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  1. I'm running NXT6 PRO On Windows 10 with all fixes applied I play the wmv file on my computer, and sound is perfect. I use MYDVD, successfully burned to DVD. Play the dvd on my comouter and on a dvde player and sound is staticky and gets progressivel worse. Per Einstein's definition of insanity (repeat an activity multiple times expecting a different result), after trying DVD-R I tried a DL DVD, and same bad sound. Wondering what I'm doing wrong. I'm pretty sure theis didn't use to happen (pre NXT 6) Mistake in installation? Shouldn't use MYDVD?
  2. I've purchased the standalone version of Roxio MyDVD (v3.0.101.0) and was able to enable the option for creating Blu-Ray discs. However when I upgraded my Creator NXT 7 to Pro 9 and launch MyDVD from that (v3.0.268.0) I cannot enable the option to create a Blu-Ray disc. Anyone else have this issue? How do I go about enabling Blu-Ray projects in this version of MyDVD?
  3. I have never been able to get a good quality DVD from mydvd. I started with Creator NXT 7 Pro and just upgraded to 9 Pro and I still have the same issue. Any DVDs I burn are of very poor quality--pixelated, jumpy-- while BD-R discs are somewhat better. I'm using videos from a Sony Handycam 4K recorder that are converted to MP4 by sony Play Memories software. I create the movies through Roxio VideoWave. When complete the videos play beautifully through windows media player, but are just trash once burned to DVD. I tried creating ISO files and then burning to disc from the ISO files (saw that suggestion on here) but that made no difference. Blu Ray discs come out looking okay, but are certainly not Blu ray quality. They're more like iffy standard DVDs. Any thoughts? I've tried changing my export settings in videowave and every other setting I can think of. This should not be happening, so there's something going on! Thanks for the help.
  4. I created a production in Videowave that is very large, almost 3 hours in length. When I use Mydvd to burn to disc, it will compress the file so it fits on a single dvd disc. Does Mydvd have the capability to burn the project over several discs so I do not lose any video quality? If not, does anyone have any suggestions, beside shortening my production? Thank You
  5. I got the following error trying to burn a DVD. BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure. Reason Unknown Error. Code: 2147500037. I have tried it 3 times and same error. I have Creator NXT6 pro, trying to burn a DVD of videos that are in a MP4 format. Shows were created using Roxio video wave. I am on Win10 It seems that Creator 6 uses the Roxio MyDVD software to burn the DVD. I have a 1yo laptop, with plenty of memory so that shouldn't be an issue. I took out all symbols out of my titles, thinking that was causing the error. HELP!!!!
  6. I just purchased Titanium 18. I built a DVD project using myDVD. When a select burn disc it starts and gets to 38.7 percent and never finishes. I am running Mac OS 10.14.6 on an iMAC with an apple superdrive. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! Best Regards - Mark K.
  7. I have tried burning a project Roxio Creator NXT 7 with MYDVD both to a DVD and ISO image using the AVCHD format and I get the BurnerState_WritingFormat failure. Reason Project_BuildToDevice() AuthorScript call failed. Code 3254845656. I have tried NXT 7 on two of my computers, using 4 different burners all with the same result. I am running Windows 10 64bit on both computers. The Titles for the MYDVD project were created in Videowave and were output as .mpg files. Can anyone give my me some help in what I am doing wrong ? I have attached a Screen Print of the error that is received.
  8. I'm using MyDVD in Creator NXT 6 and suddenly began receiving an error saying "running out of memory" when I was trying to burn some MP4 videos to a DVD. I haven't seen this error previously using this program. I only purchased and installed the programs recently, but it has been working perfectly till this sudden error. I looked for a temporary file for MyDVD but couldn't find one. I assume this is related to the processor cache, but not sure why this should suddenly appear or how to fix it. I am running Windows 10 on a Dell Inspirion 15-3552.
  9. I am still using Easy Media Creator 10 because I can't afford to upgrade right now. Right now I want to take as many of the animated Star Trek episodes that I downloaded from Youtube that I can and put them on 1 DVD that will play in a standalone player. It is been a while since I made one of these DVD's with "My DVD 10" like the picture in the attached file. I can't find the instruction page that I printed out from the last time someone told me were to find the instructions. I could use some help please. Steve
  10. Created a DVD, removed the menu item containing the video, then created a new menu item, dragged a 350MB video into it, and got this error. I tried to insert the PNG, it allowed me to, then complained when I tried to post it, it said that operation was not supported (see attached wordpad rtf file). Looks like an object that never got deleted. This bug is in addition to all of those annoying, nagging SPAM messages every time I use the program. What were you folks thinking - did you purposely want to annoy paying customers with those ads?
  11. I have not, so far, been able to find a way to include subtitles in a project. Am I missing something?
  12. Hi I'm new to using Roxio Titanium Toast which I've just bought to make a wedding DVD I've imported my video into MyDVD and am trying to add music. I can see ITunes and folders in the Media Browser Panel but can't open the folders to see the music to import it. I then tried dragging music files from the CD into the Media Browser (AIFF files) but got the message that the file type isn't supported. I also got that message when I tried dragging and dropping music from ITunes. And I've also tried importing the music from the CD into Roxio Titanium Toast by cntrl clicking on the music on the CD and selecting open with Titanium Toast. After that I got stuck, but it didn't show up in the Media Browser Panel I've read the instructions on the Help Menu but it just tells you to drag the music from the Media Browser window but nothing on how to open the music folders and there doesn't seem to be a section on which files are supported or a trouble shooting section. I wondered if it was a copyright issue but I'm having exactly the same problem with the pictures folder in the Media Browser Panel. I can see the folders but there is no way of opening them to import the contents Any help will be much appreciated Screen Grab MyDVD Media Browser.tiff
  13. I have created a slideshow in Videowave but when I send to MyDVD the program will not allow me to choose "Create new disk". If I try, it looks for a path from a previous production. This path has now been deleted, along with the production which was originally in that path. At this point, MyDVD reports "can't find" and closes down. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio NXT4 complete, I have switched off all overheads including anti virus and anti malware, I have run a registry cleaner, but the program still keeps looking for the obsolete file path and then closing down. All CD functions, and the DVD from ISO function work fine. The computer is a Core 2 Duo laptop, running at 2.2Ghz, in 3Gb RAM and with over 300Gb available on the hard disk. It's currently running Win 7 32 bit. MyDVD works fine on my wife's i3 machine with 8Gb RAM and Win 10 64 bit. I can't find a preferences setting which would allow me to set a new default path. Can anyone please suggest how I can tell MyDVD to stop looking for a file path that doesn't exist?
  14. Hi, I have decided to start a new topic for what could be quite a few queries on MyDVD in NXT4 in addition to those I have covered regarding burning and text editing in a previous thread. I have been spending a lot of time playing with MyDVD and, although I have spent over 11 years using earlier versions I am struggling to make sense of this Mickey Mouse version. I sincerely hope I'm missing something and that there is someone out there who can put me straight. So, my first query is - how do I play all my videos via a menu? I have a project with say 2 videos - the Root Menu shows a link for each. However, when I play the first video it does not go on to play the second. In previous versions you could specify which video played next and I usually arranged that all videos would play in order after playing the first. Quite a basic requirement!! What am I missing? Hope you can help.
  15. I don't want a menu on my video.. Please give back the check box that was in NXT 3 that took the menu off.
  16. Looking at old threads this appears to be an old and common problem with Creator NXT Videowave audio. I've been looking for workarounds and trying to determine the root cause – The problem – using “Add Background Audio” in Videowave or “Change Menu Audio” in MyDVD the program crashes as soon as it tries to access a folder containing audio files. Background to the problem – It has been getting worse over the past year or so, starting with crashing occasionally to now crashing every time. I think it started, but I'm not sure, when I upgraded my desktop from Windows 8 to 8.1. It was eventually crashing every time with 8.1 and I have since upgraded to windows 10 with no change. First workaround – in Videowave I can of course open file explorer and drag a file into videowave. I can't do that with MyDVD – I used to have to move all required files to a Windows XP or 7 machine to carry out audio work. (Note – I have several disc copies of Creator NXT bought for a photography group – the problem exists with ALL copies when installed on my desktop). Another workaround - I have recently discovered the following - if I remove all my audio files from the folder normally accessed by Videowave and put them elsewhere, then open Videowave or MyDVD, open the required file, then replace the audio file(s) that I require for this session to the normal folder, Videowave and MyDVD can then successfully access these files. Furthermore, if I then close and re-open Videowave or MyDVD and then re-open the required file the program again crashes when attempting to access the files. So, if there are no files in the relevant folder when the Videowave or MyDVD file is opened, any files subsequently added to the folder, while the Videowave or MyDVD file is still open, will be accessed successfully. Has anyone any idea what the root cause might be – NXT frailty? (there are other minor audio and other problems not mentioned here!!!), Windows? (NXT used to work OK with Windows 8 and initially with 8.1 and the same copies work on my other Windows 7 and XP machines), my desktop? (I have no other problem with it although I appreciate NXT is more complex than anything else I use). Would an NXT upgrade to NXT4 help? Cheers Dave
  17. Hi. Just purchased NXT4 & installed it. When I started playing with it, I noticed you can no longer 'output' a VideoWave creation directly to MYDVD anymore. So, where does one send a VW file to now, so you can include the things that we always used MYDVD for (prior to burning)? Also - how can I insert a blank slide/picture at beginning of a production, so I can have a text slide on a blank (colored maybe?) background leading off? Thank you!
  18. On my older version using the NXT 3, when I was recording a DVD, and the movie was too large to fit on the disk, it would slow the quality down by changing it to SP, LP, ect.... On the new NXT 4, it is almost like the program was dumbed down and now when I add a movie that is too large, it does not automatically change the speed. How can this be fixed or changed. I can't find any settings area to do this.
  19. Hi I have recently upgraded to windows 10, and I now find that MyDVD cannot see any of the DVD RW drives connected to my computer. MyDVD merely states: No Drive Selected. I can access the DVD RW drives from Windows and iTunes. How do I re-enable MyDVD to seek the drives? Thanks
  20. I'm having no luck burning a DVD with no menu. Previous versions had a Burn DVD - No Menu option. I'm not finding it in the latest version. Build
  21. How do I fix this? Roxio shuts down with the error message The owner SID on a per-user subscription doesn’t exist (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040207)
  22. Hi, I am using Creator NXT pro 2 with Windows 10 64gb. I can create movies in video wave, no problem, but when I go MyDVD to burn the movies to create a BluRay disc, when it gets to the encoding movies stage, it hangs it cashes or hangs. I have tried this 14 times now and sometimes it gets to 7% before this happens. I tried encoding the movies first. Same problem. I re-installed the software. Same problem. I then created a new user, so nothing conflicted with the software. Same problem. I am now at a total loss, please can anyone help?
  23. Dammit, I posted three different topics in this forum and they are now all appearing under the same topic, as replies to my first topic. I clearly started new topics each time, because I remember filling out the Topic Title and the Topic Tags. Get it together!
  24. When I add media to the DVD, it recalculates the remaining space, but when I remove it, it does not recalculate it. So I continue to add media files until I have gone over the space limit, and then I need to restart my project over completely in order to get under the limit. This interface is so buggy and nearly unuseable. MyDVD_Recalculate_Problem_20151226_1044.zip
  25. Is there a useful manual available for MyDVD that actually provides helpful information such as: 1) what file types REALLY work in MyDVD 2) can you edit fonts 3) why does the layout shift when moving between screens You get my point.... Matt
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