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Found 6 results

  1. I recently upgraded to Roxio Toast 15. I found that out of the box it did not work with Sierra, so I applied 15.1 patch. Toast still does not work. Specifically, it hangs on quit and must alway be force quit. I have not actually tried to burn anything with it, but I am not optimistic if it can't handle this simple task.
  2. Hi I've been using Video Wave for years. I like many of it's tools and tricks, but it has always been slowww. I use a 64bit Dell Inspirion with 12gig ram and dual core processor. Maybe it's more than just defragged available hard drive space or video card efficiency/capacity. Can anyone recommend the best file type for editing 1080 HD video? My sony captures AVCHD .mts video. I also use iphone .mov files and mix them in my production. 1. Should I pre-convert video to X format before editing? 2. Does anyone recommend down-converting or decompressing before editing, and then restoring HD video data after rendering? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I have a problem with Roxio NXT3. Basically what I'm trying to do is import my film that is in .mkv format but it always results in an app hang. I also tried to import the same file but in .mov format with the same result. Please note that the .mkv file is the same film but with subtitles in there. If I try a smaller size file, let's say 8-9GB, it seems to import, though it still takes a few minutes. BluRay file is roughly 40GB. Is there anything I can do?
  4. I'm trying to burn a 3.7 gb HD iMovie to a DVD using a BD/DVD drive. I import the movie, add chapter marks at my transitions and burn. It seems to Encode and a second quick step fine, but then the "Lead-In" burn starts, it never gets past 0%. I just burned the file as a data file just to be sure because it is a new LG drive. That worked just fine from the Finder (not Toast), so at least the drive is working. I'm on 11.2 (full download install) and MacOS 10.9.4 I was thinking of trying to use Toast to create a disk image , but I don't know the way to burn it from that point. Any tips / suggestions??
  5. I have recently changed to recording in Eye TV using mpeg-4 best or custom settings instead of mpeg-2. When trying subsequently to create a disc image in Toast as soon as I hit "edit" to set 'text' 'chapter' etc Toast hangs and has to be force quit. I have updated to the latest Toast 11.1, re-indexed the Eye TV files, tried cutting a small bit off the start of the Eye TV file, removed plist etc and it still continues. Mpeg-2, .avi etc all seem to still be OK but mpeg-4 Eye TV no way! The strange thing is I think it did work once when I first used mpeg-4 but subsequently it continuously fails. I can't see what updates could have affected it - it is less than a week ago and I don't recall a Mac update (on MacBook Pro 10.6.8). No Eye TV updates, I have been playing around with Handbrake including a new version but .......? Any help appreciated!
  6. I just fired up my new TiVo and am overjoyed that I can pull recordings off it into my Mac Mini (mid-2011). However, when I try to edit the TiVo HD files to get rid of the commercials and prepare them to turn them into H.264 files, Toast 11.1 hangs and I have to force quit it. I've only had luck with standard definition files so far. HD files all seem to freeze and hang. Is there anything I should do besides restarting my Mac? Everything else seems to work like a charm. I even checked and updated the software as directed a few hours ago. Still no happiness. Thanks! Jerry
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