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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, Here's the problem. I'm burning a Blu-Ray from a Matroska file. It has five tracks listed. The first two are sound tracks and the last three are subtitles. Here's a screen shot: The problem is when I burn to Blu-Ray there is no sound at all. When I go in to the "Edit" mode in Toast Titanium and have the "english DTS" audio selected, there is no sound during playback within Toast's editor, BUT when I switch to "spanish...", I get the spanish track clear. Any idea what is going on or how to correct it? I do have a work around. Convert in Handbrake at the highest possible resolution, then use the resulting m4v to feed Toast and create the Blu-Ray. Not the way to go as it adds lots of artifacts from the various format changes. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. I recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I was told Roxio NXT is not compatible with Windows 10, and I was having a number of issues. So, I completely removed Roxio NXT, then installed Creator NXT 5. Now none of my videos have sound. The videos worked fine on NXT, when I could get it to work, so it has nothing to do with connections, etc.
  3. Using sound editor and made 66 min track using 30 clips. (always worked fine with smaller tracks) when i export, it is only 3kb and no sound. when i burn it, it seems to work fine, but when i play the track in cd player it says 66 min but 66 min of silence. using win xp on one cpu and win 8.1 on the other. doesnt work on either... help!
  4. I have a new Mac Pro and decided to convert some video to check how fast it could do it. I used Toast 12.1, running Yosemite 10.10.2. I first converted about 9GB MKV to DVD. I was pleased at the speed (an hour and 15 minutes) but the DVD didn't play sound at all. It shows that there is supposed to be 5.1 surround sound, both in Toast and when I put the DVD into 2 different players, the sound shows under Audio, but sound will not play with software on my Mac or on a Blu-ray or DVD player I used. Today, I converted an mp4 video that has stereo sound to DVD using Toast again. The result was that I got sound to play, but the video was jerky. Right now, this type of conversion is not a big deal to me. I only did it to test my new Mac Pro's speed. However, I think it would be nice if Toast could do a better job at converting video if they have the features included.
  5. Hey guys! Please help! I started recording PS4 game plays and the first time I recorded was good, there was no issue, the video and sound were both perfect!, then the next time I hooked up the recorder to the PS4, I could record but there is NO SOUND! Both in my TV and the recorded footage there is no sound. I tried many ways, but no sound at all, it was working before, and just suddenly it's acting like this! PLEASE HELP!
  6. dtour

    Lp To Mp3

    Ihave hooked up a stanton T-92 usb turntable with a usb cord. its suppose to be plug and play. I get a signal that records but no sound from my speakers. if i record and play I can hear but not while I'm recording ??? I have already set the setting to manufacturer instruction
  7. Hi, Just purchased Creator NXT2 but all DVD's that I have burned reciently have no audio. The videos/movies will play fine, with audio through media player, but if I try to burn a DVD video, there is no audio. Is there a fix, or an update or a setting I need to adjust to fix this problem? Thanks Lloyd
  8. Hi, I am trying to transfer my VHS to DVD. I have video but it does not have the sound, only sound I get is from my mic not from what is recorded on the VHS. How do I fix this. Thanks
  9. Hi there, Sent an email up for warranty support as I installed today and cannot seem to find the issue... hoping someone here will have a better idea! Installed program without USB attached, ran program, no kinks. Went to capture video, plugged in VCR to the USB adapter and plugged into computer when it prompted me. I immediately got an error saying it ran into an unexpected error. Program was closed. Every time I open the program, as soon as I choose my option of recording a DVD or VHS, it generates the windows error. However, I can move the error aside and the program works fine. The record path properties work, 16:9 etc. etc., video looks to be what is expected. But there is absolutely no sound. I believe the error may be in the driver for the USB-RCA adapter... but cannot find this anywhere on the internet. I attempted the repair after reading these forums to no avail, following directions to a T. I have not attempted a full uninstall/reinstall but I highly doubt that will help. Please advise. Regards, Kevin Operating System: Windows CPU Type: Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz CPU Speed: 3.07 GHz System Memory: 17.17 GB Video Card Model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Video Card Memory: 4.19 GB Video Card Driver: nvd3dum.dll Primary Display Resolution: 1920x1080 Secondary Display Resolution: 1920x1080 Hard Disk Size: 1 TB Hard Disk Free Space: 874.64 GB (87%) Download Speed: 4.76 MB/s (38 mbps)
  10. batty

    No Sound

    create a videowave short production with sound.When I use this producyion on MYDVD change menu background the audio is not there.
  11. Could you help me please, I have Creator Nxt Pro 2 and when I import a DVD to Video Convert or Video Wave I only get the video but no sound. Already tried uninstalling completely with Revo Uninstaller and reinstalling to no avail the problem is still there. Any other type of files no problem with sound Here is my PC’s configuration Window 8.1 Motherboard : Asus P6T Deluxe Rev. 1.xx Intel Core i7 CPU 940 @2.93 GHZ X58 Chipset 12 Gig DDR3 of Ram Video card : AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series Thank You Pierre Brault
  12. I am so annoyed. I have yet to use this and get it to work. I bought it, hooked it up to my Tv and my Xbox 360, installed the disc, and I get "No Signal" in red. I had an image ONCE of a blue screen, with sound, but never got a usable image. I followed the troubleshooting tips emailed to me from tech support, and it still didn't work. I Put the disc back in, did the "repair" and reinstalled...still nothing In fact, now, I get nothing at all. The "Options" "input" and "settings" are all greyed out. Can't select component (not even using HDMI b/c my Xbox doesn't have HDMI), can't select...anything. I'm so frustrated. Tech support has been useless. They want to charge me $25 to speak to someone about this rather than using the forums or email, which is ridiculous. I just spent $130 on a new peice of hardware that doesn't work at all, and you want to charge me more? Does ANYONE here have any help? I'm about ready to call Amazon and get my money back for this thing...
  13. I recently installed Roxio 12 on a new computer running Windows 8. It was previously installed on Windows 7 and worked fine. In making a DVD, when I insert a movie, there is no sound.
  14. Hi there, I'm new to the forums, but I have had my Roxio GameCap HD Pro since last Christmas. I've recorded plenty of videos from my Xbox console, and have had zero audio problems with the captured footage. However, I've begun recording footage from my PC games, and have noticed that there is no, what I like to call "internal sound" coming from the footage. All you can hear is the speakers playing into my external microphone. Is there a way to record the internal PC sound from the Roxio? Thanks for input. Also, another issue I'd like to ask for advice on, without starting a new thread, is the capture quality of my PC. When I record from my Xbox, I can get crystal clear 1080p video, but when I record my PC the video resolution is a lot sloppier. It seems as though it records in closer to 480p. Thanks again! Dave
  15. I have several friends who have recently switched to iphones/ipads and when i email them new photoshows, they can play them but have no sound. Whats up here?
  16. I purchased Creator NXT Pro, because it is advertised as Windows 8 compatable. Every pre recorded video I have went to edit, the native [internal] sound track indicates NO SOUND. Yet, I can open it in Windows Media Player and the video infact does have sound. I am not tech savy - What is the problem?
  17. I'm trying to use Video Wave to create a "movie." When I play my mpeg on my computer the sound and video work fine. When I import the video into video wave there is no sound. I've had so many problems since I've upgraded my computer to Windows 8 and bought this new NXT Roxio software. I liked the old Creator software that I had with Windows 7. Does anyone know how to get sound? I will tell you that when I import multiple video segments to Video Wave that sometimes only the first video clip wont have sound but the other clips do and sometimes none of them have sound. Thanks
  18. i plugged in my hd pro via hdmi from xbox and to the tv. everything plays fine and captures fine, but theres no sound to my tv or to the captured game. i can hear everything through my turtle beach headset, but nothing comes out of the tv. any ideas?
  19. I recently purchased Roxio Easy CD and DVD burning software (version 10.3.104) for my Win7(SP1) laptop, and after burning my videos to dvd I noticed they do not have sound when I play them on my computer or in a dvd player. Previous posts related to this issue have mentioned going into the project properties and selecting LPCM, but I cannot access that portion of the project properties window when I open it. I do not know if this is a limitation of my version of the software, or if I am doing something wrong. My video file is a .MOD file, and I was able to create DVDs with sound in the past when I had a previous version of Roxio Burn (since uninstalled and replaced with current version). Any help would be greatly appreciated! mray73
  20. I've been converting my collection of videos across the last week and the audio stopped working. I am convinced that it might have happened when I started multi-tasking in iPhoto and played a movie with Quick Time. See attached errors. I was able to restore audio via Shut Down and Restart. I did read here that someone experienced the same issue, but on Windows 7. So, when recording, what task am I NOT allowed to perform? Can I use iPhoto, as long as I refrain from playing any videos? Thanks.
  21. I have a compaq Presario v6000, running on Microsoft Windows 7. I finally gave up trying to get the VHS to DVD recorder to work, and purchased the Easy VHS to DVD 3. Well, it hasn't been easy and still isn't working properly. I get picture, but no sound (just a lot of static coming through the microphone from the noise of the VCR). I tried following the directions online, but can't see to find the "Sound Control" panel. No idea what drivers I have or what I need to do. All of the cable are connected securely. And the tape definitely has audio on it. Please help. I'm on the verge of totally giving up and shoving this entire project back into the closet for another 10 years, or at least until someone comes up with something that actually works. Thanks.
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