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Found 10 results

  1. Hello. Whenever I click the livestream button in the Roxio Application it asks me to login to my Twitch.tv account. After clicking "log in" it says that something went wrong or something like that then closes the program. Help?
  2. I'm from Brazil and Logged bought Roxio HD Pro , but unfortunately I can not write the screen goes black computer , instead of appearing the image of the Xbox One, I changed all HDMI cables and nothing anyone could help me ? I've only had all HDMI searched the internet , but how am from Brazil , I do not think anything in Portuguese and English do not get to see any video in YouTub , then someone there please help me . file:///C:/Users/User/Desktop/12565575_993380527387836_3621330134378495538_n.jpg
  3. I have now downloaded the update from Toast Titanium v. 12 to v12.0.1 twice through the software's own update link and once as a standalone updater and on all occasions, the installer fails. I'm running 10.10.1 I see that even having paid for and registered Toast over some years, technical support appears to be limited to a time period of just two weeks after registration! WTF? Hopefully, someone from Roxio will read this and provide a solution...
  4. I am trying to install creator nxt 2 on a windows 7 machine, and it won't complete the install. I have attached the log files. In the videocap log file it says "Roxio VHS Capture Driver -- Installation operation failed" Any help remedying this would be appreciated. Roxio Log Files.zip
  5. Just this afternoon, my Roxio HD PRO arrived in the mail. I immediately sat down at my computer, plugged everything in, and started the installation process on my PC... and then it said it was interrupted. It is currently 10 o'clock PM and I have been sat down at my computer for HOURS just trying to get a hold of costumer service, looking up on forums, watching youtube videos, anything to help me fix this issue. So, my question is, is there a proper fix to this problem, or am I just wasting my time trying? The slightest bit of help appreciated
  6. I am having difficulties when trying to access the capture portion of my software. I have the patch installed, this makes no defference. When clicking on the capture button on the launch pad, the loading image appears and shortly dissapears. After waiting for 2-4 hours multiple times i decided it was never going to load. Previously i have had issues when trying to re-install, uninstall and simply run the software. I have nearly given up on the software. I have tried installing each part (Directx, and .net.) however this has not helped in the slighest. I have admin access, nothing has been installed or deleted before this happened. It simply began, well... not working. I hope for some very kind person to aid me in my issue. Thank you. James
  7. so i posted this but some how everything got removed and was marked as solved. but whats going on is my roxio game cap device is registered as plugged in ti my comp but wen i go to record it tells me that select video device failed i have attempted many fixes that have been suggested but none work if what i am saying is not enough info just ask fore what you need because I don't know what I'm doing i am using a PS3
  8. Okay, maybe somebody can help me here! I've uninstalled, disabled, re installed, repaired and a bunch of other things to the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software, but when I click on capture, the loading box comes up for a split second and disappears!! I've check the forums and did what was posted on there to no avail! This is my 5th hour messing with this thing and I'm getting pretty frustrated, any help?
  9. HI, I've just bought my roxio game capture hd pro and it got delivered today. But when i try to install it, it gets all the way to the end and says that the wizard has been interrupted and that i need to try again later. Please help!
  10. Iv seen and read a couple posts in the forum on the same situation i am having but i still have no clue....if i could get some help it would be most appreciated.... I try running the setup DVD and it gets to the Roxio setup wizard.. iv tried skipping the updates and iv tried doing the updates when it asks you... going with or without the updates..i always get - Sonic Setup Application has stopped working...a problem caused the program to stop working correctly windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. iv attached a lil info about my computer i hope it helps..and please if i could get some help thanks
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