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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I just purchased the above software, but struggling to load it onto my laptop. I keep getting an error message saying 'Invalid Product Key' even though I clearly have the correct key numbers inputted. My laptop only runs windows 7. Could this be the problem? Any help would be gratefully received!
  2. Hi everyone, I am unable to set up toast 15 pro that I just bought. Upon registration and entering the key, I am unable to click the "continue" button. Any help welcomed, the matter is urgent. Jon Coplon
  3. Drayden

    No Cd

    I purchased the HD Capture several years ago, but I can't find my disc to install it onto a new laptop. I have the product registered, I bought it new from Amazon, and I used it for a while before forgetting about it, so everything should be fine, I just need the physical disc. Any way to go about getting a new one?
  4. Hello all, I have misplaced/lost my CD's to my VHS to DVD 3 Plus. I have the product key is there anyway that I can download the software on line? Am I going to ahve to buy the whole thing again? Thanks
  5. I am trying to install NXT 3 Pro and and have been having numerous problems with Part 1. Now I am getting the message "Key has been used too many times." Even thought Roxio stopped the download each time saying it could not install. Now what? Any suggestions?
  6. Hello I formatted the hard drive of my computer and now trying to install the program tells me that the key has already been used. Could you help me?
  7. So on my old laptop i had the roxio software and used the key to install it but i had a buzzing noise issue and somoeone told me to test it on a different laptop so i used it twice. Now i dont use it on either computers becuase i got a gaming pc which i know is able to record xbox with no problems specs are here: Amd a8 6600k 3.9ghz quad core proccesor (apu) with 8750d graphics windows 7 500 watt So im wondering how many more times i can use the key, i will only use it for my own use sooo.
  8. I bought my roxio game capture sd last Christmas with the money i received. I installed the software on my laptop, but i recently wiped it completely and sold it since i bought a gaming pc. I am still interested in recording my xbox 360 and i need the software since i lost the cd (God knows where). I have picture proof since my dad purchased it on amazon. Its attached to this post.
  9. I had to do a fresh restart on my computer which I was told would save everything but it didn't. I found the CD but I have no idea where the actual keys are. I purchased Roxio last year at OfficeMax Is there anyway to gaining the access code again?
  10. Hi i have lost the product key for my roxio game capture it was installed on my computer using the key but then reset my computer thinking i still had the code
  11. I just recive my capture bought from ebay but i can't use it. When I connect it the purple light but my computer doesn't recognize it. Also the seral on the cd doesn't work, what can i do?
  12. I have bought a new laptop but have my roxio software on my old laptop. Am i able to tranfer the product key over to the new laptop? or how does it work?
  13. I purchased Roxio 2012 Pro direct from Roxio. I orginally installed it with the key provided. I had to remove from current computer and re-install as it was not functioning correctly. Upon re-install, I got the invalid key error and could not continue with installation. Help please.
  14. So I bought Roxio Game Capture a couple months ago, and since then have moved to another computer. Would someone mind explaining why you can't connect a key TO THE ACCOUNT AND NOT AN INDIVIDUAL COMPUTER?
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