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Found 10 results

  1. i reset my laptop and all my files are gone including my roxio game capture software i have my serial key but all i need to do is download it again but i dont know how help would be nice thanks
  2. I recently got a new laptop, and it doesn't feature a cd/disk drive, but I need to put the Roxio Game Capture Software install disc in the tray to get the software. Do I load the file from the old laptop onto a USB and put it in the new laptop and hope for the best, Or try something else? Thank you so much if you can help!
  3. Will Roxio add mic integration for capture?
  4. HI I just installed a new hard drive to a better laptop that would support my game capture device. I uninstalled it from my old computer hoping that would allow to install on my newer one I was wrong it say product key is invalid. is there a way can do it??? thanks
  5. I have the Roxio Game Cap HD Pro and I've been trying to record footage from my Xbox 360, however, it won't accept any input above 480p, meaning on my xbox 360, I have to manually change the settings to 480p. My xbox 360 is hooked up via Component Cables and the output to the TV works with either HDMI or Component (both 1080p capable). However, on the computer, the capture software just won't accept anything above 480p and will just say no input or simply crash.
  6. Hi all Ive setup the gamecap with my xbox360 and my win8 laptop. All installs fine and ive set all cables up correctly and settings as per tutorials. It passes through the picture fine to the tv yet the preview on the laptop is slightly fuzzy (almost a bit pixelated) Are there any other settings I should look for or Is there any issues with win8 and the software. I tried the update but that didnt seem to work. is there a link for the latest software for win8? any pointers welcome Craig
  7. hello there! I'm a new user, but I've searched this forum and try to google anything about that - but had no results for that. First of all when making my records via RGC the audio gets "muddy". the best example can be heard here: in about 10th sec. of this video it gets strange. I will tell more: 1. My computer is OK with spec. 2. During the game (it was recorded live) everything was (it always is) good with the audio. yeah, I did the things in "Distorted Audio" pinned topic. so... anyone have some suggestions?
  8. Hi this is really bugging me. I was just recording my Xbox gameplay and i was in an Xbox live party and it was recording the audio from the game but not the party. I know that it wont record my voice since its not an output or whatever and i solved that with Audacity. But i really need to know how to get this fixed. I know for a fact that you can get it to record the party voices because i saw it on a forum somewhere but i cant remember where. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hello, I have had my Roxio game capture for about a year now and have not had a problem.... until now. When i went to record some gameplay of Skyrim today there was no in game sound, I clicked options and under audio input i saw it was on stereo mix, as I went to change it back to 'Line ' i saw it wasn't there. I have all my cables pluged into my tv correctly. I was looking at people who had the same problem they were told to make sure they had 'Line in' as the default, after doing this the problem persisted. Can anybody help me (I don't know much about computers please avoid 'Advanced vocabulary') 05/12/12 I have tried to re-install roxio game cap with no luck any other windows apllication can identify line, and the Roxio si the only one that cant.
  10. Iv seen and read a couple posts in the forum on the same situation i am having but i still have no clue....if i could get some help it would be most appreciated.... I try running the setup DVD and it gets to the Roxio setup wizard.. iv tried skipping the updates and iv tried doing the updates when it asks you... going with or without the updates..i always get - Sonic Setup Application has stopped working...a problem caused the program to stop working correctly windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. iv attached a lil info about my computer i hope it helps..and please if i could get some help thanks
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