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Found 13 results

  1. When I first installed Roxio Game Capture HD Pro everything worked properly, but now after I re-installed windows 7 I am getting this problem. There are insufficient graphics capabilities for the application to run This can be caused by the following: - your video card driver may not fully support DirectX 9.0. Check to see if an updated driver is available for your card. - Your Video Card Hardware may not be sufficient for full DirectX 9.0 support. you will need to upgrade your card. How would I fix this problem?
  2. RAriaz23

    Black And White Screen, Help!

    I have the Roxio GameCap HD Pro. The only way I can get any images to appear when connected to my ps3 is to have the cables (red/yellow/white) to connect from my system and connect yellow to video input (Y) and the white and red wires to connect to audio input L and R respectively. From there, I have an hdmi cable leading from the bottom (below the arrows) to the ps3, and another leading from the top to my tv. The connection works fine and I can hear and see, but the colors are in black and white. Any way I can resolve this issue? Attached is an actual look at my wire setup.
  3. The Apex Star

    Usb Not Recognized

    ok so this is driving me bonkers, i bought a new laptop, hp notebook and the roxio software have installed from the disc, the usb ports are in full working order but yet it wont recognise and register the roxio usb. it keeps saying usb not recognised. when i look into it further and click the search for updates for drivers, it says im up to date but yet when i look into why the usb is malfunctioning, it says there is no drivers present for this usb :/ could somebody please help as im part of a big youtube channel associated with machinima and need this sorting asap. thank you The Apex Star
  4. I hooked up all the proper cord to my GameCap and my PS3. But I still can't figure out why I cannot get it to work. Please Help... Here's a screenshot
  5. Hi there- Is the hardware for the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD the same for both PC and Mac? Would the difference between the two be in the software only? Could I buy the PC version and download the Mac software and have it work? I am trying to buy a used version of this and the PC version is cheaper and more readily available. If anyone here knows the answer, please let me know. Thank you!
  6. zachkiller

    Signal On Tv But Not On Laptop

    I have uninstalled and re installed twice, unplugged it about 5 times, repaired about 10, and restarted my computer about 30 times and it's not working. I get input through my TV just fine but on my computer next to status in red letters it says "No Input". How can I fix this?
  7. Kasaru

    Extending Monitor Glitch

    So, I finally fixed the issue with the HD Pro and my desktop, all it took was reinstalling Windows ("all", being sarcastic). Now that the HD Pro works with my desktop, the recording is great; it never glitches like it would with my laptop, which I am still looking into fixing because that solution was a bit more versatile considering I record my PC games with the Roxio. That aside, there's an issue with that that I haven't seen addressed anywhere else in the forums. I have two identical 1080p monitors, both are connected via HDMI to my graphics card, though only one is hooked into the HD Pro, alongside my PS3 and Xbox (with a really great setup including a HDMI switcher, so that I can switch between the 3 devices with a simple press of the remote). The one that is hooked up to the HD Pro is the one I have the audio coming out through. With this setup, I decided that it would be a good idea to extend the displays so that the Roxio Game Capture software would always be displayed on one of the monitors at all times so that I could record at a moment's notice. The problem with that is, that unless the program is displayed on the main monitor, of which I use for the gaming, IT DOES NOT WORK. Here's what happens: Program is displayed perfectly normal. Press "Start Capture" It works for literally 1 second before the preview screen flashes, though the "Start Capture" DOES turn to and stay at "Stop Capture". "Time Elapsed" is stuck at 0:00 When looking at the footage, you get a 1 second video clip before the flash and all that. (for some reason, in Windows Explorer, it always says the video file is like at least 15 hours long though, even if I immediately stop the "recording" afterwards. Despite that, the clip is still 1 second.) When I move the program to the other monitor and record, absolutely no issues. I have no idea why it would do this, I don't believe there is any reason it should either. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
  8. stephhallows

    Mac Spec Comparison For Use With Toast 10

    Hi there, I work for a business that uses Toast 10 very heavily on a daily basis. At the moment we use the following machine: Apple 21" iMac Processor 3.06GHz Intel Core i3 Memory 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3 ATI Radeon HD 4670 256MB OS X Mountain Lion My question is whether there would be significantly reduced processing time burning data to discs using Toast 10 if we upgraded to the soon to be released Mac pro desktop (I'm assuming I won't be allowed to post the link so I've summarised a few points below). It's a little difficult to give exact stats to compare to, as the machine hasn't been released yet, but the promo is suggesting some of the following: - New gen xeon processors (12 core) - up to 60gb memory bandwidth - up to 40gb pci express bandwidth Basically, I'm just wondering if there is a point at which upgrading the hardware will no longer bring much benefit to the performance of Toast as I have no doubt this new Mac will cost a fortune. The investment will be worth it though if it means that Toast will perform significantly faster. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  9. theadjectivenoun@gmail.com

    Hardware Doesn't Get Signal From Xbox To Pc

    I just installed the game capture pro on my laptop and PC. It crashed both of them did a system restore on both now six days later I cannot get a signal to record or live cast. Anybody have any suggestions. I hate spending $100+ dollars on a product I cannot use.
  10. Jert

    Different Hardware

    Hi, all, I lost the official Roxio USB dongle - anyone know if the software will work with an expansion card in a PCI slot? Here's the one I'm looking at: http://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-Capture-Remote-Control-TV-PCIRC/dp/B000AOUDYE/ref=reg_hu-rd_add_1_dp Thanks!
  11. I got my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro in the post a few days ago and I've been trying to work it ever since. At first the software wasn't working and every time I tried to open the program I got the |Critical Keys Registry Missing|. I uninstalled, or tried to, uninstall the entire program and usb driver. I rebooted my pc, repaired, updated, rebooted, etc. I finally ended up having to go into my registry and cleaning up flies. When I had it all sorted out the program finally opened and I was apply to choice between capture or edit/share. Just a little background. But, I digress that's not why I'm here. When I open my device manager I've got the little yellow caution sign over the Roxio usb. I only have one driver for it. I read you're supposed to have two. Also, it says driver not installed correctly, obviously. I've uninstalled the driver, rebooted, repaired, rebooted, re-installed/updated, but still nada. I'm running out of ideas really and I've turned to my fellow community for some insight on my problem. Should I uninstall and start from scratch? I don't know how to give my pc specs, but I have some pictures. This is how my device manager looks before I plug in the usb: This is how it looks after:
  12. Jabberwockxeno

    Hardware Vs. Software Rendering

    What exactly does this do? Logically, the rendering is done via software running on the hardware, so what does this setting do? I would assume hardware would be the option you want if you have an amazing GPU, but doesn't the rendering get done on it anyways since the software (presumbly) uses the GPU? Or does it normally use the CPU, and the hardware setting uses the GPU? Are there any bugs or other info I should know relating to this?
  13. Let me start at the top. I un boxed and put the disk in my inspirion 1545 laptop. It treated it like a blank disk. I tried another disk(pc game) i have and it worked. I tried a dvd and it worked. I tried a xbox game and it said please play disk in xbox 360 console. So the disk drive works. I tried the roxio disk again and it treated it like a blank disk asking me if i want to use it like a usb storage or burn music or files again. So i restarted my laptop. Put in the disk and again treated it like a blank disk. I say to myself maybe I need the roxio box plugged into the laptop first. So i plug in the supplied usb to roxio box wire and it starts to download the drivers or update the drivers or whatever it says when you plug a new phone or ipod into a laptop. DRIVERS FAILED to download. Ok so I plug it into my xbox(when it was off) and tv and everything like im supposed to. Plug in the cable from roxio box to laptop and the drivers failed again. So i turn on the xbox and nothing happens. I then go online and register my product and try to get customer support and find there is none. So i go trough the forums and youtube and nothing about blank disk or drivers failed(just stuff for after that is done) So I send an email to the help people and it tells me my email will be responded to within 12 hours( we our on hour 17 and still no response)So while I wait I figure ill get my geek squad guy on it(thats right 2 year subscription so please dont tell me its my laptop) he dose his thing and tells me he needs the links to the data on the disk and drivers and he can do it for me. So now im waiting for my response from support. I went to buy the speedy service but my roxio game capture hd pro isnt listed as one of the products for that service. please help! oh yeah Im here to try and see if anyone can get this thing working. thank you