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Found 3 results

  1. I have Mac2Tivo and Tivo Desktop installed on my new Mac Mini. Tivo Transfer works just fine, but I can't get my Mac Mini to show up on my Tivo, even though the Mac2Tivo server appears to be running and I have successfully added several video folders (two others have been locked in "Calculating" mode for three days and I can't seem to stop it). Either Mac Mini wont show up on my Tivo at all...or it will with an "!" in front of it and no content listed. When I reboot my computer, the first thing that comes up is this error message: "Roxi Mac2Tivo is in use by _Securityagent. Only one copy can be running at a time. Another instance of Mac2Tivo is already running" Any advice? Lee
  2. several issues and i'm stuck on them all... fyi: running Mountain Lion 10.8.2 fyi: brand new Tivo Premiere fyi: purchased Toast 11 as recommended by Tivo fyi: Mac2Tivo version 1.2.1 fyi: connected via wifi with Airport Extreme; & no firewalls so, i have successfully transferred tv shows FROM my Tivo TO my Mac via Toasts Tivo Transfer program. and the first time i set everything up, i successfully was able to transfer videos FROM my Mac TO my Tivo via this Mac2Tivo program. but i was unhappy that it didn't recognize any folders or structure and read about the older "Tivo Desktop" program and the hidden "Video" tab option. so i turned off & quit Mac2Tivo and installed the TivoDesktop and set it up and was successfully able to see & transfer videos FROM my Mac TO my Tivo with it. but now tonight, all of a sudden, it wouldn't let me transfer anything. so after futzing with it for a while, i decided to un-install the TivoDesktop pref pane and go back to the Mac2Tivo program since the TivoDesktop program worked the same way (no folders) and it was older. but ever since, i've not been able to get the computer to show up on the Tivo Now Playing list like it used to. I rebooted everything several times. I deleted the ~/Library/Application Support/Mac2Tivo folder I deleted the ~/Library/Preferences/com.roxio.mac2tivo.plist I read to not mix file types and to not put too many in there, so i culled it down to just 3 files of the same type then finally, after also killing the "RXTivoServer" Process from the Activity Monitor, AND doing all of the above, it showed up on the Tivo! BUT, it's not showing any of the video files; it's just empty. so i went back to the computer and stopped the server then removed the folder; quit; relaunch; re-add the folder; re-start the server, but it's doing one of two things every time i try that... it's showing the "Item Count" column as either "0" (zero) or "Calculating...". so, i'm befuddled. any thoughts? thanks.
  3. i just recently got the Toast 11 recommended by Tivo for my new Tivo Premeire. have it running on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 i noticed there's a separate process in Activity Monitor that runs even when Mac2Tivo doesn't, called "RXTivoServer". 1) does that mean i can "quit" the Mac2Tivo application and the server part will still run in the background & work with the Tivo? & 2) is there a Menulet for this somewhere? thanks.
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