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Found 9 results

  1. Atlas Respect

    Render Audio Delay

    I was making a little 15 second video for Instagram, I had everything correct, in the videowave editing software the beat drop was on point and all, but after I upload the video and look at it the beat drop is near a half second late! Could someone please help me?
  2. Brandenskor

    Roxio Not Recording? Cannot Connect

    Hi, i have recently come across a problem with my Roxio Game Cap HD Pro. The problem is it will not, No matter what software i use, It does not seem to work, it will read that my roxio is there i click on it to record with my roxio and it gets no signal, or on VirtualDub it says, "virtualdub cannot connect to the desired capture driver. PLEASE HELP!!
  3. Lovetoscream

    Rendering Freezes At %99!

    Please Help! I just bought and built a brand new ASUS CPU. Intel Core i5-4690 CPU, 3.50GHz, 16GB Of Ram, 64 bit ASUS R7 260x Series I installed Roxio Game Capture Pro HD on it. Everything so far works except the Video rendering in the roxio editing software freezes on %99. I've tried to export in every different format. I've tried different video clips and movies. I've done the repair 3 times and the reinstall by disk 3 times. I unplugged the capture device and disabled firewalls and antivirus while repairing and reinstalling. I changed the render option to software and hardware. ...Still freezing @ 99!!! I had this setup with my old POS laptop before and it worked fine-ish. Please Help Roxio!!!!!!
  4. DevinD31

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro To Xbox One

    I have connected TV HDMI cable to the Roxio Game Capture HDMI Output. I have also connected the Roxio Game Capture Input to the Xbox one output and on the software the status shows that the signal is protected. Can anyone help me?
  5. I just bought a Roxio Game Card Pro HD from Fry's Eletronics. I attempted to register what I thought was the serial number on the back of the the game card and that does not seem to be working. I am attempting to find out how to get a hold of technical support but am not doing too well with that. I could use any advice anyone could give, I'm struggling big time lol
  6. QuantumTyme

    Blue Preview Screen While Using Component

    So on my Roxio Game cap HD Pro screen to capture as component, the preview is blue. I can hear game sound but can't see the game. Any help?
  7. Hello, i just recently bought a roxio game capture card for xbox 360, I've got all the cables and plugge them in the right spots. Now that i've done that i have changed the resolution to 1080i i think its called, and on my computer i can hear the sounds but the screen is all black? Please help me asap!!
  8. I just got my roxio game capture for my xbox today at the store, and I am getting no signal when using video using NTSC_M and no audio, using line(roxio game cap).However when i switch the audio input from line to Microphone(high defenition audio) and keep video as NTSC_M . I get a signal and video, but zero audio from the game and just the background noise that the mic gives in my room l need help please and also here are some screenshots to show what is happening.
  9. Sebrin07

    Wii U Help

    I just switch from component to hdmi on my Roxio hd pro. It worked fine with component so i switch to hdmi tonight and now i only get blue screen on my tv when trying to play my xbox. All cables are connected correctly also when my computer was off and i pluged up the usb to the device it turned my pc on. On the device it has component lit up it only change to hdmi when i open the program and change it. But i still can not get it to work. What do I do? Gateway I3 quad core 1Tb hard drive (with 780GB free) 6GB Ram Windows 7