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Found 23 results

  1. So as the title suggests, I am trying to set up a capture from a gaming console to my PC. I can get the image to show in OBS on the PC (albeit without sound, though that's another issue for another time) but not on my monitor. The specifics of how I have this set up are listed below: Console: Nintendo Switch -> Roxio HD Pro - > Laptop & Monitor (Acer G205H) The cable being used from Roxio to the monitor is an HDMI - DVI cable. The monitor should have HDCP support (This link claims it does: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/720993-REG/Acer_ET_DG5HP_001_G205H_Special_Edition_20.html). If going directly from the Switch to the monitor, the video shows perfectly fine. From Roxio to the monitor, however, the screen is generally black. I say "generally" because a couple of times it flashed an "Input not Supported" message before turning black. From what research into this message I've done as it relates to Capture Cards, it seems that this is due to a resolution issue. I've changed the native resolution of the Switch to test all three of its options (1080p, 720p, and 480p) yet none of them worked, and considering that going directly from the Switch to the monitor works, I do not believe that this is a resolution issue (though I could be wrong). Not sure what the cause is here, so I would really appreciate some guidance/help before going out to buy different wires or HDMI Splitters or w/e else comes to mind to test this and end up just wasting money. Thank you. ~Dys
  2. So when i plugged the roxio into my xbox 360 it displayed on the tv and recorded fine. when i hook it up to my xbox one, everything works but the display on the tv shrinks, instead of taking up the whole tv screen,it shrinks to just 1080(i think 1080x1080 intstead of 1920x1080) so the width of the display is cut dramatically , but appears fine on computer, on the roxio software's screen. Any help?
  3. So when i plug my roxio hd capture card into my xbox 360 it displayed on the tv and recorded fine, when i hook it up to my xbox one everything work, but the display on the tv shrinks, instead of taking up the whole tv screen,it shrinks to just 1080(i think 1080x1080 intstead of 1920x1080) so the width of the display is cut dramatically and displays black borders on the left and right sides , but appears fine on computer, on the roxio software's screen. Any help?
  4. Hi there, Recently got my hands on a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro for my PS4. However, even though I disabled HCDP on my PS4, I'm still not getting any signal to my Capture program. Both of my HDMI cables are fine and in the correct position, I've updated to 2.1, the Roxio is lit up, the device is plugged in, but the program doesn't go past "No Signal." I noticed that the Roxio doesn't show up in my computer's devices. Would that mean something? Any suggestions to fix this?
  5. Hi everyone, I would like to use my camcorder to live stream to Twitch. It is a Canon Vixia HFR40 with a mini HDMI port. I have the camcorder attached to the GameCap HD Pro via HDMI cable and connected to my PC via HDMI, but nothing shows up when I start the GameCapture program. What am I not doing properly?
  6. Hi, I recently bought this for my son, so I'm a bit unsure about the technical aspects! He uses a Samsung monitor with a HDMI input only. I bought the necessary component cables for the PS3 and also a component & audio to HDMI converter. So the map is something like this; Component & Audio in > PS3 Component & Audio out > HDMI converter HDMI converter > HDMI input on monitor I'm getting no luck with this set up. Where am I going wrong? Any help greatly appreciated, or else my 11 year old will not be happy! Thanks!
  7. Okay so I'm having a hard time with my roxio hd pro and my xbox. My problem is that I have the video coming into the roxio and im able to record the game play but i have no audio and there is no out put to the tv at all. htmi to tv works fine but it is when i add the roxio to the mix everthing goes haywire. The cables are new as well as the roxio and i have no idea what the problem is here and would love some help and feed back! Thanks
  8. I am trying to record using Roxio Game Capture Pro. I have the device plugged in to usb. I have an HDMI running from my gpu's out port to roxio's "input" then another hdmi coming out of roxio's "output" into the monitor. I tested each cable individually, and they work perfectly fine. I have tried editing the monitors settings, as well as my gpu's. Nothing seems to work because my screen still looks blurry. For example in the screenshot, the words look blurry. Note- I saw on a post that roxio game capture should show up twice on my device manager? It only shows up once for me.. Please help! EDIT: I am looking at the image i posted. When i took the screenshot "FTB Mage Quest" looks blurry. This seems to prove that it isn't my gpu going crazy (MSI R9 390) but rather it is the game capture pro that is struggling. I have tried removing all the cables, then plugging in the hdmi's, then the usb cable into the game capture. It still looks blurry :/
  9. So since the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro doesn't come with the extra HDMI cables needed, i went ahead and ordered 2 Pearlstone 10' Ultra thin HDMI cables. I went to test the HD Pro on my PS4 first, and my TV was blank once i plugged one of the Pearlstone HDMI cables from the output into the TV. I tried this with the X1 as well, and still nothing being read/blank screen. I originally bought the 2 HDMI cables for the 360, since my console only had component wires. (I still haven't tested out the 360) So since I want to be able to record gameplay from all my consoles, is there specific HDMI cables I should buy for the newer generation of consoles? I was really looking forward to making some videos over the summer.
  10. My Game Capture HD Pro has worked fine for two years with the Component on my PS3. But I have wanted to record on my PS4 and when I do, the screen fails to intact. It continously rotates between the game screen, a black screen and a blue screen and always goes from Ready to No Signal and back again. Why is this happening with the HDMI and not the Component?
  11. Hey Guys, I have a monitor that has 2 HDMI IN PORTS and 1 HDMI OUT PORT. If i ran 1 HDMI from the "HDMI OUT" port on my BenQ Monitor, into the "HDMI IN" on my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, then the provided USB from the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro in my Computer, would this still enable me too record my gameplay at 720? Or, do i have to use my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro as a pass through in between my PS4 and my Monitor. Any answers on this would be great! Currently, i am also experiencing a problem where the preview screen within the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software is Black/Purple, yet the signal say's "READY" and when i record the gameplay still comes out fine... But i'd still be able too prefer to be able too look at the preview whilst im recording too make sure everything is ok. Any ideas? Any help/tips would be appreciated! Cheers, PsYchDesmon
  12. I am getting a problem like I first encountered with my PS4. The screen is flickering or giving no signal at all as my Roxio Game Capture Pro on my PC. It did the same thing on my PS4. I disabled the PS4 HDCP and the capture is great. I am just wondering if there is a setting on my PC that is preventing me from capturing. It was easy on the PS4 to find HDCP, but I can't seem to find the problem on my PC. I can stream PS3 and PS4, I am just having trouble streaming PC. I would like to capture, Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online on my PC. Any help with this would be much appreciated. I have an Intel hd 4200 graphics card, it's 4000 series anyways. I have a Samsung series 5 Ultra laptop is the PC. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Hi there, I am having an EXTREMELY hard time with my new Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. Let me 1st tell you a little bit about my setup. I have a 65" LG 3D TV (Not relevant) and a 7.2 surround sound setup run from an ONKYO NR-470. My issue is I tried running my PS4 to my amplifier, and tried to tie in the Roxio from the HDMI out to the tv. I get perfect video; however, 0 audio. I then tried placing the Roxio between the AMP and PS4, meaning now the cable runs from my PS4, to the Roxio, then from the Roxio to the amp. I am able to get the sound to my PC this way; however, the Roxio is downgrading all sound via the HDMI out as 2.0 channel sound, which is not acceptable from a 5.1/7.2 audio source. My questions are a mix bag but I will try to explain them. Can the Roxio HD Pro output more than 2.0 channel audio via the HDMI out port? Why can the Roxio only collect audio from the PS4 directly and not through an amp? (Tried amp output in PCM and Bit Stream to insure it was not an audio trans-coding issue) My TV accepts audio via the HDMI out port on the amp so I know it is no fault of the audio equipment. I was very exciting to receive this product in the mail and now I am extremely disappointed. What is worse is the authorized reseller I purchased this from went out of business last Saturday morning so I cannot return it for the same product or one from the competitor (Futureshop). I have already invested so much money in an extra monitors, a condenser microphone, and a good set of headphones so my daughter and I can start a youtube channel together. I hope you can help.
  14. Hi, I've just gotten Roxio Gamecap HD Pro, and I've been try to see it up so I can play my PS3 on my TV screen while capturing on my computer. My TV only has one HDMI socket, so I got a HDMI splitter cable plug so I could capture from my TV while my PS3 is connected to the TV via HDMI cable, but the plug won't let me have more than one device (a.k.a. my PS3 and Gamecap) on at once. My PS3 connects straight to Roxio Gamecapture fine, but I can't handle the 2 second delay in playback. I've tried various things like connecting the splitter cable plug from the gamecap and the PS3 instead of the TV but nothing works. And my monitor doesn't have a HDMI input, otherwise I'd be playing it on there. Please, is there anyway around this problem? I'm beginning to think I should have just gotten the SD gamecap.
  15. Hi there. I received my Game Capture HD Pro today and it's providing a great picture so far however I am also receiving an annoying buzzing noise in the background. I have tried swapping cables around and have even recorded footage of my Laptop using it which also has the background noise. It's a similar sound to feedback given from guitar amps, etc. I am running the capture card from an Xbox 360 into a regular LCD TV via two HDMI cables. I am also using the provided USB cable running into my Toshiba Laptop and the provided Roxio Game Capture program to record. Here's an example of the noise I am getting when recording. I can hear the noise too coming from my TV/Laptop when I'm running my Xbox which I never hear when I am normally playing. Also I'm not sure if there's any relation between the two but I was recording Black Ops 2 footage earlier and there was a 2 second delay between the picture and audio. Thanks for any help I'd really appreciate it if you had any solutions.
  16. So I was wandering, if i connect my PS3 to Roxio Game Capture HD Pro using component wire (red,blue,green,white) can i connect to my HD PC moniter using a HDMI wire. S0 basiccaly PS3 Component wires 2 Roxio - Roxio HDMI - PC moniter. Think the - as if it is the wires
  17. I'm going to connect my ps3 to roxio game cap HD PRO using component cables but is it possible to connect roxio game cap HD pro to PC Moniter using HDMI to VGA http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10ft-3M-HDMI-Male-to-VGA-Male-Adapter-Cable-Converter-Lead-For-PC-TV-Out-/371018096431?pt=UK_Computing_Sound_Vision_Video_Cables_Adapters&hash=item566266df2f
  18. Im having this problem where my Monitor says that the Xbox 360 is off-like when a computer is in sleep mode (this is only when im connected to the roxio, it works perfectly fine when the xbox is plugged into the monitor w/out it) The roxio software picks up the xbox but when it is projected onto my monitor i get the black screen. I am using HDMI cables.
  19. Hey, first post! I'm having an issue with my Roxio Game Capture when I try to stream with my PS4. I set it up and in the first moment everything looks like it's gonna be great and it's connected when out of nowhere it switches to component cables and the screen in the program turns blue and it tells me "no signal." It even jumps back and forth from HDMI to component so it shows me what's playing on my PS4 for a moment before jumping back to the blue screen again. Sometimes it still says it's still on HDMI but still switches back and forth rapidly from "ready" to "no signal" Random info that may prove useful: I am 99% sure that I have everything connected properly. I've done loads of streams before, but have never attempted it with my PS4 until today. I am using HDMI cables, not component cables. My laptop is surprisingly heavy duty and has little to no problem streaming before. It's never gotten overheated or anything like that either. I have tried different HDMI cords to make sure they're not the problem. Thank you for any help!!!
  20. So I got a Wii U, and was hoping to get around to recording a playthrough of Wind Waker HD and Hyrule Warriors for my channel, but I'm having difficulty trying to get Roxio to use the HDMI cables. I have the 2 HDMI cables; 1 was included with the Wii U, the other I just bought at Walmart. I have the HDMI Output going to the TV and the HDMI Input going to the Wii U. The issue is that the capture software is getting no signal from the console, and it's also not showing output on the TV. I don't know if there's a certain setting I need on the Roxio to get it to use the HDMI. I currently have the AV/Composite cables plugged in too if that's an issue. If anyone could provide me with some more information, it would be greatly appreciated. On a side note, my AV cables are acting up. When I try and run my Wii U on the composite cables now, the screen goes haywire and is staticy.
  21. I have a Samsung Galaxy tab 3 with a hdmi adapter (http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/galaxy-tab-accessories/ET-H10FAUWEGUJ) which I use to display the tablet on the tv. Would the Roxio Game Capture HD pro be able to record from my tablet?
  22. So ive had the Roxio HD pro for while ,and I already know how bad it is with its many problems, however iv been able to fix everything on my own and get it working for consoles, i recently built a pc and wanted to game on one computer with one monitor and record it on another computer with another monitor, so this is how i have it set up.......hdmi #1 plugged into Gaming pc's graphics card going to Roxio hdmi Input, hdmi #2 going from Roxio hdmi output to Gaming Monitor HDMI slot, REGULAR computer has Roxio device plugged in with software and drivers (updated) ......now when attempting to capture...REGULAR pc with regular monitor boots fine , GAMING pc doesn't have any display just a blue screen, when opening roxio software display is still blue....i tried the usual powerful uninstall of the software and drivers, and the usual install with antivirus disabled, but ive been using the product since release and im pretty sure i know what im doing that side. however i cant seem to get the pc capture working iv attached a diagram of the setup .
  23. I had bought a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and I wanted to see what was going on on the screen of my xBox 360 on my computer screen! But when I connected the HDMI cable in the Roxio GAME Capture HD Pro program, it said that it was ready to register, but now video was shown on the screen! Just a blue/black scree! What should I do? I had already reinstalled it many times and it never work! I have no idea on what to do! Please help me!
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