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Found 25 results

  1. Peter Gurre

    Mac Music library updates don't show

    Since upgrading to MacOS Catalina, updates to my Music (ex-iTunes) library no longer flow through to the Audio list of folders and files in Toast 17. This is true both for adds and changes of both files and folders. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks much!
  2. Hi, I am trying to create a DVD where I have photos that can either be viewed with music or with narration. If I try and create 2 movies, they don't fit on one DVD (just slightly over), I could pull some photos out to reduce the size but would like to include the photos that I have. Is there a way to have one video with photos only and then the user can make the choice as to which audio accompaniment they want? Ideally Menu would have two buttons - Music or Narration. Regardless of which one the user chooses, the photo slide show would run with the chosen audio format. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Amy
  3. Hi I'm new to using Roxio Titanium Toast which I've just bought to make a wedding DVD I've imported my video into MyDVD and am trying to add music. I can see ITunes and folders in the Media Browser Panel but can't open the folders to see the music to import it. I then tried dragging music files from the CD into the Media Browser (AIFF files) but got the message that the file type isn't supported. I also got that message when I tried dragging and dropping music from ITunes. And I've also tried importing the music from the CD into Roxio Titanium Toast by cntrl clicking on the music on the CD and selecting open with Titanium Toast. After that I got stuck, but it didn't show up in the Media Browser Panel I've read the instructions on the Help Menu but it just tells you to drag the music from the Media Browser window but nothing on how to open the music folders and there doesn't seem to be a section on which files are supported or a trouble shooting section. I wondered if it was a copyright issue but I'm having exactly the same problem with the pictures folder in the Media Browser Panel. I can see the folders but there is no way of opening them to import the contents Any help will be much appreciated Screen Grab MyDVD Media Browser.tiff
  4. I'm using Roxio Creator NXT with Windows 8. When I click on the "Add background audio" and then "Media Selector" I try to select My music folder on my PC. The dropdown menu quickly disappears without letting me navigating to my music library. Can't select, can't scroll up or down, can't click on any folder. Please advise.
  5. I put in about 20 WAV audio files. I click BURN and the "scale" on it immediately goes to 99% done, and then just grinds away doing nothing. I figure the Roxio software got corrupted or something, so I uninstall it, log out, log on, and reinstall it. It does the exact same thing.
  6. Can the easy CD / DVD burning in the (red box) make the following information on a Jewel case label ****Name of Song ******Artist ******Time of song like creator 6 used to?????
  7. I am trying to create a photoshow. Not all my music will play, two will, two won't. All MP3s, all download through Amazon Music, properties all the same. Tried upgrading, tried deleting all the music and re-adding and in different order. Saw a suggestion to use an earlier version of Flash but that didn't help. Making this for Christmas and so frustrated, running out of time. Help!
  8. I have been using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 through Windows 2000 Professional and a Behringer U-Control UCA200. I have recorded live instruments, regularly, for a while now. I am able to mix 4 or 5 tracks at a time and sound pretty close to live. It is fantastic software. I just got the new Roxio Creator 2012 Pro and loaded it on my E-Machines ET1331G with Windows 7 Professional on it. I plugged my guitar right to my Behringer U-Control UCA200 (USB interface, also fantastic). Roxio records as WAV files and everything is clean, warm and crisp up until play back. The WAV file plays back with a consistent cycling clicking noise through out. If I add tone pedal gain to the signal, the noise is about as loud as the guitar. There is also a slight delay, in this set up (mostly default Windows 7) that I do not experience on the Roxio 7.5 set up. What can I do?
  9. AnthonyR

    Have I Bought The Correct Programme?

    I am a Mac user and I am trying to create slideshows with music to burn on a DVD to view on a domestic TV. So far I have not been able to integrate the music with the slideshow. Presumably this where Sonicfire comes into the picture. If so, how do I go about integrating the two programmes? Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. I just captured the VHS video for an 80's rock concert, and I'd like to create a menu of songs, and add breaks in the video to choose the exact song that you would like to view, but i don't see how you can insert markers into a video, and how to make a menu that corresponds to those breaks. Can someone please explain to me how to do this? Thanks?
  11. lennyn

    Roxio Creator Nxt2

    I just purchased the Roxio NXT2 program. I was told by the salesman that it would comparable and would have all the features of Roxio 6 Platinum. which by the way was the best audio editing and burning system ever mad. it was simple and worked great. also the photo suite worked great. windows 7 would not work and I had to upgrade to NXT2. But guess what? it is the worst many problems and difficult to operate . sending it back and getting a refund. I really wish they would make a Roxio 6 Platinum that would work o windows 7.
  12. I'm on windows 8 and when trying to add music to my videos, the program comes up with "videowave has stopped working" and then exits the program, is there anything i can do?
  13. kjon99fm

    Changing Song Pitch (Mp3)

    Curious to know...I'm intrigued by the audio and video capabilities of Roxio Creator NXT 2 and before I purchase, I'd like to know a little more about the 'pitch' selection within the Effects menu... I watched the online tutorial showing this feature. I am interested in changing the pitch (or key) of my mp3 music from, say, A=440Hz to A=432Hz. Does the pitch feature on this software allow for such a change - or how does it work specifically? Thank you.
  14. StrestnBlest

    Unable To Download Song

    I'm making a photoshow and I'm unable to download a song. For up to 5 min. after it says "Downloading" it says, "Transcoding Music," then it gives me some kind of error and asks if I would like to try again. After the title of the song it has ".m4a" (in case that has anything to do with it). How can I download that song? I've even used it on a previous photoshow. Thank You!
  15. JalensMyName

    How Do I Get Movies Music And Games?

    How do I get movies music and games? I know i can burn them from cds and dvds, but whats a good site to get them from?
  16. I created a photoshow on my desktop and successfully uploaded it. Everything worked fine. However, when I made a change to a caption and re-uploaded the file, music no longer works properly. I have 5 different music segments in this show. When I go to the music tab online the music all plays all the way through. However, when viewing the photoshow, the music plays for the first few slides of each segment and then stops. I have tried logging out of the desktop, deleting the online show then logging off of that, then logging into everything fresh and reuploading the show. Still doesn't work. I've also tried viewing the online show from different computers in case it was a problem with my browser, and the show still doesn't work. Is this an issue with Roxio's website? It is just so odd that the music plays fine when it is not attached to any slides. I've tried deleting the online music, then reloading it and attaching to slides and that doesn't fix the problem either.
  17. rsrudzirs

    Uploading Purchased Audio Files

    Photoshow is supposed to support AAC music files, but everytime I try to upload one, I get an error message saying "We had a problem saving your music file. Please try again." mp3s work just fine, but music downloaded from iTunes store or Amazon doesn't work. I specifically purchased this product because it would let me add music, as I am working on a funeral memorial for my sister. Help!!
  18. I just installed Easy CD and DVD Burning 10.3.104, and un-installed the previous version from 2 or 3 years ago. In creating an audio cd, I'm trying to edit a song in the trim/fade option of the quick sound editor. I don't seem to be able to remove a piece from the middle of the song. I know the previous version allowed me to do this. I don't think they'd remove this option, so does anyone know how to do this?
  19. Morrison

    Where Did My Music Go?

    I purchased the premium verision and created a photoshow online, adding my own MP3 music from files I bought on Amazon. Then I discovered I needed to be using the desktop version to be able to burn a dvd. So I installed the desktop version, downloaded my show from online, and there is no music whatsoever. I even unlinked the desktop version from online, removed the music, and loaded the music back on, and it looks like it the music is there, but there is no music playing. All of the photos, titles, animation, and captions transfered over, but no music. I need to play this slidehow for a family event tomorrow, and there may be no internet access so I NEED to be able to play this from my laptop only, DVD or otherwise. Any suggestions?
  20. ProFreeAgent

    Removing Music Track

    Okay, so i added in a songs as a music track and now i cant find out how to edit it or delete it. It's really annoying and it need to fix it ASAP. Please and thanks.
  21. I'm trying to burn a photoshow with 137 pictures and 3 songs. When I burn a dvd, it goes through the whole process and I get a notification that it was successful. When I play in the dvd player, it only plays 3/4 through and stops. It plays a little longer in my laptop. When I check the dvd in the computer, it shows that the disc is full at 547MB but the disc capacity is 8.5GB. What am I doing wrong.
  22. I downloaded a mp3 file from Amazon. It plays on my computer. It shows up in "my music" on Roxio Photoshow and will play there. When I add it to my show, there is no sound. I hear a click of static like it wants to play, but it doesnt. I am using Photoshow 6. Any ideas?
  23. Im trying to sync some AK-47 shots with music but i don't know an effective way to do it. Please help. Also I can't seem to find out how to place markers. thx
  24. maturebrotha

    My Disc Is Not Working

    I have recently purchased a new computer, and my installation disc is not working. It doesn't even populate on my computer. I spent a lot of money on this program. why won't it work!
  25. erinmc

    Music Downloads

    I can not get one more song on my photoshow, please help! Desperate to know why I had no problems downloading four songs and now can not get this last one to save....it shows its downloanding and then says transcoding music forever and then says it cant save it. What can I do???