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  1. Hi, I am trying to create a DVD where I have photos that can either be viewed with music or with narration. If I try and create 2 movies, they don't fit on one DVD (just slightly over), I could pull some photos out to reduce the size but would like to include the photos that I have. Is there a way to have one video with photos only and then the user can make the choice as to which audio accompaniment they want? Ideally Menu would have two buttons - Music or Narration. Regardless of which one the user chooses, the photo slide show would run with the chosen audio format. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Amy
  2. Brand new to NXT 5 after couple years with much earlier Roxio Creator (don't recall name, not an NXT). With that one, eliminating the prefatory menu was simple; made desired opening direct to movie no problem. Found suggested solution when erroneously went to NXT 4 group. Is elimination of that menu possible on 5? If so, please make it simple enough a 77YO low-tech dinosaur can follow. Thanks, I hope.
  3. I am using Toast Titanium pro 15 and want to make video button but it’s displaying 1 video button before showing the other page on the menu bar. How can I get rid of the first button. I just want to have 6-7 chapters straight on the menu when I insert the disc. I just want to access the second window directly. Here are the pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gc82r8z4zsr6j1h/AACRIM3moR7E9O0P77gADT-Oa?dl=0 Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm using Roxio Creator NXT with Windows 8. When I click on the "Add background audio" and then "Media Selector" I try to select My music folder on my PC. The dropdown menu quickly disappears without letting me navigating to my music library. Can't select, can't scroll up or down, can't click on any folder. Please advise.
  5. Hi ! I have 13 short videos that I want to burn to a dvd that will play on most DVD players ( ie not data files). Ive converted them from MP4 to MPEG-2 and can play the video. The issue is that I have been unable to created the DVD so that a menu starts and allows you to pick WHICH video to play ( ie a menu that lists the files by name so you can choose. Help Please !
  6. I can successfully load a jpg into the customized menu by the drag and drop method. When I burn the HD DVD I get a black background and a black box with the highlight color I selected green but I get yellow (the default). Not even the name of the disk I gave it (Text color Red). What am I doing wrong? I am using a MacPro (early 2009).
  7. If there a way I can add my own menu styles or edit the menu styles available? I would like to use my own photo file for the menu.
  8. I can create chapters but there is no option to create the chapter menu. I understand this is supposed to be an automatic function that is the default, but it doesn't appear in my version of the software. I have attached an image of my DVD project with the "Project View" in the "Menus" tab, indicating there is no menu. I have also attached a second image of the same project in the "Movies" tab, under the "Edit Chapters" function, that shows a number of chapters that have been created. How do I create the chapter menu? Please advise.
  9. I have installed my Roxio to my computer and i have no menu to select the capture device. look at print screen I have opened a call with Roxio just wondering if someone has a solution? Cheers
  10. Is there a way to add handout documents, to include a menu option for them, when creating a DVD? What I want to do create DVD of a demo given in my Woodturning club. I have the video and handouts. What I want to do is create a DVD using NXT3 that includes a menu option for viewing the video and a menu option for viewing and/or downloading a PDF file I created from the Demo handout. Is this possible?? Thanks
  11. I want my annual Mix CD to become an annual Mix Drive. Lots of individual audio files. • Using Toast 12, can I export these audio files to a flash drive (so that both Mac and PC people can read them)? • Is there any way to create a nice menu on the drive instead of just having a plain folder containing the song files? Thank you.
  12. PatP2008


    How can I eliminate the menu screen when I burn an edited video to disc?
  13. Hello, I'm wondering if Toast has the capability to offer viewers a choice of audio tracks to accompany the video (e.g. with commentary, or with a music track). I want to create a menu that would have this option. Thanks!
  14. Apologies if this has been asked and answered in the past, but I've searched and found nothing... I want to create a menu using my own background. Is this possible or can I only choose from the 15 supplied? I think they may be stored in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3\Content\DVD\16x9\Themes and C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3\Content\DVD\4x3\Themes The .png files could (probably) be edited to suit my needs, but I don't recognise the .dsmd extension. What does it do? I'm surprised that Roxio/Corel has not started a webpage where users could upload backgrounds for others to share, but maybe the product is too new.
  15. Schuney


    Hi: I've got Toast Titanium 11 and I want to change the fonts on the DVD menu. Is that easy to to? Schuney
  16. Last night I went to launch Roxio Creator 2011 Pro to rip music off of some new CDs and encountered a problem. I double-clicked on the desktop icon and received an empty window frame except for the title bar at the top of the window and an ad for NXT. I tried moving the mouse over the empty window (completely transparent - you see the desktop through it) but that had no effect, other than at times displaying the "hand" pointer indicating there was something clickable under the pointer. I've attached a copy of the "Roxio Creator 2011 Pro" window displayed (see below). As you can see, the desktop image is visible through the majority of the "Creator" window. I closed the window, went to the START menu, found "Roxio Creator 2011 Pro" and clicked on it. Same result. I found that clicking on the left end of the title bar let me select placing the window on the various monitors. I tried that option and it moved the windows, but the window still did not populate. I closed the window and ran a complete virus scan. Nothing found. I went to a system restore point from over a week ago, a point PRIOR to the last time I know that "Creator" worked properly. When the restore was complete I tried "Creator" again with no change in the result. I uninstalled the video drivers, rebooted, installed the latest video drivers, rebooted, then tried "Creator" again. No change. I uninstalled "Creator", then rebooted, then uninstalled JAVA, rebooted, then uninstalled FLASH, then rebooted, then uninstalled the video drivers again, rebooted, then installed the video drivers, rebooted, installed "Creator", rebooted, then tried "Creator". Still no luck. It appears that the individual programs will run and that the problem is limited to the RoxioCentralFx.exe program. Any suggestions? John Windows 7 Ultimate 8 GB RAM 9 TB Disc Asus ATI HD6870 video Dual Samsung 27" monitors
  17. I am fairly new to Creator, but have created a couple of DVDs successfully. I am attempting to create a DVD from a single large (1:37) MP4 file. Everything is fine through creating markers for the chapter entries. When I go back to the menu tab to edit the menu button text with chapter headings, MyDVD freezes. It will also freeze if I try running the preview. Killing the process generates a message that VideoWave is not responding to Windows. I have done this with smaller menus - this one has 8 chapters in (presumably) 2 pages. Everything appears to be working fine before creating the menu markers. Is an 8 item menu simply too large to handle? My system is a 64 bit Windows7 Dell XPS8700 with an i7 processor and 8G of memory. Task Manager perfomance shows less than 2G memory being used and 4 of the 8 cores running ~50% with the other 4 close to idle, so I don't think that it is a lack of resources. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  18. I'll admit I'm new to the 'Mac world' and so far in the first 4 months all I've experienced is frustration on top of frustration. My favorite PC video editor isn't available for OS-X, I didn't like iMovie and so went with what 'everybody' raved about, Final Cut Pro X. Well frankly, if a family member had not purchased it for me for a Christmas present I would have asked for my money back. Whatever, I suffered through enough FCPX 'test' projects to the point I was ready to start burning them onto Blu-ray discs. And again, the majority of folks told me to go with Toast, so here I am. Project #1: - I added thirty .mp4 movies from my GoPro 3+ into the project - I trimmed as needed for best flow (all videos were shot in sequence during the same event) - I selected automatic chapters every 10 minutes - I selected the 'Cobblestone' menu option - I customized it with a background image more relevant to the theme of the movie - Then I burned it to Blu-ray Result: Worked out great, everything worked including chapters. My biggest complaint was the awful text on the menu. For a full 1080 HD video and the text is blocky with no dithering or smoothing... that is tacky! Ok, now to the issue on which I'm seeking resolution: Project #2 - TAKE ONE: - This time, since I wanted to add an intro with on-screen text along with some fades between clips I decided to go ahead and use Final Cut Pro X. - I created a movie including Chapters and 'shared' it as a .mov Master File, the only option. :-[ NOT a smiley! - I added the full 90 minute .mov file as one into Toast - I selected automatic chapters using the pre-marked chapters - I selected the 'Cobblestone' menu option as in Project #1 - I customized it with the same background image as in Project #1 - Then I burned it to Blu-ray Result: Movie plays fine but it did not use the 'Cobblestone' menu or my custom background. :-[ Again, NOT a smiley! Hmmm... I wondered if it because I used the chapter markers added in Final Cut Pro X and somehow that created the awful generic menu I ended up with? [see first attached image] With no idea what happened (IMHO, as a former software documentation writer the documentation for Toast and Final Cut Pro are practically worthless) I thought, ok, I'll redo the project and try a 'clean' .mov file with no chapter markers and make sure I don't select anything to do with a menu in FCPX. Project #2 - TAKE TWO: - I created the movie without chapters and as in TAKE ONE I 'shared' it as a .mov Master File - I added the full 90 minute .mov file as one into Toast - I selected Manual for chapters and entered them in approximately the same spots as they had been in the original .mov Master file. - Again I selected the 'Cobblestone' menu option as in Project #1 - And again I customized it with the same background image as in Project #1 - Then I burned it to Blu-ray Result: Exact same result as TAKE ONE! The movie plays fine but again it failed not use the 'Cobblestone' menu or my custom background. [see second attached image] What gives? Anyone have any ideas where the first menu came from? Was it a generic menu from Final Cut Pro X? Or was it a generic from Toast? I guess I'm not as interested in where it came from as much as the question: How I can import an already complete movie and use a menu choice from Toast.
  19. I just captured the VHS video for an 80's rock concert, and I'd like to create a menu of songs, and add breaks in the video to choose the exact song that you would like to view, but i don't see how you can insert markers into a video, and how to make a menu that corresponds to those breaks. Can someone please explain to me how to do this? Thanks?
  20. Hello, I am new to Toast. I need to know how to change the titles in the menu options for my DVD. Meaning I can change the title of the DVD but the sub menus are set to "my movie" and I need to change those to the appropriate movie that is place in the DVD. I have two productions that will be on this DVD so from the home page/menu I need to change the 'my movie' sub menu buttons to the titles of my two productions. Please help. I am on a deadline. I'm liking how Toast is working thus far though. Gone are my days with Compressor and DVD Studio Pro.
  21. Is there a tutorial on: 1) Customizing the look (going to photoshop and back again) 2) Navigation buttons (how to program them) 3) Populating the small windows with thumbnail video 4) Using video as a menu background 5) Creating Sub-Menus I have experience using Encore, DVD Studio and iDVD but I can't seem to get to a place where I have -any- control over the menu structure in Toast ... I'm I wishing for things that Toast 11 just won't do? All three of the programs I mention are having issues with OS 10.9 So I'm wanting to understand how close I can get to a professional menu layout ... Thanks
  22. So I haven't used the game capture in a while and so I set it up on the tv and when I went to open the actual application for it, it opened the selection screen of "Capture" or "Edit". I clicked on capture and it just flashed the little orange loading screen for about half a second and then went away. It never opened up, but the selection screen was still there. It worked when I used like 2-3 months ago, but it doesn't now and is incredibly frustrating. All I want is to use the product I paid for. Please help me.
  23. I've run into this problem before with Creator NXT and I cannot remember the answer. When "creating" a DVD, how do I disable the menu and just burn the video onto disc with no menu? Thanks for any help you can give.
  24. How do I insert the menu style into my video?
  25. i just recently got the Toast 11 recommended by Tivo for my new Tivo Premeire. have it running on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 i noticed there's a separate process in Activity Monitor that runs even when Mac2Tivo doesn't, called "RXTivoServer". 1) does that mean i can "quit" the Mac2Tivo application and the server part will still run in the background & work with the Tivo? & 2) is there a Menulet for this somewhere? thanks.
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