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Found 12 results

  1. I'm having an issue where I get the "Could not complete because of MacOS error 1310" message when trying to burn DVD's or even save them as a disc image. This has been going on for about a year since upgrading to Toast 18 with no resolution from Corel/Roxio. I have a project file (.disc file) that I desperately need to have burned (or at least saved as a disc image so I can burn it through MacOS directly). Is there anyone who has a WORKING copy of Toast who would be willing to save my project as an image file (.toast or .iso) and send it back to me? WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT. THANKS!!!
  2. I have the latest version of Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning (Version;, Build 140B49C, ECD; 701B41A, ECD) running on Windows 10 Professional updated to the latest build. My problem is that I have a bootable ISO file (EaseUS Partition Master) which I've downloaded and I need to burn it to a bootable USB flash drive so I can boot-up on it and run the program. However, try as I might I can't find out how to accomplish this task - it gives me an option to burn it to disc but not to a USB flash drive. It's a dirt-common function and one I'm sure this Roxio program has, but so far I haven't discovered how to make it work. Any information on how to use Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning to do this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hello all, just had a few questions I need answered before I pull the trigger on this software. Can it burn ISO's and rip DVD to an ISO? Can it rip music to MP3 and convert MP3's to WMA or other formats? Is there any type of DVD maker with menus? Can it handle VOB's? I think I know the answer to one of the questions but can't seem to find any answer to the others. Thanks in advance!
  4. I have Roxio Creator DE 10.3 (on Win 7). Is there a way to create ISO images from a series of files in order to provide the ISO image to a co-worker for them to actually burn the CD.
  5. Hi, A small group of us is working on a DVD project using different NXT licences and different computers (Windows 7 and 8). The problems (this is just one of them!!) we are facing are on all licences and all computers. It also has nothing to do with transferring files between computers (it still exists using all files from a single computer). The next thing to say is that I have solved the problem by going back to an old EMC10 on an old XP desktop - long live EMC!! - long live XP!! The problem is this - when burning to ISO from MyDVD for a movie made up of several .mpg files, when playing the ISO file the end of each .mpg file plays very jerkily. The last 2 or 3 seconds of each .mpg will not play smoothly. I've tried using different ways of generating the .mpg files. I've tried adding the .mpg files as separate movies instead of a single movie, but this won't work because of a problem with MyDVD (I've decided to cover this in a separate topic). Other tests I've carried out have convinced me there is a flaw in the ISO generation, not with the .mpg files. If I transfer all of the .mpg files to EMC10 on XP and burn the ISO file from MyDVD10 everything works fine - the ISO file plays perfectly. All settings are as identical as they can be between these different versions. If I then transfer the ISO file back to my Windows 8 PC it still plays perfectly. I am obviously having to use this as a work around, but it would be great if anyone can suggest a remedy for NXT, or maybe tell me what we are all doing wrong.
  6. I have a video file who's attributes read as "application.exe". When I open it, it plays a video file. No other files are listed just the .exe file. I downloaded Imgburn and made it into an ISO file but I still can't load the ISO file into creator so I can edit the video. Does anyone know how to load an ISO file into creator? Thanks so much, Barry
  7. If this topic is already covered please point me to the thread. I'm new to toast. Have just burned an iso to disc from Adobe Encore for Blu-Ray. I have yet to figure out how to do the Blu-Ray burn from Toast. I've tried Video and Convert and neither seem to be the ticket.
  8. I am interested in purchasing Creator NXT Pro, but first I need to know if it will burn my ISO files to DVD. Can't find answer on Roxio website or in their Knowledge database.
  9. I created a video file with music and I added some of the advanced effects such as fairydust and fire. After burning the ISO to a disk and playing it on a DVD - it appears that some of the pictures are blank. Why are some pictures blacked out or are spaces being to the overall video file?
  10. Hi Roxio Community, Have a problem with Toast 11. Trying to burn a Disc Image created in Adobe Encore. When I drag in the .iso file from Finder it loads up as expected but when I go into the settings it shows that the quality is only Very Good and not Identical as it shows when I copy direct from a DVD directly as opposed to an iso file? The compression is showing as 'Low' and the quality is less than 100% match to the original. Why is this? I have already encoded it Toast please don't try and re-encode it! In seriousness, is it something that will be a problem? Should I just burn it from Disk Utility? Really appreciate any help or advice. Best wishes, Alex
  11. when using Creator.... i was able to upload an MKV file and convert to ISO. however Audio will not burn... so when playing back i get a perfect Menu, Perfect Video quality... but i can't hear anything.... need help...
  12. Hello All, I have been using Roxio products to create my productions since since 2006. And have upgraded both the software and my laptops numerous times in hopes of finally having a solution that doesn't crashes. I am currently using Creator NXT, there are no new updates. I have a Windows 7 Operating system, which is also up to date. My current laptop config is: Dell - XPS L502X - Intel Core i7-2620M CPU @ 2.70 GHz - 6GB Ram - 64-bit Operating System. I have two issues I have been running from for years: (1) 8004520c Error while Encoding Movie 1 (2) Video Wave Stopped Working The second issue is more of a nuisance and time consuming, but I really think Corel needs to fix it. The first issue, I usually can restart program, restart computer, or completely shutdown - rest - and restart and I can get by it. But not today, nothing I try is working. Anybody have a clue? Sincerely - Aggravated.
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