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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, Can NXT 7 Pro creat a menu from a video file? I want to create a short moving menu which can have text hotspots which link to titles. thanks
  2. I have modified the Cut (16x9) menu .psd file but I would like to know how do I save it under a different name and have Toast load it as an available choice in the burn menu? I would like to create my own menu .psd files. Would you be so kind as to tell me how I get Toast Pro 16 to recognize the new menu .psd file? Is there an asset list somewhere in application support that determines what menus are available? Thank you for your time and assistance, Matt Caswell
  3. I have used Toast 12, 15 with the BluRay plugin and now just purchased 16 Pro to burn BluRay...for only one reason and this update didn't fix it... I use the latest version of Final Cut Pro and use the chapter marker function to place markers on my timeline...This function works perfectly when I burn a DVD and they line up...however, when I burn the high def files to BluRay, two things strange happen...First, the markers NEVER line up and secondly, there are many more chapter markers than I initially created. When burning either DVD or BluRay, I leave the button on Auto and again, it works fine as a DVD...but BluRay is simply a mess !!! Finally, it says it puts the titles underneath the chapter images but I have never gotten that to work. To be honest, I have yet to find any software that looks as elegant as the original Mac DVD burning software but of course Apple abandoned all of that long ago and I have been searching for a third party solution that looks that good for years now. Like I originally said....Am I missing something or doing something wrong as I am tired of this software not delivering what it promises ! Obviously, I wasted my money on the upgrade and will never upgrade again after already doing it twice.
  4. Hi, I have decided to start a new topic for what could be quite a few queries on MyDVD in NXT4 in addition to those I have covered regarding burning and text editing in a previous thread. I have been spending a lot of time playing with MyDVD and, although I have spent over 11 years using earlier versions I am struggling to make sense of this Mickey Mouse version. I sincerely hope I'm missing something and that there is someone out there who can put me straight. So, my first query is - how do I play all my videos via a menu? I have a project with say 2 videos - the Root Menu shows a link for each. However, when I play the first video it does not go on to play the second. In previous versions you could specify which video played next and I usually arranged that all videos would play in order after playing the first. Quite a basic requirement!! What am I missing? Hope you can help.
  5. Under the features on Roxio's website it says you can, "Produce Hollywood-style DVDs with navigation and professionally designed menus" with Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus and on the box it says you can "Include Hollywood-style menus on DVDs" but I am unable to figure out how to do this. All I can find is a check box to include a menu but nothing to customize it. Am I missing something or was this product misrepresented?
  6. I have used Roxio programs for years and assumed that upgrading to NXT Pro 3 would give me more bang for the buck. I can't believe how many really great menu's I had to choose from when creating DVD's in version 10, 11 and 12. Now that I have NXT Pro 3 I only seem to be able to find 5? Can anyone help me get more menu's to choose from?
  7. I am attempting to add the names of chapter to the Arabesque menu style. I have imported one full movie, and put 10 chapter markers. My hope was to have to chapter names appear on the Arabesque style in something other then Chapter 1 Chapter 2 etc. Is there a way to do this? Thank you. Joe
  8. I have created a BR and in the preview mode - after a video has played it goes back to the menu it was on (I have lots of menus). But when I burn the BR and play it on my tv - after the video plays it goes all the way back to the 1st menu and not to the menu it was on. How do i fix this? In the setting (when creating a BR) the "after playing" menu is greyed out. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  9. It's impossible for me to get a good idea of what a menu choice will look like in the small format it's in in my burn set-up. Where can I view the menus in a large format? Thanks.
  10. I am trying to rip an instructional DVD so that I can play it on my iPad with the Menus. I would like to have the main menu and submenus. Since this is an instructional video I am not going to be watching it start to finish like I would a movie, but need to jump around the video to the various sections that show how to do specific things. I dragged the Video_TS folder created by RipIt for Mac to Toast 11 Titanium and used the convert feature selecting iPad as the output type. Toast 11 ripped this as 9 separate movies. Is there a way to rip this movie using Toast 11 so that I get 1 movie file with a menu and submenus that allows me to jump to various sections of the movie?
  11. Hello Forum, I've been reading for a little bit and haven't come across an answer. I'm brand new to Roxio and would love to purchase this software but before I do, there's a few key features I'm looking for. If anyone has time could you please let me know if this is possible? - Can you import VIDEO_TS and .ISO files into Toast to Burn onto a Standard DVD? - Can you create menus for the VIDEO_TS / .iso files? (very important) - If so, can you export another .iso when you’re done? (literally just tagging a Menu onto an .ISO) - For these menu’s can you create your own photoshop template or do you only have to use theirs? Are there any other features in regards to menu's you can accomplish that I dont know about? Best, hawke
  12. Hello, I'm new to toast. I'm trying to add chapters to my movie imported from fcp7. When I select a menu for example "Roses 16x9", I manually added chapter markers and i selected the frame to appear on the menu. That I can do and I can understand it. I don't see a "Play" button on the menu. Is this possible? The picture I uploaded can be clicked on from the DVD player, but it goes to the next screen with my manual chapter markers. I can click on the first chapter which plays the movie, but I'd like to be able to play the movie from the menu screen. Does toast have an option to play the movie from the menu screen and select chapters from the menu screen?
  13. Not one suggestion or help for this problem? Using NXT I would like to use a color as a chapter menu selector function instead of what is designed for the menu. I have had a fair amount of success changing menu characters using dingbats and other fonts. Is there any way to change the menu selection in a chapter menu using shading or color overlay. Thanks in advance!
  14. I need help with the basics. Toast 11 didn't come with a manual and the tutorials only covers the main highlights; however, I want to learn how to use this other topics in detail. How to use the Menu structure in detail? What does Creating Temporary Partitions do and why are they there? What is Dynamic Writing? Encryption is used for what? What is Disk Images used for? What is Normalize Track, Bin/Cue? Etc...? Where can I go to learn about every single detail of Toast 11? There must exist an owners manual somewhere and web sites that explain some of these topics. If anyone can help me, it will be much appreciated. TK_Tech
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