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Found 7 results

  1. Lately, I've been muxing my 720p MKV files of TV show episodes into Transport Stream (TS) format (with TSmuxer, so that I won't have to wait hours and hours for Toast to force an encode of the video to a High-Definition DVD. It used to work like a treat, but I've been noticing lately that on many Toast projects, the "Space Remaining" capacity being reported in Toast is WAY too 'generous' compared to if I put the original MKV files in the pane. For example, I'm trying to author a High-Def DVD project with three 45-minute 720p TV episodes on it. Encoding is set to "never", average bitrate is set to 4.5 and max. is set to 10. With the three un-muxed MKV files, the space used is reported as 4.22GB, with 173.6 MB remaining. However, if I put my three muxed .TS files in there instead, the space used drops dramatically to 1.07GB, with 3.32 GB remaining. The files are all about the same size: The three MKV files are 678mb, 622mb and 1.56gb, while the three TS files are 727mb, 798mb and 1.63gb. If anything, they should consume more space rather than way less, right? If I try to dump more files into the list to "fill up" the space, I'll get an error message telling me there isn't enough space on the disc. If I leave things the way they are, I can see a huge "unburnt" portion on the recording side of the disc. Anybody know a fix, or if I'm doing anything wrong? As I said, this used to work great. I've also tried trashing the preferences file, but that doesn't fix anything. I like that the TS files don't have to go through Toast encoding, but these wildly differing usage spaces bother me, especially as it doesn't always happen. I seem to notice it more with discs where I'm putting multiple episodes on, though.
  2. Bug Report: This has been an issue as far back as I can remember. It's in Toast 11 for sure maybe prior to that. I was hoping it would be corrected in Toast 14 but no dice. If the Toast team sees this report would you please add this to your bug list. Steps: 1. Setup a UDF Data disc (blu-ray HDMV in my case) and burn. 2. Upon completion Toast will update the size of the files to be burned, but at double the correct/original size. 3. You can't clear the miscalculation by removing the content and adding it again. You have to close Toast, restart the app and setup the disc again. Thank you,
  3. Hi everyone, I am hoping one of you can help me. I transferred several family videos from VHS to my computer using the "computer" option in Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3. The transfer went okay, but now I want to copy the file to a thumb drive but it says the file is too large for the destination drive. The file size was about 11 gigs but the thumb drive is a 16-gig drive so I don't know why it won't fit? I even went in and exported the "project" again at a lower quality level so the file size was then 6.4 gigs, and it still won't fit on a 16 gig thumb drive. I am having the same problem with files that I transferred that are about 2-1/2 gigs and it says they are too large to fit on a DVD which is supposed to hold up to about 4-1/2 gigs. Can someone please explain to me what I am doing wrong? I am desperate to figure this out because I have to make many DVD copies of family videos for Christmas gifts and I'm dead in the water at this point. I would be very grateful for any help anyone can provide. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Best regards, Tosty
  4. I'm having a real problem with all dvd burning software. Roxio is just the latest I've tried. Every file I import expands to about 7 or 8 times the size of the original. For example, a 462 MB file becomes 3.51 GB. I'm using mp4s and avi files. Is this a Mavericks thing? Apple tech support is no help on the issue as they no longer want to deal with dvd burning. Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. We've been using Toast forever to burn our DVDs and Blurays. (We have the latest version) We have burned several this wedding season with no problems, some .iso files upwards of 4.2gb ....we are well aware that even though DVDs have a 4.7gb capacity, it's really less than that...which is fine, and not the issue. The issue is that suddenly out of no where, Toast is now underestimating the capacity of DVDs... It's saying available space on DVDs is only 3.14gb. Every other type of media seems to be accurate. Even copying a pre-existing DVD will not work, even though we have not changed anything in our work flow. Has anyone else experienced this or have a fix for it? Checked for updates and there are none, and as far as I know, we haven't done one recently. I did try deleting the preferences from our library and restarting, as that was suggested on another forum, but that didn't help. I have not tried re-installing the program yet, I guess that would be the next step but thought I would check if anyone here has experienced this. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I am trying to burn discs on a new Mac I bought recently that has Toast 9 Titanium. They are professional wedding photos (800 of them) that Toast 9 Titanium says is a total of 5.98 GB, I am trying to burn them onto a Memorex DVD-R that is 4.7 GB and it does says it has all 4.7 GB free. Why is it saying it needs to span 9 discs??? Is there some settings or something I need to change? Thanks! Attached is a screen shot that shows this.
  7. Very strange: I want to to burn 19GB of authored BR video on a BD-R. If I put in a blank disc, select UDF, drag the video folder into the TOAST window, it correctly displays 19GB. Hitting "Burn" starts the process, which is stopped showing a hardware failure message. The blank disc remains untouched. The total file size is now 38GB. After a few tries I figured out the following workflow as a work-around: 1.) Quit Toast 2.) Open tray 3.) Start Toast 4.) Select UDF 5.) Drop your video folder into Toast window 6.) Hit "Burn" 7.) Confirm to close tray Now it works. 19GB successfully burnt.
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