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  1. Hello everyone, After i read nearly every Post about Install Interruptions with the Roxio HD PRO Software, I am still clueless what to do. I already did everything mentioned in other Posts, thats why i start a new one in the hope someone already solved this Problem. I will also submit my Log Files as a ZIP if possible. What I have done so far: Downloaded it to the desktop (save file) then run it from the desktop! Install it without checking for updates install it and let it check for updates at the beginning. Create a New User Account with Administrator Privileges. Downloaded Servicepack 2 and tried to install it. My System is an MSI ge60 i7 3630Qm GTX660M 2Gb 16Gb Ram I mainly want the Roxio to capture the Signal from a PC and use the Laptop for streaming. If someone has an Idea i would be super happy, if something is missing just ask me i will try to provide you with more informations! Edit i can´t upload the Zip file i always get an Error: No file selected after it uploaded them. And the single Files won´t work. So i´ll provide you with a Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b6qgmlpkdmbqp9w/LogFile%2017-06-21%2016-26.zip?dl=0 Greetings Lord
  2. I'm from Brazil and Logged bought Roxio HD Pro , but unfortunately I can not write the screen goes black computer , instead of appearing the image of the Xbox One, I changed all HDMI cables and nothing anyone could help me ? I've only had all HDMI searched the internet , but how am from Brazil , I do not think anything in Portuguese and English do not get to see any video in YouTub , then someone there please help me . file:///C:/Users/User/Desktop/12565575_993380527387836_3621330134378495538_n.jpg
  3. Scorcio

    Lost Cd

    I lost the box of the product, i have only the product, cables and the account with the product registered and the serial number (i think). How can i get the software? (sorry for my english )
  4. I can record my video but how do I record my voice preferably without downloading anything else? Im using the game capture hd pro and turtle beach headphones.
  5. So I have not used the roxio hd Pro in a little bit, so I decided to hook it up and try it out, It displays the Game BUT its got a red tone to it, it shows the game but its red pretty much lol so I don't know if its broke? or if I have to download an update? I am downloading an update hoping that this fixes it but if not oh well . I'm using it with a Xbox one. any thoughts broken or just need an update? i'm assuming its broke lol.
  6. Im having this same problem. I also get the green No Signal thing. Did I do something wrong???
  7. I have this Roxio Game Captiure HD Pro device. I've owned this device for 1 year (January 2, 2014). I purchased it from Roxio directly on their website. I got the device installed and test the first time. I was able to capture maybe 3-6 times before it stopped capturing through the Capture function of the software. No matter what I've done; I can not capture footage. Just some information: I have the latest updates and service pack (RoxioGameCaptureHDPROServicePack2.0.exe) I'm running the lastest version of Windows 8.1 Pro x64 How to produce it: I run this application: Roxio Game Capture HD PRO Program runs -> I select "Capture" Capture application launches... "Loading" Then an immediate crash. Roxio Media Capture has stopped working. Device is plugged in via HDMI cable. No matter what I do, the application will crash. I've also tried it on another computer; still the same issue. I even tried the repair option. I've re-formated this machine for clean slate just to also test. Still a no go.. I had writen up a detailed report on these forums, but it seems all my results have been removed and purged. I know I have the urls and screenshots of them somewhere of my findings.
  8. I've noticed the GCHD Pro only records voice from my mic when I stream, and not when I record. Does anyone know of a way I could remedy this? I've been looking forward to playing games for YouTube again, but I kinda need voiceover to keep it entertaining (and legal). Also, I've noticed my program only allows for logging into Justin.tv (which has long been shut down), and not to Twitch or to YouTube. I updated it just a few hours ago, so is there something else I'm missing? Answers are appreciated greatly. I'd really love to get back into entertaining you guys ASAP. TL;DR: need use mic for record. How do? Justin.tv broke. Want use Twitch. How do? YouTube fun. You watch. Many laugh.
  9. I have my ps4 hdmi cable plugged into the input side of the HD Pro and the hdmi from the TV plugged into the output side. However when I plug the USB in and open the recording software my TV says no signal and the recording software shows a red no signal. I have my PS4 on 1080p and I have HDCP disabled and my TV is a LG 32 inch 1080p TV. What do I do to get it working? Also I have used the HD Pro for my Ps3 with component cables all year but it won't work for the PS4 with HDMI. What to do? My playstation has 2.03 update too.
  10. is there a way to set up the Roxio Game Capture Card HD Pro to a monitor instead of a tv? What cord would I need and how much would it cost?
  11. Nytmare_Elite

    No Signal

    I use a HD PRO and I recently have been having some problems with it. It is giving me a green "No Signal" light when I go to record my game as if my cable isn't in. Now I do have all the updates that the software permits as well as making sure the cables are in properly. I can see the game on my TV screen just fine. But I cant see it or record it on laptop. I use a Windows 8 laptop which ive recorded and uploaded from before 90% of my recording has been on my ne laptop. It just started doing this maybe a month ago id estimate. I hope you can figure out a solution please help!
  12. my hd pro wont record on 720p or 1080i on component it was always able to till the lateset update so now i cant do ps3 videos how can i fix? it only records 480p only yyyyyyyyyyyyy
  13. Im having this problem where my Monitor says that the Xbox 360 is off-like when a computer is in sleep mode (this is only when im connected to the roxio, it works perfectly fine when the xbox is plugged into the monitor w/out it) The roxio software picks up the xbox but when it is projected onto my monitor i get the black screen. I am using HDMI cables.
  14. So ive had the Roxio HD pro for while ,and I already know how bad it is with its many problems, however iv been able to fix everything on my own and get it working for consoles, i recently built a pc and wanted to game on one computer with one monitor and record it on another computer with another monitor, so this is how i have it set up.......hdmi #1 plugged into Gaming pc's graphics card going to Roxio hdmi Input, hdmi #2 going from Roxio hdmi output to Gaming Monitor HDMI slot, REGULAR computer has Roxio device plugged in with software and drivers (updated) ......now when attempting to capture...REGULAR pc with regular monitor boots fine , GAMING pc doesn't have any display just a blue screen, when opening roxio software display is still blue....i tried the usual powerful uninstall of the software and drivers, and the usual install with antivirus disabled, but ive been using the product since release and im pretty sure i know what im doing that side. however i cant seem to get the pc capture working iv attached a diagram of the setup .
  15. So! I have a Roxio gamecapture HD PRO and it used to work perfectly well and suddenly everything goes wrong! I haven't change anything on my computer since I have my Roxio, I removed and re installed the program several time and still can't fixed it I tried all the tips that were suggested to me in the FAQ, but still not working.... So if anybody have the answer, please post it so I can see it I'll put a picture of my problem so you see what i'm dealing with.... THANKS! When I watch what i recorded, the clip goes in slow motion, sometimes it goes really fast to really slow, there is a lot of lags [green bars like the colour bars while i record] and more! I don't think it's my computer because it was working fine, maybe it's a wire (even if they're in perfect conditions) or it's just the roxio itself... anyway thats it
  16. Hi guys, Sony has already released an update for PS4. The system update 1.70 patch has capabilities of disabling HDCP for PS4, so capturing HD content using capture programs will now be possible. No more "Signal Protected" issues for PS4. Articles: http://www.gamespot....p/1100-6419203/ http://www.ign.com/a...d-turn-hdcp-off So basically, PS4 is now compatible with RGC HD Pro & RGC.
  17. Hello, I am trying to figure something out that I have been having issues with since I started using my RGC HD Pro. When I open the software that brings up the capture and edit buttons everything is fine. I am then able to use the edit and share feature, however, when I try to click on capture the window comes up and instantly it crashes and I am given a window that says "Roxio media capture has stopped working." Windows does not show that a solution is available to I thought I would write here. My computer specs are as follows: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit AMD A10 5800k 3.8GHz processor DirectX 11 Plenty of space and I have explorer 10 installed
  18. I am having trouble getting my video to record in hd. I know that it will only capture 720p, but i am only getting 480. I check my options before recording and it says 720p is selected. What am I doing wrong?
  19. Hi there, after alot of trubles back and fourth i've finaly got a working roxio gamecapure HD pro. however there is just one problem. i record some footage (i record pc footage. no console.), and when i watch the footage later there is no gameplay sound. it records video but not audio. why? and can someone help me, please. i got my roxio gamecapture HD pro for christmas, but that one didn't work. so now i've finaly got a new one but it dosen't record Audio. so please help. if it matters here's my systems specs. (its a laptop) windows 8.1 64-bit geforce gtx 770m intel core i7-4700mq processor 8gb RAM HDD: 750 GB 7200RPM please excuse my english. i am a Norwegian so my english isnt actualy flawless to say the least. but please help! Please help me, anyone who can help as soon as possible, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  20. I bought this thing yesterday but whenever I click the capture button a loading icon appears then vanishes without the program ever launching and whenever I click the edit & share button the loading icon appears then a message displays saying "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available". I have uninstalled it, reinstalled it, used the cd to repair it and done all of that again with my firewalls, cleaners, etc turned off. Please help and I know someone is gonna ask for my compluter specs so here it is below. Inspiron 17R Special Edition Windows 8.1 Processor: Intle® Core i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz RAM: 8GB System type:64-bit operating system 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 650
  21. I have the Roxio Game Cap HD Pro and I've been trying to record footage from my Xbox 360, however, it won't accept any input above 480p, meaning on my xbox 360, I have to manually change the settings to 480p. My xbox 360 is hooked up via Component Cables and the output to the TV works with either HDMI or Component (both 1080p capable). However, on the computer, the capture software just won't accept anything above 480p and will just say no input or simply crash.
  22. Hello I bought the Roxio Game capture HD PRO and I am experiencing a lot of troubles. First of all, the button of "Live capture" is not working. It stays gray... The status its always "no signal", but I can see the hardware on Device Manager. In hardware, the HDMI light is always on. To make sure I am not doing nothing wrong, I'll specify my steps: I connected the Roxio device on USB Port (Windows regonized it); I install software; I Conect HDMI cable in Input and the other side of cable I plugged on out of my another device (game, notebook out, etc); Open program; Here is my Notebook (Roxio device plugged notebook) specs: Dell Inspiron 1525 Intel Core2Duo RAM 2GB Intel 965 Express Chipset Family OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 32bits. I hope you can help me. Keep in touch Glauco
  23. Roxio's specs: -Microsoft Windows® 8, 7, or Vista. SP2, XP (SP3 for 32 bit & SP2 for 64 bit), Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon x2 64 2.0 GHz, 2GB RAM -DirectX® 9.0c compatible graphics card or higher, sound card -Windows Media Player 11 or higher -Internet explorer 7 or 8 My specs: -Processor: Intel® Pentium® CPU B590 @ 2.10GHz -Installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB (3.85 GB usable) -Graphics card: Intel® HD Graphics Family (DAC type: internal with a 32-bit 60Hz Generic PnP Monitor -Sound card: Realtek High Definition Audio (not sure) -DirectX: v11 -Windows Media Player 12 -Internet Explorer 10 (I'm not sure if this will work with Roxio as they only say IE7 or IE8)
  24. Ok, so I'll try to give as much information as possible due to my issue with the order. -So I've ordered a Roxio HD Pro from their site < https://www.roxio.com/ena/products/game-capture/console/overview.html > on the 21st of April. And while I was assuming they would take around 2 weeks to ship during this time I have not received my confirmation email even though it still says that I have an order on their site (which is all fine and all) but for some reason in my bank account they have taken out the money and put it back into my account (I'm assuming they did this to make sure that I had enough [ and also because they mentioned that they only take what the product costs when they ship it]). This wouldn't be an issues if they had not done this every single day (with the exception of today as to where they have taken the money had haven't returned it [possibly payment has been confirmed?] ). Is there a reason as to why they keep doing this? and as an addition feature it looks as though they are trying to take the payment again... not to mention that the "Look up your order" page doesn't actually tell me if it has been shipped. TLDR: Ordered Roxio HD PRO from their site. Paid using a debit card No confirmation email (as of yet). Order does exist (according to their site) Continuous Taking money out and then replacing it. They have taken the payment now and looks like they are trying to take the amount again (looks like it, I have left a lump sum in that account to see if they take it or not [will update]). No status as to whether the order has been shipped. What's going on? If someone could fill me in as to what is going on, I would very much appreciate it.
  25. Good afternoon, I have recently bought my Roxio HD Pro, for the main purpose of livestreaming. The other day when I was testing it out on Twitch TV, it was working absolutely fine. I tried again today, but I don't have any gameplay audio this time. And that also includes when I capture some gameplay too. I'm wondering if it had anything to so with the update I did on the Astros Mixamp 2013, as I hadn't had that plugged into my PC before. I have set everything up as it says on the instructions and like I said, it was working perfectly the other day. Thank you muchly Kittie Rat http://www.twitter.com/halo_kittie http://www.ratsclan.com
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