completely on Roxio for creating a CD that will play normally in a CD player. Either the CD does not work at all or the entire group of songs must be played as a single song. It will play from track 1 but stepping to the next track fails and hangs. If I fast forward on track one it will continue on to the next tracks but you can't just select a track. I used Windows Media Player to burn the exact same play list and the CD behaves perfectly. I suppose there could be some setting or option some where that is incorrectly set in Roxio but I couldn't find it. So in summary, I have been burned almost everytime I have tried to use Roxio to create a CD or DVD and I would like suggestions for other company's audio and video software that will allow me to create slide/video shows with captioning, music and dubbed audio narating if necessary. For audio I think I will just stick with Audacity for editing and Windows media player for burning cds. I would also love to know of a good piece of video editing software so I can take the many hours of video clips etc and clip, cut, splice, add captioning, pretty menus etc. Thanks for any inputs you may have, Jim Bossaller
  5. I am a long time user (going back to Adaptec in the year 2000). I am using this for work. We have a CD with 59 tracks (which is not unusual in my line of work). First, when trying to submit disc info to Gracenote after popping the disc in for audio creator, it got to where I could not type into the track fields (but could in the artist and title fields). I could paste in there, so I typed the tracks into Word and copied and pasted into the box for Gracenote. That was well and good until about half way through when it wouldn't let me go any further (I ran out of room on the screen, there was no scroll bar and it wouldn't move down any further),. I could move the box downwards, but not upwards to see any more tracks or to hit submit even for what I had. Then, I tried doing it through advanced rip. I entered the artist and title, but it would not let me choose the language (there were not choices) to even get to the tracks. This is absolutely ridiculous. I also find it sad that the company offers such a complex program with so many features and modules to it, but offer so little support. 14 days? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Most sofware companies support well past that. With a program like this, and the fact I use it only off and on at work, 14 days isn't even enough time to open the hood, and as I recall even within that is only being able to ask one question. That is inexcusable. And from what I can tell that is for activation or installation only. Even that is sad. I am not sure what they offer as far as tech support on using the program or bugs etc. I also hate how they make each version pretty much not work with previous things. I do seem to be able to open previous versions of labels (thank God), but other things are no longer true, I also hate how if you have a project, but move the media that it doesn't allow you to give it the new path or at least keep the titles on the screen to where you can find them and fix them yourself. That would make re-making CDs easier. I would like to ask if there is a way to get the program to get the title information from the track titles themselves and not the tags or at least an easy way to edit the tags. So much of what I have doesn't have tag info for MP3s and this too is a pain. I believe the issue happens in label creator, but can't recall. I just know I have had to edit and retype. This could well end my relationship with Roxio. I love some of the added features, but the older versions were a lot more easy to use. I might continue both at work and home if they could find a way to add the features and powers, give us control over them, but not make things so difficult, and actually have them work.
  6. I need help. I have scoured the forums for hours looking for help and have either found nothing like my issue or all fixes have produced no change. I will try an include all pertainent information. I have made a football video using Videowave (Creator NXT Pro-brand new, first time with this version) of my boys season to share with the team using video from our our Cannon hd video camera (.mts AVCHD) and still pictures. It also includes music and the run time is just under one hour. I cleared all proxy files, saved the file and closed the program restarted the machine, closed anything running in the background that I could see and sent the video to MyDVD to be burned to an .iso file. The first error message was something like HoldPattern_AVCS Smart Encoding.bmp file could be found but not loaded. It never got to the encoding stage. I thought this might have something to do with the menu I picked based on past experience with older versions of videowave, so I tried the procedure again with a different menu choice. Same thing. Gave up for the night and shut computer down. Tried again this morning using the same procedure and get this error SkinImage Hold Pattern_Intel.png found but cannot be loaded. Tried it again without any start menu added to the production and it started the process but came up with the error 80004005 and a MS Visual C++ runtime Library error popped up and the software shut down. I hit the forums and have been weeding through things for about 3 hours now. I updated my video card driver, checked to be sure the Relevant Knowledge and Premier Knowledge programs are not on my computer (via Roxio help for the C++ error), made sure my Creator software was up to date, tried not sending the production from video wave to MyDVD and opening it directly from Mydvd. I did not convert my videos this time (do I need to? I have avs converter but don't want to loose video quality) and I thought this might be an issue of the video type, so I even created a dummy production that just had color panels in it, no video or photos and still could not get an iso file from that. I am running on a HP windows 7, vers 6.1 service pack 1 with a processor AMD Phenom IIx4 810 and my hard drive has 300gb free space. I am runing out of time to have this project complete. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks from a frusterated Mom!
  7. I have recently upgraded (or so I thought) from Roxio Creator 10 to Roxio Creator NXt Pro to allow me to produce Blu-ray productions. Not only can't I get it to produce a Blu-ray, I can't seem to get it to effective generate a DVD. I have taken an existing project created in Roxio Creator 10 and imported it to NXT, it seems to just hang up when I select edit movie to see if everything is there. If I just try and burn it, it just tells me Videowave is not responding and then shuts the program down. this production is about 39 mins made up of stills and video clips set to music. Again it was produced and burned in Creator 10. Anyone have any ideas to try? I have taken some of the files and tried to reproduce it totally in NXT, but that didn't seem to make a difference. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  8. To solve the problem of error message "can't find certificates". Knowledge base says to uninstall all versions and then do a complete new installation. Problem is I can't uninstall the program. In the middle of uninstalling or trying to repair, it gives me an error of 04C7 or 1935 stops and then rolls back the uninstall. Please HELP - jski4u2@sbcglobal.net
  9. Occasionally there are drop-outs of the audio for a fraction of a second. When it occurs, it appears repeatable, and it is also present in the exported movie/slideshow. It is almost as if the audio file is corrupt, however it plays fine in other tools. I have tried encoding the audio with different bit rates, including VBR and the problem remains. When I edit the audio in the Videowave audio editor, the audio plays correctly. This is a roadblock to finishing a slideshow for a memorial service. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I just bought Videolab HD and I go to create DVD's and it says, "The current display settings do not meet the minimum requirements for this application. Please change the screen resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels or higher, and the color quality to 16-bit or higher. I have dual screens which are both set at 1920 x 1080 pixels. A 23" monitor connected via VGA and a 37" Toshiba TV connected via HDMI. I am running windows 8 with and Intel quad core and 8gb of RAM. And my video card is Zotac Geforce GTS 450 amp edition. 1024mb ddr5. I can't figure out why I get the error unless its a compatability issue with Windows 8. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. When i tried to open the software it all looks well but when i click the capture and it doesnt open. if i click it a few several times this pop up i do not have any other media captures or dont know whats plug and burn. so if you know the problem, TELL ME!
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