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Found 14 results

  1. I am running a Toshiba Portage with plenty of memory (work computer). I am capturing 2 hour videos from my camcorder and am trying to export via MP4 format to an external 500g hard drive (new and empty). Progress is about 3 minutes for each 1% complete, which is horribly slow (@5 hrs). Worse is that have to monitor the work because if anything happens like screen saver or system pause, the program aborts and I have to start over. MPG goes fairly quickly, but I would rather do MP4. On a side note, if the MP4 aborts and I instead try to use the same project to do an MPEG, it aborts. Every time the program aborts I have to restart my computer in order to access the program. Any ideas ? This is getting frustrating.
  2. By any chance can you help me with the same problem? Thanks
  3. I need to transfer from Mini DV tapes (using my Panasonic camcorder) to MP4 (not to DVD). Can the Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus be used to capture from Mini DV tapes? Can it be used to save as MP4 to my hard drive? Thanks!
  4. Playback of an DVD to MP4 files from copy & convert stops playing after 1 min. or so. This happens on multiple converted files. Rendered files are a little over 2 GB and constant over various player programs. Video converter settings: h.264, HD 1080 (1920x1080), 30 fps, 8000 kbps.
  5. So recently, VideoWave for me has been reading .mp4 files as images not as video files which doesn't make sence as you should be able to add images to your timeline aswell. It doesn't read all files as like it but when I look at the properties they don't show any difference or clues why would VideoWave do this. I can open these .mp4 files in media players, just fine and they play without issues. What could be the cause of this and how do I fix this? I would not like to lose +40 video clips due to this issue! I'll post some images to show what I mean hoping it clears what I were trying to explain there.
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm sorry if this topic has already been covered but since I couldn't find the answer to this specific situation anywhere, I decided to create a new post. I own quite a few movies on iTunes and I would like to burn a DVD or Blue-Ray disk in order to watch them on my Blue-Ray player. Yes, I know I can access my movie library through Apple TV, or just connect my computer to the television, but that is not the point. Especially if such things are not available in lets say, a cabin. I just want to burn a disc, put it in a player, and enjoy the movie. Here is what I did: I downloaded the movie from iTunes. Once in my computer, I used TunesKit For Mac (which btw is awesome!) to remove the DRM rights from the .mp4 file. Then I tried using Toast 14 Titanium to create a DVD-Video. It did not work. It gave the error message "XYZ.mp4 is in an unsupported format and cannot be imported". After doing some research, I read that Toast supposedly only supports .mpeg-2 files. Idk if that's correct. I tried to convert the file using Toast as well only to receive the same message. What am I missing? I feel like it shouldn't be this hard... Here is my system info: - OS X Yosemite Ver. 10.10.5 - Toast 14 Titanium Ver. 14.0 - TunesKit for Mac Ver. 2.8.0 - Optical Drive: MATSHITA BD-MLT UJ267AM Movie file Info: - Kind: MPEG-4 movie - Size: 2.9GB on disk - Dimensions: 1916 x 1076 - Codecs: AAC, H.264, AC3, CEA 608 - Color profile: HD (1-1-1) - Duration: 01:10:22 - Audio channels: 2 Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hi, I've been using the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO since March and I think it's fantastic however I've been hitting problems with the output files and editing. My issue is, whenever I edit with Videowave, it takes an long time to do the simplest of tasks and makes it unbearable. Especially when it crashes. So I've been trying to edit in Sony Vegas as I normally do but recently when I import my .m2ts files, it will never import the whole file. And also as the audio doesn't import either, I have to extract it from the file using Videowave. A way around this I've found is to put the output file as MP4 but the capture program always crashes when I've finished recording a file. Sorry if this isn't very specific on what I need help on but can anyone suggest anything for me to be able to edit these videos a lot less painfully? Thanks!
  8. Can anyone tell me if Roxio PhotoShow Premium supports MP4 files in photo shows?
  9. Hi, I know that this has been posted in a couple of the forums, and i was reading them with answers that not a lot of people are having this problem. I am just writing this post to bring it to the attention of others that I too am having problems capturing to the MP4 format. I capture on a PC, but I do all my editing on a Macbook pro. My Macbook Pro does not identify the M2ts file. It is more of a convenience to me than anything. I have software to change the M2ts file into MP4, but that just takes more time than it should. As soon as I complete a capture it just disappears from my file where I keep my Roxio Recordings. I have watched it just go away in the file, then tried to search for it through my computer and have not found it. Thank you for the time and support. Computer specs are as follows: Processor: AMd FX™- 4130 Quad-Core Processor 3.80 GHz Installed Memory (RAM): 8.00 GB System type: 64-bit Operating System Windows 7
  10. Just bought Copy and Convert 5 today for the purpose of burning MP4s onto a DVD that a DVD player can read. The MP4s came from VHS tapes via Elgato Video Capture. Do I have the right Roxio product for this task? I haven't been able to get it to do anything useful so far.
  11. If I go to capture gameplay as an mp4, the file vanishes once I hit stop recording and the "wait" bar finishes. I checked to see if the disk space was still used up, but nope, once that bar fills up, the file is just gone, and the space it used up is freed. I tried running the program as an administrator to see if maybe it had to do with user permissions but it acted the same way.
  12. I have a couple of 1080p MP4 files with are "old" films, so they are 4:3 aspect ratio. The native resolution of the MP4s is 1236 x 928 pixels. When I play the MP4 files in a video player (like QuickTime Player), they are displayed pillarboxed in a 16:9 (the proper 4:3 video is in the middle with black bars on the side). I wanted to burn them onto a blu-ray disc, so I did the "drag-n-drop" into the "video" window (with "blu-ray video" selected). There were absolutely no options/buttons to allow me to specify an aspect ratio, but I assumed that Toast would give me a disc with the same thing I saw in the QuickTime player. Imagine my surprise, then, when I put the finished disc into my blu-ray player and instead of pillarboxed video (which is what I should have), I instead get a disc where the original 4:3 video has been artificially stretched to fill the full 16:9 frame! Can somebody explain why Toast is doing this? I do not like it and I see no options within toast to force it to respect the original aspect ratio for blu-ray. Going back to the Toast window, If I click on the "edit" button and look at the video file in the 'player' (where you can set the button picture), the image is still properly pillarboxed in the frame, so it 'looks' right there, it just doesn't turn out right when Toast does the actual encoding/burning. On the right side of the edit window, it shows JVT/AVC Coding, 1440x1080, 23.98fps, MPEG-4 Audio. I know 1440x1080 is the full 16:9 canvas, so maybe it's something in the encoding that is stripping out the pillarboxes (or not correctly adding them)? If there's no way to fix this in Toast, is there some sort of program I can download for the Mac that can "force" pillarboxes onto these titles before burning in Toast? I don't want to waste any more valuable BD-R discs on this, and if there's no fix, I feel really stupid for buying the blu-ray plug-in when I could have gone and bought a different BD authoring program instead. I've attached photos showing the correct pillarboxed image (from Toast's "edit" window), and the incorrect stretched image from the burnt blu-ray.
  13. I'm having trouble capturing in mp4 format. When I finished recording the video to stop, not processed and automatically deleted. With the M2TS format not have that problem.
  14. Hello all, I have recently run into a problem I had not yet encountered, as I usually record in M2TS. However, upon wasting 40 minutes of recording in MP4, I discovered a small problem. Basically, after recording an MP4 recording, a progress bar will appear labelled "Waiting" and it takes a few seconds, regardless of the length of the video. Once the progress bar has completed, I go to the folder where my videos save and... nothing. The MP4 is gone. It's there DURING the recording, but once I stop recording, it just vanishes. It doesn't matter how long the video is or the input I use, it always goes missing. From what I've read, the Roxio still records in M2TS, but converts it to MP4 after you stop recording. If that's the case, then surely I'll still have a recording in my save folder. But I do not. If I record directly in M2TS, I have no such problem and the file stays. But MP4 doesn't... it just goes away never to return. I've searched the drive for the missing files, but nothing. I assume this isn't normal behaviour? If it does indeed convert the file to MP4, then where is it? If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd be grateful. Thanks!!
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