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Found 8 results

  1. I bought my roxio game capture sd last Christmas with the money i received. I installed the software on my laptop, but i recently wiped it completely and sold it since i bought a gaming pc. I am still interested in recording my xbox 360 and i need the software since i lost the cd (God knows where). I have picture proof since my dad purchased it on amazon. Its attached to this post.
  2. Hello all, I have recently run into a problem I had not yet encountered, as I usually record in M2TS. However, upon wasting 40 minutes of recording in MP4, I discovered a small problem. Basically, after recording an MP4 recording, a progress bar will appear labelled "Waiting" and it takes a few seconds, regardless of the length of the video. Once the progress bar has completed, I go to the folder where my videos save and... nothing. The MP4 is gone. It's there DURING the recording, but once I stop recording, it just vanishes. It doesn't matter how long the video is or the input I use, it always goes missing. From what I've read, the Roxio still records in M2TS, but converts it to MP4 after you stop recording. If that's the case, then surely I'll still have a recording in my save folder. But I do not. If I record directly in M2TS, I have no such problem and the file stays. But MP4 doesn't... it just goes away never to return. I've searched the drive for the missing files, but nothing. I assume this isn't normal behaviour? If it does indeed convert the file to MP4, then where is it? If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd be grateful. Thanks!!
  3. Why do my Roxio Easy VHS to DVDS 3 plus not copy the entire video? For example, it will copy 2 hours and five minutes, then I come to save it on the hard drive and the first 30 minutes are missing.
  4. I had a problem earlier today with the Videowave program and the easiest fix I could find was to reinstall the program. After I did it and load up VideoWave the preview controls under the video are missing. How can I fix this?
  5. I can't find my older photoshows...I have two premium accounts and my older photoshows are not there anymore. I want to cry!!!!!!!!! Please help me!
  6. I recently had to re-install Windows XP, and when everything was restored, I had no Cineplayer and no DVD decoder. I re-installed the Roxio Creator/MyDVD Combo LE disc that came with my computer, but there is no Cineplayer or DVd decoder. It came with my Dell computer when I purchased it, but now I can't get it back. Any suggestions? Thanks...
  7. I recently purchased the Roxio game capture device from Fry's and when I got home to hook it up noticed there was no CD. At first I figured it might have been just a plug and use (couldn't think of any other reason the software would be missing as the packaged didn't appear to be opened previously) but that wasn't the case, so what gives? Does the software you need to use the game capture device not come with the product or is mine one of the rare few factory errors, and if so any hints on how to fix it without just outright returning to the store and trying to exchange it (long drive).
  8. Hi can anyone help with this? i can play files off the camera in windows media player and quicktime player, but as soon as i import the video into creator 2009 ultimate, the sound goes missing? whats happening? they are .mov files, h.264, 720p, 29fps. Its really annoying, so if anyone can help, please do so ! I only bought this camera really for doing videos as it accepts an external mic. At the moment though Im using the onboard mic.
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